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Lambs Framed

Okay, so now that I have framed them up, they have really grown on me. I did them different than my other handmade papers primarily because I used a frame I had in stock since we leave today for Omaha. It’s a perfect fit, just a little larger than I would use had I framed it as the others.

We’ll be back on Monday. Wish me good weather . . . better yet great sales. πŸ™‚

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Oil Pastel Lambs on Handmade Paper

Twins – 10 1/2 x 13
Oil Pastel on handmade paper
Copyright by Mona Majorowicz

Okay, so here they are in all their revolting cuteness. They have a rather nasty gray green color in my raw scan (shown here) that doesn’t exist in real life. The painting actually has lovely pastels of yellow, pink, green and blue in the shadow areas. I swear if they got anymore Easteresque, they would have to come with their own bag of candy. At least to my credit, I stopped short by not adding clover and butterflies.

All I can say for myself is apparently I needed a little of the Too Cute, or they wouldn’t have turned out this way. I bravely posted the finished painting to remind myself what can happen when doing baby animals that are too cute by nature. So please, dear readers, when next I say something like . . . I think I’ll do some baby bunnies, little duckies or romping kittens. You’ll remind me of this moment. All you’ll have to say is “remember the lamb incident.”

Hmmm. Maybe I should make Easter cards with image? Always thinking about marketing.

Personal Note: Since I have spent soooo much time talking about marketing, I thought I should mention the content of this post is NOT how you sell a painting. Never, (ever, ever) talk like this about your own work. I pondered whether I should even write this, but it amused me to do so. Plus, I rarely take myself too seriously.

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Here’s my progress thus far on my lambs. Still not liking the cute thing, but what am gonna do about it? I put down brown paper so when I color the deckled edges I don’t completely mess up my drafting table.

These lambs are from our first year crop of lambs. A few years after we moved to Iowa we decided we needed to raise some livestock and we thought sheep were the critters for us.

We bought about a dozen ewe lambs of mixed heritage and let them mature fully. We like to think of our critters health in terms of the long haul, and waiting a little longer to breed them was they way to go. So when the time finally came, we went shopping for a ram. Since we had so few ewes, and since we intended to keep the ewe lambs, we picked out an older (cheaper) ram, which we would replace the following season.

He was a handsome stately gentleman, whom we named Chester. (why? Mike liked the sound of it. And of course β€œHe just looks like a Chester.”) Chester was gentle, and there was nothing bully-like in his behavior at all. (You know, what you actually picture a ram’s personality to be.)

Well the girls loved him. He was always surrounded by two or three ewes, nuzzling his nose and ears, leaning against him and just in general following him around like a bunch of groupies. They never gave him a moments rest.

A few short weeks later we found him dead in the paddock. No coyotes or anything noticeable as to why he died. So we just surmised it was old age. Chester had done his job though. Every ewe had at least one lamb.

The following season we got a new younger ram. The girls wanted no part of him. He was course where Chester was gentle. He harassed them while Chester just let them come to him. It was then that it dawned on us that perhaps the girls had just sexed Chester to death. I mean he was older, but they really just kept after him the whole time. Nothing rough, just always gently touching him and surrounding him, grinning and winking.

Not sure if there is a moral here. Maybe, guys be kind to the ladies and you’ll get all the nookie you can handle? Hmm. Probably not appropriate comment for my g-rated blog huh? All I know is we never got another ram who the ewes like half as well as Chester. And oddly enough in the many years that followed, we never liked any other ram half as well either.

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Well I am back to working on my lambs. They are coming along well enough. The photo here is (as usual) not so great. It is missing all the subtle soft color changes that I worked so hard on, and is making the colors transitions look harsh.

They are just a little too cute for my taste. I don’t really do cute. Yet somehow I am struggling to keep them from becoming even more cute. They are just about Easter card material as it is. Not sure what my problem is, other than doing baby animals lends itself to cute. (Sigh) I suppose the good news is, that by being cute they will pretty much be sure to be popular.

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Technology Woes

Another busy day at the gallery, in fact I came home for Supper and am returning at 7pm to meet another customer. Since I live in the boonies most people have to drive a distance to come here. Anywho, I had better make this brief.

So at 4 this afternoon I sit down to the computer to put the finishing touches to my latest business post (a two parter) and my file won’t open. A loud annoyaning horn like sound hinks at me, followed by a read error message. Aaargh! I eject the cd, looks fine and try again. Nothing. I close the file and start from the beginning. Again nothing. I have to force myself to stop trying to open the file. I mean if it did work the first three times it probably isn’t going to work on the 4th, right? So I call my computer genius of a husband hoping he can perform some sort tecki guru of miracle. I’ll spare you the conversation but he mildly mocked me for not saving my work on the hard drive and let it be known that all my hard work is lost and gone forever. (Heavy sigh, some weeping and wringing of hands.)

Okay, so it’s not really that bad. But it did have multiple posts near completion, plus many ideas and random thoughts. I better quit talking about it or I’ll work myself into a state.

So all you get today is a basic lamb drawing. The top piece of paper is my initial drawing on handmade paper. As I mentioned before, this stuff is delicate and as I was finishing up my drawing I TORE it. So I took some tracing paper and traced it off (the left most image) and then redrew (by tracing over the image on the tracing paper) onto the new sheet of handmade paper. This technique leaves no pencil lines, but you can still see the indentions well enough to work it. (Of course, you don’t see anything in the photo.)

You ever have one of those days?

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