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I just got an email from Karla Siebert the other day with the joyous news that Colton has been adopted. I am of course thrilled but a tiny piece of my heart went ooh as apparently I was harboring the secret that maybe someday he’d come to live with me and Chicory.

As much as I’d love to add a photo image to this post, alas at the moment I can’t access my photo files. Every now and again our server changes something and we can’t access stuff until my hubby goes in and fiddles with the settings. And since he’s gone until Wednesday expect no pictures until at least then. (Sigh)

Maybe we’ll all just have to be extra creative and use out imaginations . . . 🙂

Oh wait, here’s a Colton link.

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I’m doing a happy dance for Spring. I’m finding it v-e-r-y hard to stay indoors. Yesterday I came into the gallery early (for me that’s around 8 am) and worked until 2. Then gave my hubby a hug and a kiss and went home to play with my horse followed by an hours of mucking the barn.

I have worked a little on my painting. Got the background wash in and some areas almost completely done but just can’t get into it and the gallery is booked with several people for today and tomorrow.

AND THEN I run off to Minneapolis this weekend to hit the MN Horse Expo. (Me breaking into yet another equine inspired happy dance.) Of course the best part is a business trip so is totally deductible. Sa-weet.

Yeah I know I need to do some actual blogging here or you guys are gonna leave me. Maybe a good solution would get myself a laptop and blog out of doors. Hey that would be a business expense too.

I am totally brilliant.

Okay so maybe I’ll try to squeeze a little actual art talk in this post.

My question is
Has anyone written for Squidoo, Hubpages, About.com or any other site that pay for writing? What are your experience writing for them?

I have no plans of branching out from Squidoo but there has been a debate lately on Squidoo about the community and social aspects of the group influencing lensrankl which is the determining factor for payment based on Tier location.

I am working on a lens about inktense pencils and seen that Robert has written a Hubpage about them. So Robert any thoughts?

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Where I'm At

Okay it’s another blessed Sunday so yes, I am working hard at my giraffe painting. But no, I won’t post it again until it’s done.

You know whenever I begin the background I go through that moment of hating the painting and so I don’t plan to expose it again until I am back to being contented with it. Hopefully that will be in the next few days.

Did you notice the grass is growing?

As Spring is here I’ve been busy (busy=distracted from my art) doing yard stuff and getting the horse (ever so slowly) onto pasture.

Chicory usually greets me with a hearty nicker and and meets me at the fence every morning. But a couple of days back he was staring wistfully out into the pasture while being completely silent. I said “Hey Handsome” and fully expected him to come over for our morning meet and greet. But he continued to keep his head facing outward. Sneaky like though he rolls one eye and ear in my direction (You know to make sure I’m paying attention) then resumes his wistfully gazing while continuing to ignore me. As I start walking into the barn he turns and follows me with a heavy sigh that says “So did you notice the grass is growing?”

So yesterday his wish came true for a couple of hours anyway. I’m hoping to have him fully converted to pasture by next Friday as I’m leaving for Minneapolis for a framing convention/Horse expo extravaganza then. (Whoohoo!)

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Creature Comforts -Work In Progress
20 x 22
watercolor pencil on suede board

Getting close to done here. One or two more quiet afternoons should see it wrapped up. The left body leg is just washed in and I need to add a couple more legs and a tail as well as the background. I’m thinking a sage green background that bleaches out as it goes up.

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Well . . . I don’t turn 30. That happened quite awhile ago. But I have officially published 30 lenses. Amazing considering my goal at the first of the year was to get to 20. And then when I flew past that, I changed it to do 20 (I had 7 from the previous year.) But I blew past that and I haven’t even broken a sweat.

Initially I thought I’d never have enough ideas for the 50 some lenses required to become a Giant. But new ideas are constantly flowing. In fact after my last blog post on remarques I did a Squidoo search and found no lenses about them. So I nabbed a URL and started one.

