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Remember Me?
Since I now can play a bit with profiling I’m pulling out a couple of old pieces that never had prints made.

Flamin’ Sheep here was one of my early crayola critters and since I didn’t know how well this type of work would be received I didn’t make prints. Since then I have found that my fun colored critters are rather popular so I thought … why not?

So now Flamin’ Sheep is available at Wild Faces Gallery. Click through for more info.

As per my conversation with Lorie
Perhaps there was no stopping me before, but I was slowed to a crawl for a bit. However I’m up and running now. 🙂

And speaking of sheep … check out Lorie’s beautiful flock on her recent blogpost.

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So as the title infers Fleece On Earth is now available on the Wild Faces Gallery website. (I know right? it only took me a year)

We actually made a limited edition sized print that is larger than the original. Just for fun. I usually don’t like enlarging art because all the fine detail work that I do gets enlarged as well, and so it kinda loses it’s tightness.

But (partly) because of the style, this piece enlarged quite nicely. As a rule I never enlarge a piece more than 30%. Though we have done far greater enlargements for various artist giclee clients.

Fleece Navidad
And as is my usual I am running late with this. Actually it was last year at the event that I’m leaving for tomorrow that I created “Fleece On Earth.” So maybe it’s only fitting that it will be the same event where I create the companion piece “Fleece Navidad.”

I wanted this piece to be the match for last year’s card. So instead of vertical I went horizontal and instead of an ewe I went with a ram. But I also wanted a different bell on him. You can see in my sketch I did a bell that I have actually seen on livestock but it struck me as just a little bit to Holly Jolly Christmas. So I made a bell design completely up and I really like it. On my final tracing of this drawing (yes it’s to be done on suede board just like the other) I’ll swap ’em out.

I plan on doing very much the same starry night though I am toying with the idea of making this guy an all white ram. I guess we’ll have to see if the spirit moves me. After all Fleece On Earth was a complete surprise to me when I created her the way I did. Who knows what may come of this.

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Fleece On Earth Starry Night Sheep
8 x 10
Watercolor Pencil on suede

Embracing My Inner Illustrator
So the good news (If it could be called that) about it being a little on the slow side at Thieves was that I was able to knock out my Christmas Card for this year. (Honestly I had enough free time I could have done two.) I worked on it totally from beginning to end while at the event.

This was an idea that just came to me a few weeks back. I had no real reference other than a few sheep photos to get the drawing correct. Or at least fundamentally correct. I knew I wanted to go illustrator-ish with this, sorta like the style I did when working on my 46′ Chevy. Lots of hash marks and such. (Lordy, I do love the mark making.)

Unexpected Gifts

I really want to tell you that “I” came up with the oh so ever clever title. But alas I did not. A fellow artist who does some wonderful whimsical critter art came over and offered it up as a little pre-holiday gift from her to me. I made sure she was serious about me using the title and she said she’d “be thrilled.”

Coming Up
I stopped at the local Dick Blick while in Iowa City and bought a few new water soluble things to try out. I absolutely fell in love with watersoluble wax pastels, which will be the focus of an upcoming post.

Also a rant about eBay. Or maybe it’s about chinese factory outlet paintings. Or maybe it’s really about copyright infringement. At any rate . . . there will be a rant.

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More On Purple Sheep

Ewekie, the wonder sheep.

Ewekie - click for larger image
Ewekie – Oil Pastel 7.5″ x 9.5″

Just so you know Flamin’ Sheep was not my first when it comes to painting odd colored sheep. Ewekie here, was my first purple sheep. (This image is quite a bit off color wise. She is it almost as bold as my Flamin’ Sheep painting.) And let me tell you she caused quite a stir among the locals in my dusty little rural town. People actually came into the gallery because they had heard about her and I guess they had to see for themselves the insanity of such a thing.

As we have her available in small prints (click on the image to get more details) I still occasionally get asked if there is actually a type of purple sheep that roams the earth. I smile, feeling slightly guilty and say “No, I just painted her that way.”

Apparently she made quite an impression. Because, though she had been sold years ago, someone local had mentioned her again, just the other day. I told him she had been sold and I could almost hear what he was thinking. Crazy artists, paintin’ purple sheep. Who in their right mind would want something like that. Fortunately for me, quite a few people. As a somewhat realistic animal painter, it’s nice to do something fun once in awhile and still have it find an appreciative home in which to live.

Hitting the road.
Once again we leave for an artfair this weekend. Supposedly the weather is going to be beautiful so it should be enjoyable to do. This is my last outdoor event so it would be nice to end it with pleasant weather.

See you all on Monday. (I mean it this time.) (Urm . . . probably)

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Flamin' Sheep: Original Oil Pastel

Flamin’ Sheep
Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper
10 1/2″ x 13″

I finally got around to posting this. As you may have noticed, I got over my fear of calling it Flamin’ Sheep. I’m not sure how, but that title has appeared to have stuck.

So here it is finished. I wasn’t able to take it along last weekend, which is too bad since I actually have several sheep painting patrons at that event. So it goes. I’ll just have to email them a pic.

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Oil Pastel Sheep WIP

Here is my progress for today on my Flamin’ Sheep painting. (Located Below: it’s a little dark) If all goes according to plan I will finish them tomorrow.

I really like this little flock of sheep and photograph them often. The models for this painting are located just outside of town and I drive by nearly every morning on my way to the gallery. In fact the photo here is from just this morning. It is a small enough group that they form ever-changing, infinitely interesting groupings.

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Primary Colors

Flamin’ Sheep
This was almost the title of my post but I was concerned over the type of person who might be attracted to that kind of wordage. Anywho Primary Colors seemed safer.

I was needing a little something fun to do, so I broke out all my glaringly bright colors. My plans include 3 more sheep (which you can barely see penciled in) and some neon green and emerald green grasses.

I should be able to finish this little (11×13) oil pastel painting in one long afternoon. Unfortunately I won’t have one of those for a couple more weeks. My hope was to have it done by this weekend’s event. While I may get it completed I certainly won’t get it framed and ready to go in time. Ah well.

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