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Okay a year ago my gallery computer crashed and my home laptop was swept into service. As such my blogging came to an end since I had no real way of keeping up with it.

Lots of changes in the past year as well as coming up in the new year. I’ll get into that as it happens. So for today I’ll just do a start to finish on a piece I created this summer as a demo piece.

It’s called Dairy Queens and the original painting has sold but I do have paper prints, canvas prints and note cards available in my etsy store. 

Paper Prints of Cowgirls

 Canvas Prints

Cowgirls 5×7 inch blank Note cards

A goal for me this year was to get 400 listings in my etsy by the end of the year. I’m close and would probably have made it except we are having a scary chill down with highs in the -9 or so so I’m not leaving the farm for nothing until the 2nd.

The photo reference comes from an artist reference site which specifically asks not to be mentioned. The funny story though attached to this painting is one of the last events I did this year there was an artist 3 booths down with the same painting. Hanging in the same place that I has hung mine. So yes loads of commentary about it at the event. From what I’m told the other artist was rather put out by itg. I didn’t exactly like it part it’s just part of the deal when using public reference photos.



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Okay so I made us have a picture taken. At the last exhibition supposedly a photo was taken of the three actually dressed for the event but it was never shared with us by the gallery. So here we are again in our everyday clothes. Carol Herden on the left, Barb McGee in the middle and then me of course. The work was hung on Monday and will be showing until the end of December at The Octagon Art Center’s ground level gallery.



The ground level gallery is a small space but quite lovely (when not cluttered with our packing debris.) I do plan to take photos during the reception which is December 3rd from 5-7 weather permitting. I’m the closest at a little over 2 hours drive time. Barb and Carol are around 3 so even a hint of foul weather may mean we won’t show. So here’s hoping for a lovely day to celebrate some cow art in Iowa.


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So this is a very short start to finish since I created the piece rapidly and was “in the zone” so I didn’t stop for picture taking much. There is a minor distinction between the first and second photo. The first has just the base wash in and the second has the detail work in that area added.

We do have another “Cowgirls” show soon and I plan to try to get a couple more happy heifers added to my herd. But I am very much looking forward to creating some critters of a different species. Actually quite excited by the idea.  Cowgirls has sparked an interest in me to create a themed solo exhibit. I have one booked for 2016 but may go ahead and accept a solo show next time I’m asked instead of promoting the group show.

Hard tellin’ I suppose. I tend to be fickle in nature and mood.





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  • Event: Cowgirls Exhibiton
  • Where: Arts On Grand in Spencer, Iowa
  • When: Now until … tomorrow (yeah I know, I know)
  • Who: Mona Majorowicz, Barb McGee & Carol Herden

About The Show

Essentially Myself and two artist friends, Barb McGee (a painter) and Carol Herden (a sculptor and painter) got together and created this thing. Seemed like a fun thing to do and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Despite the fact that the three of us just did out own thing I think we pulled off a nice exhibit. Also please know that these photos were taken during the install and so the lighting is all wrong, but I didn’t bring my camera during the reception so this is all I’ve got.


Arts On Grand in Spencer did a wonderful job with the reception which featured cowboy inspired cuisine. We were interviewed by a few different sources and had some nice newspaper spreads about the show to boot.


Yes, I totally suck at this whole social media thing.


So the past few months have been just a whirlwind and the “Cowgirls” exhibit which you’ve all heard me talk about for a year and a half is actually up and running (for 2 whole weeks now) and yes I’m only just getting around to sharing the news. Heck I haven’t even posted anything on facebook. (I’m so bad at this social media stuff) But at least it’s not over yet. You’ve got until the … tomorrow to go see the show.

I promise to do better at the next showing which is scheduled at the Octagon Art Center in Ames, November 20th – December. After that I’m not sure.

The photo below was from the install, which is why I’m looking slightly more scruffy that I’d like. None of us thought to get a photo of the three of us during the reception. You know when we were not hot and sweaty from hauling, hanging and buffet binging at pizza ranch.


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I’ve no idea what kind of calf this is, it was not photographed in the US so that makes it even harder for me to guess. Anyone wanna take a guess because it just so far along it’s gotta be obvious … right?