Side Note: Now if I was speaking to you I would have said “nabbed an Earl.” because it’s so much easier than saying U.R.L. plus it makes my husband roll his eyes at me and my computer illiterate bumpkin-ness. And that gives me pleasure. 🙂

Okay I kinda got off course there. At any rate I know once the art fair season starts my lens building (much like everything else) will probably come to a screeching halt. So as long as I have ideas I’ll keep building. That direct deposit in my account each month (which keeps getting bigger) will be extra sa-weet when I’m knee deep in other stuff and the lenses still keep earning me cash.

So here’s the latest lenses.

How To Build Your Own Photo Reference Library

Organizing Your Photo Reference Library

The African Wildlife Artwork Of Wild Faces Gallery

My Favorite Horse Movies

The Zen Horse: An Art Series

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Almost There With The Giraffe Painting

Sunday Painting Progress
Back to work on my art. I have quite a lot of gallery business at the moment and I really have trouble shifting from business thinking to artsy thinking. So I’m always grateful for a quite Sunday to work on my art. Oddly enough, though writing is a creative endeavor I can work easily on my Squidoo pages while working at the business. So maybe that means for me it’s more business than art. huh?

In case your wondering the left head belongs to the right body. And the right head has yet to have it’s body added. Kinda like safari critter version of Twister. The legs just have the base color washed in. Maybe just maybe I’ll get some work in on her tomorrow.

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Remarque-able Art

I don’t often draw remarques on my prints though I do on occasion. I think the last one I did was like 3 or 4 years ago.

This particular print is being sold to a local business woman who is buying it as a gift for another local business woman. She had seen the image in the latest issue of Apples ‘n Oats and fell in love. Both women know about art and understand that a remarque makes it special so I went ahead and did a quick little sketch. I did a couple of practice runs on a separate piece of paper since I’m not really used to drawing so small. Plus I can’t erase at all while drawing on the print so it really has to be pretty much correct from the get go.

While this isn’t the most fabulous remarque I’ve done, I still think it adds a little something. Also forgive the color in the upper photo it is totally inaccurate. I had to push the gamut in order to get the pencil to show at all. The mat is actually a lovely blue gray marble.

Remarks on Remarques
And just in case you aren’t familiar with remarques, here what the Art History section of About.com has to say.


(noun) – A remarque is a small, personalized drawing or symbol that an artist adds (near his or her signature) on a print. The presence of a remarque increases the print’s value.

Originally, remarques were remarks made, in pencil, that identified the various stages a printing plate went through while in the process of being finalized. Whistler seems to have pioneered making remarques desirable to collectors, particularly in the case of his “butterfly” mark.

Nowadays, a remarque is primarily a “value-added” option for print collectors – meaning: You can have an artist’s remarque added to your graphic edition, if you care to shell out some more money. (Unless, of course, the artist is a personal friend, or owes you a favor.)

Coming Up:

I’m back to working on the giraffe painting so should have more wips shortly, more lenses have been launched and a final post on what to pack for art fairs.

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I know I’ve been away for a bit. Thursday I went and picked up my artwork from the Red Rock Art Center. I was invited to lunch from someone who had seen the show a couple of days before and she and I had corresponded almost 2 years ago via etsy so was interesting. Sue Koons and I have quite a bit in common. Also I managed to take some longhorn cattle photos after lunch, so all in all it was a great day.

Friday I ran to Des Moines Iowa with a friend and hit a botanical center (yup took more pics) and The Art Store for some much needed stock replenishment of art supplies.

And then of course this was Easter weekend so I kinda took some time off from everything. I’m reading the House of Night series which is yet another teeny-bopper vampire coming of age series. Frankly if there hadn’t already been 6 books published I doubt I would have got into it because each book is like a month or so in the lives of the fledgling vamps. So slow going in story line. On the other hand I am totally enjoying the simple read as much as I did the twilight series. (okay, okay stop judging me!)

But (in theory) I’m back now. And yesterday Monday I got the pleasant surprise that a lens of mine The African Wildlife Artwork Of Wild Faces Gallery was reviewed on the Squidoo Lense Review Blog. Very cool and I’m totally flattered by the nice stuff she wrote about me. ANd in case you’re curious there is some older artwork that hasn’t been seen on either the blog or my website.

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