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My intention initially was to have a very soft color much like the bunny in the photos. My love of color took control at some point and everything changed. It’s a tiny Painting Measuring Approximately 7 x 9 1/2 inches so the start to finish is rather brief. But because I so enjoy looking at other’s work in progress I figured I’d put up what I have.

SnowBunnyWip2jpgSnowBunnyWip3SnowBunnyThis is a mixed media piece on suede using inktense, watercolor pencils, Neopastel II and lastly some Gouche for spattering snow.

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are not really something I get hung up on. For instance this is gonna be my 2013 Christmas card design and it’s called Snow Bunny with the intention that it may insinuate that it is a wild rabbit. Even though it clearly is not a wild rabbit and point of fact, was photographed near a beach.

But even if it isn’t a wild bunny it is a feral rabbit.

Yeah well, okay¬†feral is probably stretching it too. Yes someone turned it loose with the assumption that it would fend for itself or at the very least integrate itself into the bunny pack running amok on Cannon Beach. But any bunny that allows you to walk within a foot or two and snatch up carrots that some person as yet unnamed tosses in it’s general direction, does not quite qualify as feral.

Feeling Festive

It’s been a couple of year since I have designed a new holiday card. I have created new artwork for many years with that being it’s sole purpose. But after being dumped from my marriage I just wasn’t feeling it for awhile. So you know to those of you wondering … sorry for not sending any cards for the last few years.

But this year I’m back on track. I even put up my tree (something else that went undone of late)

UPDATED: This painting is already done. I just haven’t been able to take the time to get my blog posting done. So soon will be the finished image as well as Start To Finish work in progress shots.

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Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope you all are recovering from a night of revelry. I myself am feeling a little shaky this morning. Of course I am every morning. It’s caffeine withdrawals. It’s best not to even make eye contact with me first thing, until after I’ve poured myself some Diet Coke.

So in honor of the holiday I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Ha! (Sigh) Sometimes I crack myself up. I had you going there didn’t I?

But I am treating it like a Sunday. (sort of) Meaning I’m going into the gallery and will work on the new horse painting. (will post a wip tomorrow) and probably work on squidoo, website and bloggy stuff. For Christmas my brother sent me a stack of new Nintendo games which I’ve yet to crack open. So I may do a little of that as well.

However I will also have the front door unlocked and there will be no cranky “Leave me alone” sign put in the window.

Anyone got any great party stories they want to share?

And this is for Louise . . .

Rabbit, rabbit and ummm , , , rabbit?

Okay Louise, so you really need to explain this. And exactly what is the rabbit grace period? Or perhaps the more important question is . . . how long is it?

Upcoming Posts:
Ask The Budda (yes, he’s back), How To Paint A Dead Horse in 5 easy steps and the latest wip’s for the horse portrait of Buddy.

Top Photo. Main Street Rolfe before you hit the business district.

Stop Sign on our gravel road.

The bitter cold has returned. I fried up some chicken skins and mixed it with kibble for the barn cats. They tend to eat less when it get below zero. Which of course is when they should eat more. Tomorrow’s barn cat menu, pork sausage.

Updated: Louise has finally told me what all this Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit stuff is about. If anyone is curious please visit Louise’s blog.

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A Real Life Christmas Story

I thought since I told you a Halloween story perhaps I’d continue the tradition with a very brief Christmas story. And since my family traditionally celebrated the holiday on Christmas Eve, I’ll post this today.


I have many fond memories of Christmas as a child. I imagine most people do. As I have said previously we were rather poor when I was quite young. So much of our Christmas presents were of a practical nature or handmade. Still I always had a Breyer horse or two under the tree (I wanted these more than anything else in the world, except for maybe a real horse) Also coming from a talent filled family meant we usually had some handmade goods like wooden trunks (made by my father) or hand-painted jeans from my mom. (I still have both by the way.)

I mention this as a preface to the the upcoming story. It might seems a little odd to gift the hams mentioned below, but it kinda falls in line with acceptable gift giving goodies from my family.