Here it is just a tiny bit farther along. This one will be a little more on the realistic side but still part of the “Cowgirl Collection.” My goal is to finish her (or really darn close to it) this weekend which means taking it home at night and working on it at the house. But I’m kinda excited about it. I was drawn to her (though most likely it was a him) for the googly eye (of course) the spots, and also the coloration. As I get farther along* you’ll see what I mean. It’s actually very similar in color to the original “Cowgirl” painting that sorta started this all.

At some point I think I’m gonna get brave and try to create a piece done in that very watercolor wash style. (kinda like the muzzle area) I’ll have to try to control my urges for mark making and just let the loose softness carry me away. This would require me to put in a lot of forethought and be careful with my scribbles (see ear area) but I think I can do it.

… I think.

*Actually I am farther along there’s just a lag between me posting and what I get accomplished each day. As I write this her (yes I’m going with HER) head is pretty much done.

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No she isn’t done, I just happened to have the orange frame laying around. It’s actually rust colored so my color balance on this photo needs to be adjusted. (way … adjusted)So it (the frame) is how I based the cropping of her.

As the title indicates, she isn’t done but I have one week before the cowgirl show kicks off so I figure I need to do at least one more and two if the stars align. And then … I’ll go back in and finish her up. And if they don’t you ask? Well she may just go to the show like this.

An artist friend asked me “What happens if she sells?” without skipping a beat I’m like “Awesome!”

Sunday Sneak Peek Returns

So tomorrow I’ll post the piece I’m working on next. I’m kinda lovin’ her.

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ButtercupWIP1The early beginning of Buttercup the Charolais Heifer.

So right after I tell you I was away so long because of a death but I’m back now … well my father in law passed away. Well more correctly my ex-husbands father. With whom I was close. Even after the divorce Ray made it a point to tell me often he considered me his daughter and I would always be family. He always signed cards and gifts “Love Dad.” so … I took more time to ponder the brevity of life.

Who knew a year and a half could go by so quickly

I can’t believe I agreed to do this exhibit that long ago and it’s here in a blink of an eye. It was a good stretch for me to create an entire exhibit worth (or more accurately 1/3 of an exhibit) from scratch. I doubt I’d do it again though, but I for the most part thoroughly enjoyed the process.

The truth is this piece is very much close to done as I write this. Down to tweaking stage anyway and currently is even in a frame. The exhibition is in just a couple of weeks and I am beginning a new cow piece today. If I have time I’ll tweak her (meaning Buttercup here) before the show otherwise she’s going as is and I’ll tweak her after.

I left my camera at home or I would have taken a current photo so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or there-abouts)

I wonder …. after spending so much time working on a series, how does one stop? We have this exhibit scheduled elsewhere so even when this one gets under way I will still be making more to flush out the show. But eventually … I will have to stop … won’t I?

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18 x 22 inches Water Soluble Mixed Media on Suede

18 x 22 inches
Water Soluble Mixed Media on Suede

I’ve a ways to go but really 3 or 4 more hours aught to finish her up. I’m not sure if I’m like the fringy ear thing, but that’s how she was in the photo. After all my last cow painting of Rosy had fringy ears. I may change that to a more normal hairy ear.

You wanna know a secret?
Lulu is a Black Baldy. Or at least that’s what I’m saying. Lulu is in fact Rosy just a few moments before she turned her head and gave me the googly eyes that I painted in that portrait. I guess I like the whimsy of her expressive face to paint her twice.

Shhhh … tell no one!

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CalfWip1-800CalfWip2-800 CalfWip3-800 CalfWip4-800 CalfWip5-800 CalfWip6-800 WoolyBully800

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So with the loss of my sweet horse I just sorta kept my head down for awhile and focused on getting the Christmas orders out of my gallery. I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, but I think I’m getting back to feeling somewhat normal.

I’ve been adding the new cows to the website, though I haven’t got the last one up yet.


The Ol’ Switcharoo

This is Rosy and for those of you keeping track my last heifer I had listed as Rosey too. Well She is now Ruby and I think it suits her and I liked Rosy for this one. I began it around the time my horse started first getting sick, I worked on it off and on, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Still I do like the silly look. And while I’m not patting myself on the back over it, I am content with it.

The new Rosy has yet to be added to the website, but I should get her up very soon. I do plan to post a start to finish on at least one of the new cows (probably Wooly Bully) and plan to try to do a new critter painting which is something other than a cow. (gasp … I know right?)

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