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So Budda was recently given a new toy.Image

At first he smelled it … because it came from a house of kitties. Then he decided he must kill the brown fluffy thing.


Ooh so fluffy. Die fluffy … Die!!!!!

Then he drug the entire toy all over the gallery like a lion on the serengeti¬† with it’s gazelle kill.


And then he rested.


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So I am uploading my final adjustments to my Kirk painting and I find this mysterious photo.


Perhaps it’s best if I don’t leave my cat and my camera alone together.

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So here’s what I got so far. Trying for that hyper realism thing but still sneaking in periwinkle where ever I can.

Me and my new digital camera have yet to come to terms. I have no idea why it photographs my art like it is under an inch of coffee. I have it set for easy mode which in theory means my camera should be doing all the thinking. Well I’m not liking what it’s thinking. Even after major photoshop adjustments it is still too yellow.

Hm … maybe I better read the handbook.

On the plus side it shoots Budda in all his glorious detail while he assists in the painting photography fiasco.

Next post
I’ll tell you a little about the horse.

Here’s a teaser. He likes peppermints and beer … though probably not together.

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Budda Keeping His "Tenders" Warm

It was a long day of drymounting photos and Budda was right in there with me helping.

That thing he’s laying on is a drymount press which heats up to 200 degrees. The surface is quite warm (though not dangerously so) and the perfect place for a fat cat to warm in tender parts.

Problem is I keep making him move every 15 minutes or so to replace the photo being mounted. Somehow he managed to nap in between though.

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So Budda isn’t really one to read children’s books but since he has some young siblings on the farm he thought he would peruse a few and has come across this delightful series starring Sunshine the cat. The books feature Sunshine in photos and rhyme as she searches for her lost mousy toy.

Now every cat knows that mousy toys are wily little critters and often have a habit of disappearing. Budda tends to find his throwing some sort of secret meeting under the couch.

Budda thinks these are fun books for parents to read aloud and a real joy for any animal lover.

click for larger image

Where Is Your Mousey?

The author Audrey Simonson is local to Iowa and has written several books featuring Sunshine and her friends.

Here’s a sampling from the book Oh, No … Not Again!.which is part of a trilogy of books about Sunshine and her mousy toy.

Sunshine, the cat, just loved her yarn “Mouse.”
But, she kept losing that “Mouse” somewhere in the house.

Well, it’s lost once again.
We don’t know just when.

She’s looking just like an orange, furry grouch!

To learn more about Audrey Simonson and her books please visit her website.
You can also purchase her books from this site at a lesser price than amazon.

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click for larger image

FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge

So it is once again that time of year when the household pets start shedding their coats. The ironic (and by ironic I mean crazy making) part is that our in-house critters have double coats, so they have twice the hair (that they don’t need) to stay warm indoors during winter.

You may remember last year when I developed the BuddaBox (patent pending folks …. back off!) as a way to deal with the pet hair problem. But as of yet we are still in the developmental stages so this year we invested in a shedding comb. (Though mine is purple. When given the option to buy almost any item if it’s offered in purple I get it. If it sparkles or has glitttery dangles … even better)

So recently when the cat hair tumbleweeds were blowing romantically across the gallery room floor (and we started gacking up hair balls almost as much as the cat) we (and by we, I mean my hubby) started using the comb daily on Budda.

Here’s the thing, pet hair is bad in a gallery. It’s bad for both the picture framing side of the business as well as the printing side. Nothing is more frustrating than printing out a big print only to see a cat hair has caused the ink to splatter or some such thing. So something had to be done.

The shedding combs work two ways:
1. They remove already loose hair
2. They have a blade that actually cuts longer hair.

Because of the blade you need to make sure your animal is clean before using it or it will dull the blade. On the rare occasion (as in the one time) we used it on Cisco we washed her first. But for Budda we just go with the thought that the cat is already “clean.”

Now I want to be very clear I am thrilled when hubby takes an interest in grooming the critters. (It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing) But I think perhaps the old adage all things in moderation may well apply here.

As the days passed Budda seemed to be losing his markings. I’m thinking he looks kinda weird but figured no one else would notice.

Turns out the type of folks who come into a critter art gallery tend to notice when a critters coat looks weird also.

Customer: Ah … is there something wrong with Budda?

No why?

r Oh … well his hair looks a little strange.

And then I explain the thorough grooming he has been receiving lately and that his weird hair is just his downy undercoat because his longer guard hairs have been shaved off.

After a few more customer comments we have stopped grooming the cat. I am happy to report he has his marking back already and look quite normal now. On the plus side we really did cut waaaaaay back on the cat hair that was floating about the shop.

I wonder what our dog Cisco would look like if we used the shedder comb on her?

Okay, I’m sure this is not the advertising promotion the Furminator folks had in mind for their product. But it really does work well.

