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Wild Things

Wild Things
– vibrant zebra montage
17 1/2 x 40
water soluble ink and Neopastel II on suede board.

So here they are. Yes there is still a couple of tweaks needing to be done. But truly at the end of what needs to be done. I have pulled off the protective film that was covering the background so to avoid catastrophe I need to tweak and get it under glass very soon.

Have plans to finish the drawing process on the next piece today and maybe …. (crossing my fingers and saying a prayer) I’ll get to put in a little color as well.

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Zebra Painting in progress

Maybe just maybe I will finish it up this weekend. It’s not like there’s any hurry but I seem to like to set myself some form of deadline. All that’s left is the foal and the tweaking (of which shall be extensive.)

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Moving right along. I still need to finish the belly, ears and mane.

I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend and am already plotting my next piece. I know right? Apparently all my painting juju is flowing freely now.


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Why a zebra of course.
Since it has been a long time coming (as in I started drawing these zebras in June) I am in the process of finding myself. I want it punch drunk with color but it will most likely take me at least one zebra (maybe two) before I settle into my color palette and embrace the courage to push my color comfort zone.

But I think I’m off to a good start. I

The finished size will be 18×40 inches. This is a mixed media of water-soluble ink and water-soluble wax pastel done on suede. I cover the suede with a masking film to protect the surface that will not have pigment, and cut away the film as I progress from left to right.

For more information on how I do this process you can check out my art tutorial on the subject.

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