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In honor of Cyber Monday
Yeah okay it’s not what you think. Besides my horse pages I’ve also been working on puzzle pages and some book pages.

A couple of friends were reading various paranormal romance book series and kinda got me hooked. So I created squidoo pages for them. Most of these are kinda for the young adult ages (along the lines of Twilight saga) but the Anita Blake are completely adult content with the sex and violence getting far more graphic the deeper into the series that I go. I’ve never been a reader of romance, but add a few vampires, werewolves, zombies and some sprinkling of trolls and faeries and apparently I can’t get enough. So at any rate

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The Books Of Lauren Kate
Yup I already mentioned this one to you but since it’s not yet indexed by google I’ll mention it again.

The story line surrounds Luce who finds herself in a boarding school for delinquent children. She is scared because at a party when she snuck off and kissed a boy he somehow burst into flames. Her parents seem afraid of her and she thinks she just might be a little crazy as she sees shadows moving in dangerous and sinister ways and that no one else can see.But everything changes at the school. She meets Daniel who for some reason hates her and yet she has the distinct feeling that they’ve met before. It turns out they have. Indeed they have been falling in love over and over again throughout history until she dies. Only to have it all repeat itself again.

My previous post The Books Of Lauren Kate

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Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

The Books Of Maggie Stiefvater
Some of you may be familiar with Maggie (I know Angela is) as she was an amazing animal artist. I discovered her blogs just about the time she got signed with a publisher. Her writing became a huge success and as far as I know she has left the art behind.

So this summer during one of the artfairs I was in need of some reading and Mike pointed out Shiver at Target. I read it and then the following two in the series. These are a really good young adult type paranormal as the sex and violence are very mild. Maggie has created a wonderful world with werewolves that shift because of temperature changes until eventually they become all wolf.

I enjoyed them mostly because I was familiar with the author but if I had young tweens it would be a perfect read for them.

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Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book Series
Here’s a strictly adult type paranormal romance. The early books in the series deal more with murder mysteries that Anita Blake must solve. But as the series progresses (and so far there are 20 books int he series and counting) both sex and violence become far more graphic.

Anita Blake is an animator (she raises zombies for a living – mostly to settle legal disputes) but her powers grow and she becomes a much feared necromancer.

These books are filled with all sorts of mythical creatures but circle primarily between vampires and werewolves and of course she has powerful love interests in both factions. There are also zombies, ghouls, trolls, fairies and some far more unheard of kind of supernatural beasties.

The mysteries are intriguing and the storyline a fun romp on the paranormal. Currently I’m not yet half way through the series but I’m pretty sure I’ll see it through to the end.

The Page which describes all my Paranormal Books Series is Paranormal Romance Books Series

My Other Lenses Regarding Paranormal Books
House Of Night Vampire Books
The Vampire Academy Books
The Outlander Series by Diana Galbadon

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Peek-A-Moo (Cow Hunting)

Can You Spot Bessie?

So you know I’ve gone on cow safari before but never been cow hunting until now. While the premise is similar it is a bit more difficult.

Cow Safari is wandering amongst a bunch of cattle who are kept in a small enough enclosure as to make taking pictures easy.

Cow Hunting on the other hand, means the cows are far more free range and require some extra measures to actually get a decent photo.

I’ve been walking the bike trail located near my hometown which in a previous like was a railway. I started about the time hunting season began because despite wearing my dayglo-please-don’t-shoot-me hat I didn’t feel all that secure walking the gravel roads by the farm. The other reason is that the days are getting colder so instead of walking early morning or late at night I know walk mid-afternoon when temps are at their warmest.

The trail is lovely and I have very much been enjoying the tree, little birdies and cattle. They are getting shaggy and so they have that wonderful woolly hairdo that I love so well. I have come within a few feet of the cattle for weeks now and finally decided to take my camera along. So of course on this day they did not cooperate. I had to climb through brush and bramble and still got nothing all that usable.

Ah but it felt so good none-the-less.

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Since Christmas is just around the corner I’ve been created lenses at a fast and furious pace I thought I’d hawk a few. The nice thing about creating these pages is there’s no shifting between the hemispheres (as in right brain- left brain) so I can take a break from framing and type away wildly on the computer for my down time. As opposed to painting which is not so easy to hop back and forth.

At any rate here’s what I’ve been up to.

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Breyer: WEG Esprit Water Globe

Horse Snow Globes
Collecting snow globes is often a wonderful holiday tradition and soon become treasured family heirlooms.

While some of the horse snow globes featured here are of a Christmas theme many of the horse snow globes on this page are far too beautiful to be seen only during the holidays and are truly worthy of becoming part of your permanent home decor.

These tiny little horse sculptures entertain and enchant as some of these globes are also music boxes which adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment.

These snow globes make a perfect gift for the horse lover on your Christmas gift list.

