I know right? Everybody got used to me blogging like twice a month. But my busy season is done and the creative juices are flowing, so I’m going with. Be aware I may drop off the radar from time to time because I’m fickle like that.

But for now …

I couldn’t stand that background being so far off so I hurried up and finished it, then profiled it and made prints and note cards. This is what the background was supposed to look like.

I do have two different sized prints available at my Etsy store. Notecards will be posted just as soon as I take a picture for the listing.



click for larger image

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

I had a lot of time to kill at my last art event because I went down a day early to check out the gallery space for an upcoming show. This meant a lot of time just sitting around the hotel. So I decided to hit the local book store and see if anything appealed. I do tend to read … correction … buy, quite a few books on creativity. I’m not sure why. Sometimes they inspire me, mostly though they are a bit boring. Sort of regurgitating the same ideas in different voices. But I enjoy Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Super Soul Sunday programming and she recently interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert and talked a little about this book.

I’d like to say that she was so inspirational and I just had to run out and get it, but no. I was however … just a tiny bit … intrigued.

So I stood in the book store holding this book, pondering purchasing yet another book that I may or may not end up reading. I held this book in one hand and “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson* in the other. I went back and forth on it but in the end this is the one I walked out with.

Turns out I enjoyed much of it. I thought Gilbert really hit it on the nose with her no nonsense approach to what it is to live the creative life. I talk with a lot of aspiring artists and by that I mean those who want to take their hobby into a profession. But so many truly don’t understand what it takes, and how much you really have to want it. You have to love what you do so much that you’ll continue to do it no matter what. No matter if you work three jobs and can only create an hour a day and that hour is at 5 am.

She speaks of the paradox of being a creative. You need to believe your work is the most important thing yet know in the end it is not really important. It is absolutely meaningless and yet deeply meaningful at the same time. I mean lets face it my latest cow painting isn’t going to change the world, it’s not even going to change my life, but I must honor the creative spirit and endeavor to work on it as if it is of utmost importance and deserving of all of my efforts.

“Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred. What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all … Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege.”

She also talks about creativity as if it is a magical thing or spirit with it’s own agenda to make manifest its inspiration and that you need to build a relationship with, be open to and share a dialogue with. If you ignore this creative spirit it will take it’s inspiration elsewhere. Now that doesn’t mean that another creative inspiration won’t come your way but it’s up to you to act on it.

She speaks quite a bit about fear, which seems to be common theme in so many art books. Not something I personally struggle with when it come to the creativity end of thing but I got fears a plenty when it comes to paying my bills. There’s something about just trusting year after year that I will sell enough of my work to make it rewarding both financially and emotionally that is an act of courage for me. But if you do have fears regarding your art this book will go in deep with you and give you whatever permissions you think you might need to move forward.

“…if you can’t learn to travel comfortably alongside your fear, then you’ll never be able to go anywhere interesting or do anything interesting. and that would be a pity because life is short and rare and amazing and miraculous, and you want to do really interesting things and make really interesting things while you’re still here.”

In the end it’s kind of a no nonsense guide and somewhat realistic look at living the life of creativity. I like that she doesn’t celebrate artists as particularly special, it’s simply something we have chosen to do. The magic happens when you connect to the universe (or God or the angels or your higher self. Whatever you prefer to call it …) and manifest an idea into reality.

Of the many books I’ve read on living the creative life, this has definitely been one of the most interesting, honest and enjoyable.

  • Jenny Lawson is one of my all time favorite bloggers who’s blog I’ve been reading for as long as I’ve been blogging. So for say 8 years now … She is a sensational writer and a New York Times Best Seller. She’s funny and real and tells it like it is no matter how crazy or painful. You can check her out here at The Bloggess

Deer Painting In Progress


BTW: The blue on the right side is far to bright and tourqouise-y than it is in reality but I couldn’t adjust the one side without throwing off the color on the other so it is what it is.

Decisions … decisions

So my plan for this sweet little doe was to finish the original piece but not go overboard into the Christmasy side of things. I have found my Christmas themed original paintings like Fleece On Earth and Snow Bunny don’t sell nearly as easily as the rest of the work. So I’m on the fence about adding snow to the original piece. I have the option of adding snow digitally when I’m done for the notecards.

On The Other Hand …

The two aforementioned Christmas card designs sell fabulously as cards and have in point of fact both sold around 10x the dollar amount that I would have sold their original painting counterparts for so … maybe I need to just add the snow and get it over with.

We all know men like big racks

I seriously pondered making her into a him. Again for increasing the selling factor. Had I added some horns her … ahem I mean his … sale would have been assured. Keeping her antler-less means mostly she’ll appeal to women, which is fine. Most of the collectors of my work are women.

