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Farewell 2011

2011 Was A Hard Year… A Very Hard Year.
So tonight we say farewell to 2011 and wake in the morning to 2012 (aka year of the apocalypse.)

I won’t miss much about 2011. As most of you know and many have guessed my husband asked for a divorce several months back. Though perhaps not totally unexpected it did totally rock my world.

I threw myself a rather big pity party … you know the usual, feeling betrayed and thrown away. If it weren’t for all of the support I got from my family and friends I’m sure I would have suffered much more than I did. I won’t dwell on this … it just represents much of a lost year for me.

It has been 8 months since I’ve created any art (unless you count my doodles) and for awhile I feared I might not get back to it. I’ve always considered myself a furiously happy person and that too was snuffed out for awhile. I still laughed easily but the actual joy part was missing. Again I feared I actually lost part of myself. And I think for awhile I did.

But I think … I think … I’m back. I don’t doubt there’ll be more tears but I am more at peace with things now. More accepting. More ready to move forward and face the future. I’m not 100% yet but 2012 is not looking bleak.

I plan to march into it with open arms and offer myself to whatever comes. Because I’m a warrior ninja princess (yeah that’s right) and I can do this!

So in light of this philosophy this year I am once again setting some goals for myself. I didn’t last year and just look what happened! (Oh the horror!) But I’m keepin’ it simple. You know kinda easing myself back into the land of the living.

2012 Goals

* Do at least one horse painting for Apples n’ Oats. I know right? (keepin’ the bar attainable guys) That is if my beloved editor hasn’t completely given up on me.

* Seriously Look Into Zazzle and/or Cafe Press I opened a Zazzle account today and will play just as soon as I can figure how to get logged in. 🙂

* Create more than just the one horse painting … thought I better stick that in.

* Make 100 new squidoo pages This is my reaching goal. I’ve been on squidoo for many years and haven’t made even 200 pages yet. But in the last year I’ve made about 75 so doable with effort. My squidoo payout for Feb should be over $600. My plan keep building pages until I get a substantial return on them that relieves any money worries. It’ll take more than another 100 pages but just keep plugging along.

* Enjoy my life again. Play more with my critters. Spend more time outdoors

So that’s about it. Not any earthshaking moves but I’ve had enough of earth shaking for awhile.

So how about you all? Any New Years goals … artistic or otherwise?

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Fa La La La La … La La la la.

Merry Christmas Ya’ll from the Boodster and me.

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Coming Home (purple Cows)
10×22 image
Oil Pastel On Watercolor Paper

I guess since I’m not creating new work at least I can make prints of some older works. It comes in two sizes. One full size to the original and one smaller matter to fit 10×17.

So without further ado… Coming Home. It comes in two sizes. One full size to the original and one smaller matter to fit 10×17.

You can check it out in its various incarnations at Coming Home Purple Cows)

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Bazinga … My new favorite word.

I shared a hotel room a few events back with a very dear artist friend of mine who said that she loved watching The Big Bang Theory. Having only DirectTV with no local channels I hadn’t heard of this show until it became syndicated. Now Connie’s work ethic makes me look like a lay-about so if she says she stops and leaves her studio to go watch this show … well I was intrigued.

It took me a couple of times of watching to get into to it but now I can pretty much watch show after show and giggle like a school girl. Yeah I know I’m like a decade behind everyone else but I get there eventually.

An Actual Art Related Show
So now that my Project Runway has ended there is that creative void where a television show should be. I have started watching the new season of A Work Of Art (last year I did a show by show commentary on the series) but this year I really can’t get into it too much. I tend to have it and another show (Umm …. Big Band Theory) running at the same time and surf back and forth between them during BBT commercials.

They are just too far off my artistic world for me to not just shake my head at their antics. Basically it’s like if you can BS your way through the critique you may win. The show seems to drag out the most base, obvious and stereotypical thoughts of what artists are.

So anywho a recent episode did catch my attention … the “artists” were to create artwork to sell on the street and whoever made the most money could not be eliminated. The lack of creativity was astounding … several made t-shirts that they spray painted stencils on, one made construction paper feather crowns (you know like in grade school), one sold nude photos of herself with her secrets written on it (guess how well she did selling her work – men couldn’t throw the money at her fast enough) and lastly one woman (who is the one I’m hoping to win since she seems like a real artist and not just a poser) did several delicate illustrative (and yes some had sexual content) watercolors pieces. And when she sold out she did on the spot portraits.

I am gratified and relieved to say she made the most money and won that day’s competition even over naked girl. Not by much mind you, but still … true artistic expression can win out in the end.

