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So they have been hanging at the new hospital in Sioux Center Iowa in the cafeteria for the past 3 months and yesterday Barb and I ran down to pick them up. Hospitals are often looking for new art exhibitions but I rarely partake of them. Most showings in hospitals (for me at least) don’t have sales though striking up a relationship isn’t a bad plan of action. Sometimes when they do go out for permanent art you might be one of them that they call.  I had a showing at the Mayo clinic like a decade ago which was excellent and did sell multiple works as well as resulted in people coming to the gallery to buy. But none the less, on the whole I usually avoid them.

On the other hand…

It beats having them sitting in the gallery in the middle of an Iowa winter too. The liaison was a delight which is no surprise as she was an artist too and I do like how they look on the green wall. We over packed the space just a little though.

I wonder what everyone thought about being watched by a couple dozen cows as they ate their roast beef lunches. Which BTW is why I have such a Buddha belly in the photo. I just has some a big lunch of roast beef with taters and salads. Yum.

Okay soon I’ll carry on with my diatribe on diabetes. Next post probably.


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IsabellDaisy800This is not something I struggle with. In fact I would go so far as to say it’s my ability to focus that has allowed me to take my art into a business. But of late I’m having a hard time working on one idea and seeing it through to the end.

It started shortly after Christmas. I drew out several ideas for paintings one after the other only to not take them to the next stage. Again can’t say that I have ever done this. I draw something, then add color and finish it to either sell or burn but I go through all the steps. Then get inspired and draw again. But this time I’d draw something, get it exactly where I wanted it and then went “Meh. What I really want to do is this other thing!”

I finally got to the adding color stage with “Daisy”  I worked on her for quite some time but then drew out Isabell while still working on Daisy. I set Daisy aside and began adding color to Izzy but then I came across this cheetah photo (a critter that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time) and I’m like “I better hurry up and finish Izzy so I can work on this cheetah!” meanwhile Daisy is not yet done.

So where it stands now is … Daisy close to done. Isabell more than 3/4 done. Cheetah drawing nearly complete.

But …

then I woke up this morning with visions of bunnies in my head.


I don’t know if it has just been such a long haul and now that I have time to create it’s like the floodgates have opened and I rush off on every wild idea (or is it wild bunny … wild hare?) that passes my fancy.

For now the girls are gonna get set aside and I’ll begin my cheetah. The bunnies … well they’ll just have to wait.


Anyone else ever have this problem?

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