Even if I don’t act on these thoughts I think it’s a good exercise to consider them. What elements would make this piece more popular, more likely to appeal. The artist for art’s sake would think it ridiculous to factor in marketability but since I pay my bills by what I sell, knowing and considering what sells is important. I don’t necessarily follow through on it, for instance She is still a she, but I ponder it none-the-less.


I have taken way more in progress photos of this piece than was warranted for it’s size. But I have been so bad at doing this on so many of my other pieces that I made it a point to stop and take photos. So expect a very long multi-photo post as soon as I figure out the whole to add snow or not to add snow.

Yup … I think it needs snow.



Despite the fact that the next Cowgirl exhibit is only 6 weeks away I am doing something else. If it works out this is my design for this year’s Christmas card. (I know right! Usually I’m cranking it out sometime in mid-December) . It’s somewhat small at around 12 x 16 inches and so in theory should be rather quick. And then because I just love pressure I’m thinking about a rooster and then … maybe another cow.

The Octagon art center community gallery (which is their ground level gallery) is a beautiful space but very small so there’s a possibility that what I’ve got now won’t all fit. So we’ll see. I definitely need to get a least a couple of dairy breeds in the mix though.

No title on this yet and I don’t know whether I’ll add elements of whimsy like I have in the past with Snow Bunny and Fleece On Earth. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna add some glitter on the cards because the world needs more sparkle.

Young Tess – Start To Finish

So this is a very short start to finish since I created the piece rapidly and was “in the zone” so I didn’t stop for picture taking much. There is a minor distinction between the first and second photo. The first has just the base wash in and the second has the detail work in that area added.

We do have another “Cowgirls” show soon and I plan to try to get a couple more happy heifers added to my herd. But I am very much looking forward to creating some critters of a different species. Actually quite excited by the idea.  Cowgirls has sparked an interest in me to create a themed solo exhibit. I have one booked for 2016 but may go ahead and accept a solo show next time I’m asked instead of promoting the group show.

Hard tellin’ I suppose. I tend to be fickle in nature and mood.






  • Event: Cowgirls Exhibiton
  • Where: Arts On Grand in Spencer, Iowa
  • When: Now until … tomorrow (yeah I know, I know)
  • Who: Mona Majorowicz, Barb McGee & Carol Herden

About The Show

Essentially Myself and two artist friends, Barb McGee (a painter) and Carol Herden (a sculptor and painter) got together and created this thing. Seemed like a fun thing to do and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Despite the fact that the three of us just did out own thing I think we pulled off a nice exhibit. Also please know that these photos were taken during the install and so the lighting is all wrong, but I didn’t bring my camera during the reception so this is all I’ve got.


Arts On Grand in Spencer did a wonderful job with the reception which featured cowboy inspired cuisine. We were interviewed by a few different sources and had some nice newspaper spreads about the show to boot.


Yes, I totally suck at this whole social media thing.


So the past few months have been just a whirlwind and the “Cowgirls” exhibit which you’ve all heard me talk about for a year and a half is actually up and running (for 2 whole weeks now) and yes I’m only just getting around to sharing the news. Heck I haven’t even posted anything on facebook. (I’m so bad at this social media stuff) But at least it’s not over yet. You’ve got until the … tomorrow to go see the show.

I promise to do better at the next showing which is scheduled at the Octagon Art Center in Ames, November 20th – December. After that I’m not sure.

The photo below was from the install, which is why I’m looking slightly more scruffy that I’d like. None of us thought to get a photo of the three of us during the reception. You know when we were not hot and sweaty from hauling, hanging and buffet binging at pizza ranch.



Oh yes, I have been sick. I’m not sure if it was bad art fair food/fast food at my last event (which was not the one pictured above) or just the bug that I’ve heard is going around. I haven’t had the flu in over 12 years so this was a real shocker. But as of today I’ve kept my breakfast down and I feel pretty close to normal, a little weak but other than that I’m pretty sure nothing is going to explode out of one end of me or the other. Which is good because tomorrow I leave for yet another art event.

So the two events I’ve done so far have been below normal in sales which is disappointing of course. But as artists we are generally optimists. I mean really have to be don’t we? At Artsplash I got a nice award with a nice check so that helped make up for it. Also on the plus side the weather has been stellar. This is not the most flattering booth shot but I had to showcase the award. :)

The weather report for Riverssance is …

This weekend I head to Daveport, IA for Riverssance, It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning, then clear off during the day which means hopefully we get to drive into the park to set up the booth. (Lord know I hate slepping my booth and artwork across a water soaked park by the tiny cart full.) After that the rain resumes Friday night into early Sat. Morning. And then … nothing but unicorn rainbows and butterfly wishes … er … sunny and beautiful. So here’s hoping the buying crowds come out.

If you’re in the area I’m booth 72. Pop in and say hi!


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