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Quiet Strength Percheron Team

No it’s not done but it’s close. The artist in me loves the orange horizontal line. The analytical side says it needs to be toned down or removed. (looks even more wrong shrunk down like this) So Yup, that’s the plan.

The title is still not set though I like Quiet Strength best so far. I had pondered “The Stillness Within” because you know … I am just a tad bit of a hippie freak.

At any rate, I wanted to take it along this weekend to Des Moines so I framed them up. I’ve decided I’m taking it as a work in progress.
So if you happen to be in the area come see them in person at the Varied Industries building at the State Fairgrounds.

Oh and you can see me too. 🙂

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Alternative title… The last art fair was ‘da bomb. (yeah I know that phrase should never be said by someone my age and that’s why it’s the alternative title.)

First of all sorry for the blurry photo. This was taken with my cell phone and was a block away. So let me explain what it is a photo of.

The cop car is in the center and parked behind it (or rather in front of it, peeking out behind the white van and my tent) is my van and booth in partial tear down.

Now why am I photographing it from a block away you ask? Because there was a bomb scare.

And by scare I mean there was an actual bomb not that far to the left of the cop car (just behind the silver pickup) and my booth.

Thaaaat’s right.

Some sad individual put a bomb in a newspaper drop box at my last event. As you may notice I was pretty much done with tear down. Another 10 minutes tops I would have been on the road. Instead I was evacuated for about 4 1/2 hours and didn’t get out of town until the wee hours.

The bomb squad and bomb diffusing robot x-rayed it, pulled a few things off of it and then hit it with the water cannon.

No one was hurt and as far as bombs go it left me pretty much untraumatized. In fact most of the artists in the land of evacuated exile were laughing and watching the antics of the robot with pretty good humour all things considering.

Kinda surreal.

That being said I have now had my booth destroyed by a tornado, hit but a driverless truck and now nearly blown to smithereens.

Yeah, I am totally too old for this crap.

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