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So this is a very short start to finish since I created the piece rapidly and was “in the zone” so I didn’t stop for picture taking much. There is a minor distinction between the first and second photo. The first has just the base wash in and the second has the detail work in that area added.

We do have another “Cowgirls” show soon and I plan to try to get a couple more happy heifers added to my herd. But I am very much looking forward to creating some critters of a different species. Actually quite excited by the idea.  Cowgirls has sparked an interest in me to create a themed solo exhibit. I have one booked for 2016 but may go ahead and accept a solo show next time I’m asked instead of promoting the group show.

Hard tellin’ I suppose. I tend to be fickle in nature and mood.





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  • Event: Cowgirls Exhibiton
  • Where: Arts On Grand in Spencer, Iowa
  • When: Now until … tomorrow (yeah I know, I know)
  • Who: Mona Majorowicz, Barb McGee & Carol Herden

About The Show

Essentially Myself and two artist friends, Barb McGee (a painter) and Carol Herden (a sculptor and painter) got together and created this thing. Seemed like a fun thing to do and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Despite the fact that the three of us just did out own thing I think we pulled off a nice exhibit. Also please know that these photos were taken during the install and so the lighting is all wrong, but I didn’t bring my camera during the reception so this is all I’ve got.


Arts On Grand in Spencer did a wonderful job with the reception which featured cowboy inspired cuisine. We were interviewed by a few different sources and had some nice newspaper spreads about the show to boot.


Yes, I totally suck at this whole social media thing.


So the past few months have been just a whirlwind and the “Cowgirls” exhibit which you’ve all heard me talk about for a year and a half is actually up and running (for 2 whole weeks now) and yes I’m only just getting around to sharing the news. Heck I haven’t even posted anything on facebook. (I’m so bad at this social media stuff) But at least it’s not over yet. You’ve got until the … tomorrow to go see the show.

I promise to do better at the next showing which is scheduled at the Octagon Art Center in Ames, November 20th – December. After that I’m not sure.

The photo below was from the install, which is why I’m looking slightly more scruffy that I’d like. None of us thought to get a photo of the three of us during the reception. You know when we were not hot and sweaty from hauling, hanging and buffet binging at pizza ranch.


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Oh yes, I have been sick. I’m not sure if it was bad art fair food/fast food at my last event (which was not the one pictured above) or just the bug that I’ve heard is going around. I haven’t had the flu in over 12 years so this was a real shocker. But as of today I’ve kept my breakfast down and I feel pretty close to normal, a little weak but other than that I’m pretty sure nothing is going to explode out of one end of me or the other. Which is good because tomorrow I leave for yet another art event.

So the two events I’ve done so far have been below normal in sales which is disappointing of course. But as artists we are generally optimists. I mean really have to be don’t we? At Artsplash I got a nice award with a nice check so that helped make up for it. Also on the plus side the weather has been stellar. This is not the most flattering booth shot but I had to showcase the award. 🙂

The weather report for Riverssance is …

This weekend I head to Daveport, IA for Riverssance, It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning, then clear off during the day which means hopefully we get to drive into the park to set up the booth. (Lord know I hate slepping my booth and artwork across a water soaked park by the tiny cart full.) After that the rain resumes Friday night into early Sat. Morning. And then … nothing but unicorn rainbows and butterfly wishes … er … sunny and beautiful. So here’s hoping the buying crowds come out.

If you’re in the area I’m booth 72. Pop in and say hi!

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click for larger image

DC Comics Wonder Woman Colorful Pop Art Panty for women (Medium)

So lots has happened recently that I plan to blog about but am in a whirlwind of events and pretty much just crash at the end of each day. “Cowgirls” is up and running, I have finished the calf that is photographed below so expect a start to finish on her at some point and well … this

That’s right this is way bigger than just needing Big Girl Panties

So in the next four weeks I’m doing four art fairs. This has kinda been the norm for me for the past several years but as the month of September approaches there is always some trepidation.

As a single woman running a business on her own I have quite a bit of stress to deal with. Mostly normal stuff but there’s something about having no one to fall back on, no one to tell me everything will be alright that I, at times, wish I had.

In most of my high stress situations I often say something like “Time to put on my big girl panties.” But as my September art fair stint is now here I need to step it up even more which means breaking out and putting on, my wonder woman Underoos.

Art fairs are so much work and the possibility for something bad to happen is rather high.

Something bad you say? Like what?

Ooh let me let my fears run amok for a moment …

  • Storms, lightening and or high winds.
  • Torrential down pour ruining my work
  • Flooding. Yup when the torrential downpour literally overruns whatever scenic water way the art fair is adjacent to. This has happened but I always managed to pack up and skip town before the flood exodus begins.
  • Temps exceeding 95 degrees. I’ve done 100 or more many many times over the years. In fact it was 101 on pavement just 2 years ago at the event I did last week.
  • which leads me to … Getting sick. So far has never happened. I spend a lot of time outdoors making sure I’m comfortable working hard in hot weather. And keeping myself physically strong enough to move 1000 pounds of stuff several times over the course of a few days.
  • Hurting myself in some way where I am unable to work. As a working artist it means that if I don’t work I don’t eat.
  • Van breaking down and being stranded far, far from home.
  • Car accident. There’s nothing that says “squished like a bug” than rear-ending a solid object and having 1000 pounds of art stuffs slide forward and push me into my engine block.
  • Getting mugged. Most of the events I do are pretty safe. Still there is one or two where I am downtown in a major city well after dark.

Now you might have thought no sales would have made the list … but no.

First of all that almost never ever happens. At this point I have done most of my events long enough to know about what I’ll come home with and if something happens like getting stormed out … well that’s what my gallery is for.

Art fairs are what got my hobby to business status, but as the gallery does better and better and produces a steady stream of work, art fairs have been cut. It’s still an important income stream not to mention all the other benefits they bring, but losing out on an event here or there is a bummer for sure, but not something that keeps me up at night.

So if you see me somewhere in the next few weeks you may well wonder what is giving me the courage to smile and be conversational while internally I am all chaos.

And now … you know.

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