We do Cisco with a traditional brush because I’m way too lazy to bathe her every time I want to brush her, especially since I am brushing her daily. But if we did, here’s what she’d look like.

Oh yeah, the Furminator folks should totally pay me for this free advertising and testimonial don’t ya think?

You’re welcome Furminator company.

And Now For Something Unrelated … Me On A Marker High
Here’s one last drawing since it was a really slow gallery day. (So take note, all those who don’t want to see this kind of blog horrors again be sure to keep my gallery full of business at all times)

My hubby for Christmas two years back bought me a large set of scented markers. Ah brings back so many memories as a kid sniffing markers in kindergarten.

Note: One eye is bigger than the other because I’m on a marker high and my eyes are dilated.

UPDATED: PETA people no animal was harmed in the making of this blog post. All before and after photos are dramatic recreations designed to protect the innocent. Now if I was letting Budda sniff markers that might be something else.

: Okay okay, I let him sniff a couple. I mean come on … the red smells like cherry kool-aide. Who can resist cherry kool-aide? The yellow smells like pledge though. Frankly if I wanted to smell that, I’d just dust more often.

UPDATED YET AGAIN: (last time I promise.) You know I bet if pledge made cherry kool-aide scented furniture polish (or licorice or chocolate) they would sell a bunch more product (I know I would) and America would be far more dust free.

Just sayin.

You’re welcome Pledge company.

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A Cat Of Many Hats
So it’s been a little while since Budda the literary scholar has sat down and dictated a book review to me. I’m sure you all have missed his witty commentary and helpful advice column. But happily Budda has decided to once again don his hat of literary genius. It is of course only one of many hats which include the all important job of gallery greeter, husband and child entertainer, stress reductionist, massage therapist and advice columnist just to name a few. He also conducts wine tasting clinics in his free time.

So What’s Budda Reading Now?
We had just finished reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen last week after I had told him about the movie he insisted he get the opportunity to peruse it’s pages. (Alas theaters frown on cats in the audience … some people are so speciest.) Budda very much enjoyed the book especially the parts involving the lions and panthers. He rated it 3 out of 4 paws up. The book varied from the movie in a million small ways that made me wonder why they bothered to change things. The important difference being the movie combined two bad guy characters into one which made sense to me in an effort to streamline the storyline.

click for larger image

Water for Elephants: A Novel

Story Synopsis
Young Jacob Jankowski is just a final exam away from graduating from Cornell as a Veterinarian. His parents die unexpectedly in a car accident and Jacob finds himself left with nothing. The story is set during the depression and Jacob’s father had been accepting food or whatever in exchange for payment coupled with the fact that his parents has mortgaged everything to send Jacob to Cornell meant Jacob has no money, prospects or home. Disheartened he just starts walking away from everything he has known. In the middle of the night a train goes rumbling by and he hops aboard. It’s not until later does he learn it’s a circus train filled with an odd assortment of people and run by a scary and corrupt owner. Jacob falls for the head act Marlena who does a liberty show with horses. Unfortunately for Jacob Marlena is married to his new boss, the menagerie man who has fits of ruthlessness and violence.

Ape House by Sara Gruen
Having finished Water for Elephants Budda wanted to further explore the work of Sara Gruen and so has now begun Ape House. He has not yet finished the story but it has started off with a bang. (literally) Budda found it interesting that the author did much of her research, not to mention studied linguistics and a system of lexigrams in order to communicate directly with the Bonobos living at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines Iowa.

click for larger image

Ape House: A Novel

Story Synopsis
Isabel works with a small group of Bonobo chimps in a language research facility. These animals are her family and her life’s work. The ape’s understand English quite well and American Sign Language (ASL) as well as their own complex vocalization language which is clearly far more advanced than previously understood. The lab is blown up by animal activists who think that terrible experiments are being performed on the chimps. Isabel is badly hurt in the explosion and the chimps are then captured and sold and later show up on a reality TV show which becomes a huge success. Frantic Isabel needs help.them and has no idea what how to do it. With the help of a reporter named John who will risk everything to help, a green haired animal rights activist, and a retired porn star (we haven’t got to this part yet so no idea how she plays into this whole saga) they hope to solve the mystery of who’s really behind this and how to save the bonobos.

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Alternate Universes Aren't Meant To Meet.

Last Sunday since Mike was gone, I thought I’d bring in Cisco to the gallery with me. She and Budda do okay together though I would never leave them alone for extended periods of time. Cisco pretty much ignores cats, but Budda might have other ideas. And frankly Cisco takes no guff from a mere cat.

Budda finds her fascinating in a sort of repulsed way. He thinks of Cisco as the anti-Budda. She exists in a different world than he. An alternate or parallel universe if you will. He knows she exists because we come in every day smelling of her, but he prefers not to give it too much thought. Budda likes to think the laws of physics should be applied here and that two realities should never meet.