So Anybody watching this seasons A Work Of Art?

In case your not familiar with BBT (I feel like I had to be the only one) Sheldon is such a nerdy straight man that when he makes a joke he’s so straight no one knows when he’s making it. So he says Bazinga to let people know. He also uses it for other things and I just love the way it sounds. I can be quite the child sometimes.

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SO here’s my booth at Thieves and yes it does pretty much look like last years and the year before that because I am blessed enough to get the same location every year since I’ve been doing the event since the dawn of time for like 10 years. This event is held in a lovely historic building which has all sorts of hallways and antichambers which they stick artists into. The event is small enough that most people see every single vendor but when you are in an off shoot room you and then walk into the main room there is a real patron density difference.

I paid my dues to get to the main room as I have been in the off rooms when I started, then during restoration and flooding I still did the event even when it was held in a mall downtown and then got to return to the Union Memorial. Frankly every time I think of NOT doing the event I fear giving up my primo booth spot as it is in the main room and one of the few corner locations.

But this year it was worth my trip. The weather was good. And by good I mean it didn’t blizzard and cover the world in 6 inches of frozen ice. It did however rain while unloading but all things considered I can live with that.

Sales were okay. Frankly the way the last few events went my expectations were way down so it was nice to be pleasantly surprised with actual sales that gave me a little pocket money when all was said and done.

What I Like About Thieves Market.
* With 100 artists it is large enough to draw a crowd but small enough that you don’t have a lot of competition in your genre.

* Indoor (Whoohoo!)

* Iowa City usually has a nice crowd for both of the art events I do there.

* Parking ramp next door for close artist parking.

* Iowa House Hotel offers discounted rates and so you can stay right in the same building as the event. The rooms are pretty much dorms so expect no luxury but most artists think a bed and a toilet is luxury enough.

What I Don’t Like
* The past two years there’s been no friday setup so you got to be there by 5-6am in order to get setup in time.

* Artist Parking for loading and unloading is extremely (shockingly, horrifyingly, stupendously) limited. And the cops hangout just waiting to give out the tickets. Yes I got one a few years ago and I know several artists who have garnered one or more parking tickets from trying to unload.

* Load in and out are horrendous. There is one ramp which you can cart your stuff for a fairly long distance or you tote it all up and down some stairs. I know a few artists that refuse to do this event just because the loading is such a bear.

* No food perks though this is not something I really care about. Most event offer coffee and doughnuts but there is nothing here. However there is a cafe and a snack shop within feet of the event so you won’t go hungry.

A big hug to everybody who stopped by and said Hi!

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Yes I am alive and yes I will post something “real” soon. When I got home from the last art event (or as I like to call it “The Last Hurrah”) it was a flurry of gallery work and then I ran up to MN for a couple of days and spent time with a friend.

I know right? I bet ya’ll thought I was chained to this gallery night and day. Well … almost.

But I’m back baby and despite being Sunday I worked it like any other day because … well I ran off for awhile so I gotta make it right. But soon … I promise my sweets I will make a real post, full of real content (and perhaps proper punctuation and fewer spelling errors) that might actually have meaning for some of those among you. 🙂


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So I’m feeling all Whoohoo! and Ah Crap at the same time.

Today I leave for Theives Market in Iowa City, Iowa. For those who might be interested, it’s held in the Union Memorial on Sat. and Sun. This is a small holiday show but I have been doing it so long that I can’t seem to stop. Somehow my art fair season isn’t officially over until I do Theives. So I’ll see ya all on the back side.

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Puzzles are a great family activity or simply a nice quiet way to spend an evening. With the holidays coming I created several holiday inspired puzzle pages. So if you’re a puzzle person … check ’em out.

click for larger image

Christmas Red 1000+pc Jigsaw Puzzle by George Kovach

Santa Puzzles
As the name suggest this page is choked full of Santa Puzzles of every shape, size and difficulty level.

These are perfect for stocking stuffers, a holiday family project or pretty much anyone on your Christmas list.

There are classic and vintage images as well as newer and more modern Santa puzzles. There’s sure to be one for every taste.

As a kid my grandma always had a puzzle out for the holidays that anybody could sit down to work on. It still holds many fond memories. So check out the Christmas themed as well as other puzzle lenses listed below and create some happy memories of your own.

Christmas Puzzles
Christmas Village Puzzles
Religious Puzzles
Snowman Puzzles
Angel Puzzles
Coca Cola Puzzles
Fairy Puzzles
Horse Puzzles
Gothic Fantasy Art Puzzles
Horse Puzzles For Kids

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