Free Ham For Everyone! (It’s a Christmas Miracle!)
So, many years ago we received a ham for Christmas from my parents. (we being Mike and I) It was a monsterously big ham. My folks being the proud bargain hunters (and occasional dumpster divers) that they were, had to share how they got such a wonderful ham.

Mom likes to refer to herself as a dumpster diver. I suppose it would sound so much more classy (not to mention trendy) to call it recycling or better still . . . being green.

That year was a particularly icy and cold winter and a semi truck (carrying you guessed it. . . ham) lost control and hit a bridge a few miles from my dad’s business. Hams went spilling everywhere. All over the road, into the ditch and onto the frozen creek.

My dad (and from what I remember) several others sprung into action (like super hero’s) and went out and rescued all the little lost hams. It was hard and dangerous work (imagine retrieving a ham from a frozen creek) but they persevered and were richly rewarded for their efforts.

My folks gave hams to everyone that year. In case you were wondering, they were completely wrapped and waxed so despite skidding down the highway and into a snowy embankment, they were in remarkably perfect condition, with almost no gravel. (kidding) Yes we ate ours and it was good.

Yeah, it’s exactly like that.
My story kinda gives you that warm fuzzy holiday spirit doesn’t it? It’s almost like that time on Little House on the Prairie when Ma Ingalls cut off her hair to buy her husband . . . something. Was it a saddle? And Pa Ingalls sold his horse??? to buy ribbons for Ma’s hair?

That can’t be right. That would mean human hair would have had the street value of like cocaine (not that I would know, just guessing.) And that horses would be as valuable then as . . . well horses are now. So maybe that’s not quite how the story went. You know now that I think about it, it may not have even been a “Little House” episode. I should really research these things before I use them for examples.

Perhaps it was fiddle strings and Pa sold his fiddle. Hmmm. That’s gonna bug me now until I remember.

At any rate, have a wonderous Christmas and may it be filled with warm and fuzzy memories of your own.

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I'm Thankful For . . .

I am thankful for a day of excess and rest. My plans are to have too much food. Followed by too much tv/video games and most likely too much sleeping. Oh glorious day.

Besides, I’m pretty sure pumpkin pie qualifies as a serving of vegetables. So I’m really just being extra healthy by having that 2nd piece.

Yes, I know I should be thankful for things like family, friends, freedom and that I’m still alive. But I have (and am thankful for) that everyday.

What I don’t have everyday is gluttony, sloth and ummm . . . Hmmm . . . what other deadly sin qualifies? Extravagance maybe? Ah heck you get my meaning.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it today.

And now if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go slip into some stretchy pants followed closely by a turkey coma.

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Happy Turkey Day!

Today, be sure to remember what Thanksgiving is all about, eating too much! (urm . . no that’s not it.) Falling asleep on the couch with your pants undone? (nooo.) Waking up early on Black Friday to hit all the sales? (definately not) Spending quality time with family? (ha ha ha, sometimes I just crack myself up. . . wiping tear from eye) Okay, it about being thankful. (yeah, that’s it thankful.)

And if you get to spend fun time with family, eating too much and falling asleep on the couch with your pants undone . . . well, you really do have many things to be thankful for then, don’t you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Happy Halloween !!!

Everyone here at Wild Faces Gallery (and Mojo the cat) are wishing you a fun filled Halloween.

Mojo requests tuna treats . . . or chicken, yeah . . . chicken. Oh, or maybe eggs. Yummy!

Treats only please, no tricks. Unless you want a black cat to cross your path at least a dozen times.

Trick or bicuits?

Here at WFG, not only do we get the usual kind of trick or treaters. We also get the four-legged variety. We are a pet friendly place. (That excludes Budda. He thinks all other critters are evil and must be destroyed. Well . . . maybe not “destroyed.” Maybe just glared at while every hair on his body is on end, and occasionally making threatening facial gestures at them.)

This is Lizzie, who came to the gallery to show off her new witch costume. How cute is she!

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