And yet sometimes they do.

So here’s Budda keeping an eye on the dog, while the dog is completely unaware.

Yet Another Challenge Lens, this was all about Cisco. I thought I’d plug it since I don’t think I’ve mentioned her much on the blog before.
My Dog Cisco: A Day In The Life Of A Retired Farmer Dog

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Furry Issues

I’ve gone from Fur In The Paint, To Fur In The Paper, to Fur In The Everything.
Well the Budda is slimming down for summer. And by “slimming down” I mean dropping about 5 pounds of fur daily. It is everywhere. Rolling along the floor like some some bizarre cat induced tumbleweeds, sticking onto and into any fabric items, or floating like wispy snow flakes through the air. I often find a random hair in my mouth, up my nose or even less pleasant places. How can one little cat drop so much hair?

He is a double coated cat (as are nearly all of our barn cats) so we know this is what happens every spring. But somehow it is always a shock. The quantity is a bit mind boggling and even the vacuum cleaning is beginning to groan. It’s not like he doesn’t get brushed regularly. He does. And we even have a shedding comb that takes off enough hair to create a sweater with matching booties for an average sized Chihuahua. Despite all of these efforts there’s still more.

The Allure Of Belly Fur

We had a friend stop at the gallery and scoop up Budda for a cuddle. (Which Budda really appreciated because Mike and I had been ignoring his pleas for attention. Mike was working with the printer and I was shrinkwrapping prints. Both jobs where additional cat hair is not a plus.) I warned her about the “shedding issue” and she poo-pooed it and rubbed her face in his belly fur. (Honestly his belly fur is particular hard to resist rubbing your face in. It’s bunny soft and frankly how many cats not only let you, but “like to” have your face on their tummies?)

Well for the next 20 minutes and the rest of our conversation, she was wiping her face at phantom hairs.

Furry inventions (sort of)
Feeling badly about not giving Budda nearly as much attention and cuddles as he’s used to, Mike and I pondered a cat holding smock. Something to put on in order to cuddle the kitten and remove when done. This seemed like a pretty straight forward idea but lacked any real defense against the “floaters.”

Upon more serious discussion, we then came up with the idea of some sort of hermetically sealed box where you put your hands through the gloves to pet the cat. Thus containing all the cat hair that is set free from said petting. We dubbed it The Cat Cuddler (trumpets sound) aka The Budda Box

In the end we decided we’d continue to do as we have done, which is cuddle the cat at the end of the day. At least until his fur issue is brought under control. None-the-less we claim all rights to this idea. So I don’t want to see a bunch of cat boxes popping up in pet supply chains. You know I’ll be watching for them.

Note: I imagine The Cat Cuddler is “technically” not hermetically sealed sine it has air holes. Hmmm . . . I may have to do some rethinking on that.

The Cat CuddlerAlso Known As The Budda Box.

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As a long time gallery cat, Budda has generously agreed to answers your art and/or cat related questions around the first of every month.

Dear Mr Budda,
My cat, Miss Priss is always washing herself. If she’s really that dirty shouldn’t I help out by bathing her?
Signed All Washed Up

Dear All Washed Up
No. I suggest you let your cat bathe herself, or else her hair will stick to your tongue, something wicked.

Dear The Budda,
I am an art student and my instructor says that I have kissing issues. Since I’m not sure what that means, how do I avoid kissing?
Signed The Puckered Painter

Dear Puckered,
Well when my human looks like she is about to plant one on the top of my head I usually put my feet on her chin, lock my legs, close my eyes and twist my face away while mentally screaming “No. . . for the love of God, nooooooo!.” and then . . .

Oh wait. I bet your instructor was referring to kissing in the artistic sense.

Kissing as it applies to art is where one object touches (or almost touches) another object or the edge of artwork. In general kissing is seen as a novice mistake but many professional “kiss” intentionally. . . and sometimes not. To avoid kissing simply make any connections between objects (or the edge of the artwork) solid and into said object deeper than it’s edge. As with all rules, first you must learn them before you start breaking them.

As always, those of you who are googling for enlightenment . . . this ain’t it.

Dear Mr Budda,
I’ve noticed that once a genre’ becomes popular, for instance around here Tuscan scenes and wine bottles are all the rage, it seems that many artists quite doing what they do and start to paint the current trend.

Why do so many artists do this instead of creating work that is true to who they are?
Signed Wide-Eyed Wonderer

Dear Wonderer,
I don’t know why $ome arti$t$ paint the late$t fad. But I re$pect their right to do $o. And $o $hould you.

Note: these “questions” were based on search terms that brought people to my blog. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Budda is currently working hard (well, as hard as any cat works) on a special Ask The Budda: Halloween Edition. If anyone has any questions they’d like to submit for Budda’s review, you are all welcome to do so. Just leave a comment here or contact me directly

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