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Trail of Painted Ponies Poinsetia Pony Christmas Ornament Gift

Trail Of Painted Ponies Horse Ornaments
These Trail Of Painted Ponies Christmas Tree Ornaments are all festively decorated with hand-painted holiday themes.

There are the miniature sculptural horse ornaments with various Christmas themes painted on their sides as well as the more traditional Olde World look of hand-painted and hand blown ornaments which have an heirloom quality about them.

Mix and match for a stunning horse filled Christmas tree.

As you all know I love pretty much anything to do with horses and so collecting them in ornament form is a real pleasure.

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Nene Thomas Couture Carousel Horse Burgundy Dahlia

Horse Ornaments
This page is dedicated to horse ornaments of all varieties. I have a selection and sampling of all of the horse ornament makers such as Breyer, Nene Thomas (which is the horse ornament shown here), Trail of Painted Ponies as well as a Horse Of A Different Color horse ornaments.

Many of the ornaments on this page are for Christmas but a large number are not holiday specific and can be enjoyed as a part of your decor year round.

I am particularly fond of the romantic imagery used by NeNe Thomas (see Carousel Horse Ornament right.) These truly are little works of art.

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Woodland Santa Horse Ornament from the Horse of a Different Color Collection

Horse Of A Different Color Ornaments
The Horse Of A Different Color Horse Ornaments line is as varied as it is beautiful.

This page is primarily dedicated to horse Christmas ornaments though there is a nice selection of horse ornaments that could be displayed for all year long enjoyment. Also included on this ornament page is miniature Horse Of A Different Color Figurines which are the same size as the horse ornaments but without the hanging cord.

They are the most visually stunning horse ornaments on the market today. Most are hand-painted and each truly is a miniature work of art.

These little artsy horses are so unique and beautifully done that you’ll want to collect them all.

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Ravensburger Silent Thunder 500-Piece Puzzle

Horse Puzzles
I was surprised at how many beautiful horse puzzles there are on the market. Many fine equestrian artists like Chris Cummings and Lesley Harrison have recreated their art in puzzle form. Any horse lover or art enthusiast is sure to find a puzzle to please.

In addition to artistic horse puzzles, there are also 3d Horse puzzles, Glow In The Dark Horse Puzzles, Photographic Pictur Puzzles and Horse Puzzles for kids. There is even one horse puzzle with over 13.000 pieces and is quite huge in size. So yeah, there is something for everyone from the novice to the experienced puzzling enthusiast.

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Breyer 2009 Andalusian Beautiful Breeds Ornament

Breyer Horse Ornaments
I’ve been collecting Breyer model horses since I was a small child. They were always on my Christmas list and always tended to be my favorite toy every year. I still on occasion collect a Breyer model horse from time to time. So its no surprise that Breyer makes outstanding horse ornaments as they are known for their attention to detail and high quality figurines.

Breyer makes a wide assortment of ornaments and while most are holiday themed there are also plenty that fit into year round decor.

There are Breyer Beautiful breeds ornaments, Stirrup ornaments which have the current Breyer Holiday Horse in miniature mounted in a silver stirrup. There are hand blown and hand-painted glass ornaments, Carousel Horse Ornaments as well as some Racing Horse ornaments.

There is sure to be a horse ornament here to please all tastes.

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Mythical Horses Scarf by Laurel Burch

Artistic & Elegant Horse Scarves
Scarves are an elegant and easy way to add artistic flare to any outfit. This page was created to showcase some of the beautiful equine designs by Laurel Burch who’s authentic designs have hand rolled hems, made from unbelievably soft silk, use her original artwork and often come signed. Many have the added touches of sequins or long decorative fringe.

Additionally there are a couple of horse scarves by other designers but since I am the artsy fartsy type the Laurel Burch horse motif scarves are the main focus of this page.

And some of last years Horse Gift Pages Freshly Updated.
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the Best Natural Horsemanship Books
Carousel Christmas Tree Ornament
The Best Horse Books For Children
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Plush And Stuffed Horses
The Classic Horse Books Of Marguerite Henry

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The Latest Hot Idea For Art Fair Vendors

Okay maybe it’s not the latest but it sure seems to be growing in popularity. Or perhaps it’s because most of the art fairs I do are held outdoors and so these kinds of things aren’t really necessary. But I tell ya … they sure look handy.

This last event I did this past weekend had dozens of the things. Hoveround type vehicles or electric wheelchairs. I’d seen as many as four wagons hitched together choo-choo train style running in and out of the building.

Not My Crowd.
So I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you I made expenses. Which of course sucks but at least I got my money back out. Had I not taken the event I would have wondered if I missed out on something.

Now the crowds were thick and the money was flowing they were just not there for fine art … or at least my art. There was perhaps a dozen artists (oddly enough nearly all the painters were critter artists … Either we think we can cross over … or we’re just more desperate.) who all did about the same sales-wise. With the exception of my potter friend of course. She kills wherever she goes.

No photos were allowed at this event so no pics of the booths.

