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Group Therapy
Last week a friend came by and swept me away from the gallery to have some quality horse time with a herd of Percheron brood mares. Since my Percheron raising neighbor moved away several years ago I have been going through withdrawals. (umm . . . just so you know, those are birds on the ground, not poo.)

My friend is an animal person and has rekindled her love of horses. She is new in town. (And by “new” I mean that she’s been here only 3 years. For small towns it’s kinda like dog years but in reverse. After you’ve been here seven years you are no longer considered “new.”)

At any rate she is struggling with this feeling like home. She is a single mother who works nights and being awake only a couple of hours in the middle of the afternoon (before she leaves again for work) makes it hard to socialize and have a little fun.

But she has found her bliss standing among the giants, scritching their itches and talking in soft horsey whispers. She is happiest (as am I) when covered in horse dust and slobber. As she’s rubbing a favorite young filly she declares “This is the best. This is better than men. This is better than sex.” Since I am married I don’t comment on that, but I so understand the feeling.

I don’t remember who said this but it seems appropriate. “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” In this case “man” is viewed in the broader sense.

If you squint they kinda look like Friesians
Not that they aren’t totally gorgeous in all their Percheron glory. I am pretty sure I’ve got a painting from the few new rolls I took. I love all the drapey hair and expressive eyes.

Just so you know I wasn’t deliberately trying to crop out their noses in my photos. They were just too close. (Happy Sigh)

One of my favorite horse quotes as well as a personal sentiment.
When I can’t ride anymore, I shall keep horses as long as I can hobble along with a bucket and a wheelbarrow.

When I can’t hobble, I shall roll my wheelchair out by the fence of the field where my horses graze and watch them. -Monica Dickens

Tomorrow’s Post: Ask The Budda

Updated: Carol Eilers (editor of Apples N’ Oats magazine) tipped me to the fact that it was Winston Churchill who said my unknown quote. I should have just asked her, since she is wise on all things horse. Or had I been a responsible blogger I could have googled it. Thanks Carol!

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(Photo Above: As they roll into town.)

They go on a Tractor Ride!
What’s a tractor ride you ask.

Usually in the summer when field work is at a minimum (about now apparently) farmers and those who just love tractors break out the classic machines and hit he pavement showing off their restored (and those yet to be restored) much loved tractors.

I suppose it is like a classic car show only with field equipment. There is allot of Red (International Harvestor) and Green (John Deere) but there was a small handful of other breeds in the line-up.

Kinda a nice bit of Americana there really.

(Photo Below: Hard to see but there are about 35-50 tractors. Everyone is parked to take a break.)

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Happy Independence Day 09!

This is of the oldest of the Rolfe grain elevators. The flag is new however.

Happy 4th to all my US readers out there! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. As you can tell by the photo it is rainy here, but will hopefully let up in time for the fireworks displays tonight.

With any luck (and some inspirational help from my muse’s) I’ll be back on Monday with a new WIP.

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