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I need to check with the owners before I talk anything about the horse in the photo so I’ll just keep this post short by saying … I have only laid in the base wash for him. But I have begun.

Oh yeah, and it is about an 18×24 or so in size. I haven’t measured it and most likely I will crop it to a different proportion anyway.

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Fresh off the presses my latest squidoo lens features various horse themed mugs and cups and included ceramic coffee mugs, stoneware, pottery and travel mugs. I’ve included some of my zazzle mugs as well as some of Amazons finest equestrian themed cups.

Show Girls - Belgian Horses zazzle_mug
Show Girls – Belgian Horses by WildFacesGallery
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Horse Mugs With Quotes

Playing a little with adding meaning to the artwork.

“Friend, our closeness is this, anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you.”
– Rumi

Horse Mug Right Side Horse image
Horse Mug Left Side quote

Liberty - Horse Mug With Quote mug
Liberty – Horse Mug With Quote by WildFacesGallery
make money as an artist using Zazzle.

“Between whom there is a hearty truth, there is love.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Horse Mug Right Side Horse image
Horse Mug Left Side quote

Truth Horse Mug mug
Truth Horse Mug by WildFacesGallery
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Spotted – Giraffes

For more information regarding print sizes and costs please visit www.wildfacesgallery.com

Yeah okay so this has actually been available for a little while on the site but I hadn’t plugged it yet. I had planned on doing it last Thursday on my self proclaimed shameless self-promotion day but due to the aforementioned funk I couldn’t quite seem to raise the strength to tap it out on the keyboard.

Now I could have just saved it for tomorrow but I plan yet more shameless self promotion then so … you’ve been warned.

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There nothing more boring than a blogger who tells you why they aren’t blogging You know instead of just creating a real blog post they drone on about nothing of consequence. We’ll buckle up buttercup ’cause here we go.

Okay, okay I feel like a heel for going all MIA for a few weeks. (my how time flies.) Can’t say I have a good reason. I thought about making one up. You know something exciting like I was abducted by aliens (outer space or south of the border … pick one.) Or maybe I was having a whirlwind romance with a movie star and jetsetting around the world because it was all hush hush and mysterious. Or maybe I was on a spiritual retreat where I took a vow of silence. But no. In the end, as is my way I’m going with the truth.

I’ve been in a funk.

Now I have no good reason for being in a funk. In fact it is more than just a little self indulgent when I have several friends who are dealing with cancer and people are suffering all over the world. My malaise is nothing note worthy in the least. It just is despite the fact that everything is going swimmingly. Business is really good. Exceptionally good for this time of year actually. Everything just sort of seems to be going my way.

I think I’m gonna blame the cheerios. But that is a story for another day.

I’ve got a sketch started of a Thoroughbred stallion. I’m still communicating with the sister mares portrait but since it really isn’t progressing quickly I think I’ll squeeze in a little something to keep me entertained. As soon as I have something to show … I will.

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Always full of great articles the new issue is out. Once again I’m not in it but then you all know that since I haven’t painted in over a year that is to be expected. But a horse painting is in the works so next time guys. 🙂

Run on out and pick up a copy or of course you can subscribe by visiting the Apples n’ Oats website.

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Totally Stuffed With Awesomeness!

Thursday is now Shameless Self Promotion Day
Todays Theme: Horse Pillows!

So I have been hitting the zazzle extra hard the past few days. As I said before only so much creative juju at any given time so now is my squidoo/zazzle time. The plan is whenever these times roll around I’ll plug squidoo or zazzle or like in todays case, both. The other thought is that Zazzle has sales regularly and I will post the code for you to enter that is good for either buying my product, someone else’s product or making your own.

You know like in case you look at the below pillows and think “Oh … I want one.”

But then go “Holy crap! $60 for a throw pillow … is she insane?”

Windswept - Bay Horse Pillow throwpillow
Windswept – Bay Horse Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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And to that I would say “Yeah but these are uber huge designer pillows (20×20 inches) made by single moms and stuffed with awesomeness.” Plus that’s as cheap as I’m allowed to sell them for.

But I got your back my dear bloggie folk. (your welcome)

Zazzle tends to run sales with something like 30% off coffee mugs or 50% off magnets. They pretty much have a sale for something at all times. So just hang in there and perhaps eventually the items you’ve been dying to get will go on sale.

Kindred Spirits - Horse Herd Designer Pillow throwpillow
Kindred Spirits – Horse Herd Designer Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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Fort instance I bought several mugs and magnets yesterday that came out to half what they would normally run because of the sale so now I can actually sell them at the gallery for the same amount they go for on zazzle and I actually make a little extra.

At any rate the current code is: STPATTEESALE which is good for $5 off any St. Pat’s Day t-shirts now through the 8th. Just click on a pillow image and go browse through the imagination factory that is Zazzle.

Devotion - Mare & Foal Designer Pillow throwpillow
Devotion – Mare & Foal Designer Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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See I told you they were stuffed with awesomeness.
To view more horse pillows both with my designs and others you can visit my latest squidoo lens Horse Pillows

To view all of my horse pillows, other critter pillows and the approximately 120 other items I currently have for sale you can visit my Wild Faces Gallery Zazzle Store.

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