The Crap People Buy

Okay I’m going to preemptively say no real offense intended to anybody who makes the crap craft listed below. It’s all in the eye of the beholder … you know … and I can totally understand why you might wonder what sort of insanity might make someone spend $200 on a framed print of a horse’s backside. (See I get it.)

Golf Ball Dogs Yup they are what they sound like. 6 golf balls glued together with google eyes and a tongue $8

Framed Wall Paper Border For real ya’ll? Seriously? Your choice of barnwood or oak. All I can say is … huh.

Laser Cut Corrugated Tin Anything made of tin cut into any shape. The rustier the better. (You know like you might need a tetanus shot just from looking at them) A simple Alphabet letter $5 up to $50 for 3 foot snowman shapes. Most are unpainted.

Stuff On A Stick It has long been a known fact that you weld a stick to anything and it will sell. Trust me …. anything.

Unnameable Indescribable Things I was chatting with a jeweler and she pointed to her neighbor saying quietly “aren’t those things just hideous.” I looked to see some sort of fused glass (or perhaps glued as some items were ceramic) objects stacked up on top of each other. I couldn’t make out what their purpose was. I made no comment because you just never know who’s listening. She said she’d been sitting there for days trying to figure out what they were for and was shocked at how ugly they were. At any rate she went over to find out what they were and …

At this point her husband interrupts “And she bought one!”

Yup now that’s the mark of a good salesman.

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Flying By The Seat of My Pants

So last night a little after 10pm I get a phone call from an event asking if I would still like to participate (I was on a wait list because I missed the application deadline.) but I would need to leave for early the next morning for. (As in like now)

I know right?

The answer of course is yes, even though I’ve got to pack and then through it all in the van, drive down and set up and sell tonight.

Seriously the things I do for money.

Of course technically I’m spending quite a bit just to participate so here’s hoping its all worth it.

See you on the flip side.

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Purple Cows – Saved From Oblivian

‘Til The Cows Come Home
Oil Pastel Painting Size 10 x 22
Framed Size 16 x 28

So you may or may not remember a few months back I did some house cleaning and pulled out a bunch of junk paintings that for one reason or another I considered failed works. Most were torn up into itty-bitty bits and then sent off to the landfill. (Sometimes I like to make a bonfire – you know roast a few marshmellows over failed creativity)

At any rate, I pulled this painting out as I thought it had potential. Not sure how exactly. I thought I may go in and rework it or perhaps I would simply start all over with the same premise. But then as you know life got … complex, so the piece quite literally has sat on my drafting table untouched (unless you count the Budda walking back and forth across it) since like June.

A week or so ago someone (who shall remain nameless since she has no idea I’m blogging about it) came in and fell in love with it. I explained it was destined for … well … not sure what for, but I clearly did not consider it one of my finer works.

She didn’t care. She loved it and wanted to buy it for a gift. When asked would I sell it … umm yeah, you can guess the answer.

What makes me smile though is she totally embraced the wild purples (in fact that was its selling point) and we framed it in a purple frame, because you know one can never have enough purple.

And now that I got it all framed up … I’m loving it too. I haven’t decided if I’m going to scan it and make prints yet, but I think its a real possibility at this point.

What do ya’ll think? Should I make prints?

NOTE: Sorry the photo is so crappy. I took the pic with poor lighting and just didn’t feel like working too hard in photoshop to make it look right. Perhaps I’ll try the photo again because the purple frame really does match the cattle and for some reason it isn’t reading that way in this pic. 😦

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It's A Girl!

Alternate Title: Girl Power?
Okay so I know this isn’t a real post but I’m up to my ass in alligators and quite happy about. Working hard with loads to do. There are moments when I ask myself if I’ll ever paint again (you know since I haven’t even attempted to create anything since like early June) and the answer is yes I think I will. It just probably won’t happen until 2012. Learning the profiling and executing it has taken up most of my free time (and like I had so much of that before) but I’m thinking a few more months practice and hopefully I’ll get quicker and more confident with it.

I’ve been learning so many new things my old lady brain is having a hard time keeping up. This week’s lesson. Changing the maintenance tank on the production printer. It’s actually very easy to do but one moment of random thought and push the wrong button and everything could go tits up pretty easy. (Um … that’s a dead sheep euphemism from my sheepherders days BTW)

Now your average normal business would just buy the replacement tank and throw away the other one. But because I’m cheap environmentally responsible we just clean ours out and reuse them.

New tanks come with a spongy like filling for absorbing the ink. We use … Maxi pads. Not even the good kind either. They are about as cheap and generic as they come. (I mean seriously who would use these things. They are like 2″ thick. What? … T.M.I) But they work well for the printer. Been using them for years (to be clear … on the printer.)

So after washing out the excess ink I pop in 3 pads and put the tank back in the printer. And She’s good to go.

Hm … I wonder if that means I can deduct feminine hygiene products as a business expense?

The next post
will contain “actual artwork” (I know right?) but not new stuff. Yet another painting has been rescued from near death.

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