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Been awhile since I did one of these. Merely a progression of the Work In Progress shots of this piece. Always kinda fun to see ’em in one strip. Now that I’m getting to the finishing end of my current piece I really need to get the prints of this one done. Not to mention … my first art fair is like 5 weeks away (gasp!)

ZebraWip1_600ZebraWip3ZebraWip3_600Zebra Painting in progressZebraWip5_600

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Wild Things

Wild Things
– vibrant zebra montage
17 1/2 x 40
water soluble ink and Neopastel II on suede board.

So here they are. Yes there is still a couple of tweaks needing to be done. But truly at the end of what needs to be done. I have pulled off the protective film that was covering the background so to avoid catastrophe I need to tweak and get it under glass very soon.

Have plans to finish the drawing process on the next piece today and maybe …. (crossing my fingers and saying a prayer) I’ll get to put in a little color as well.

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Zebra Painting in progress

Maybe just maybe I will finish it up this weekend. It’s not like there’s any hurry but I seem to like to set myself some form of deadline. All that’s left is the foal and the tweaking (of which shall be extensive.)

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Moving right along. I still need to finish the belly, ears and mane.

I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend and am already plotting my next piece. I know right? Apparently all my painting juju is flowing freely now.


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Why a zebra of course.
Since it has been a long time coming (as in I started drawing these zebras in June) I am in the process of finding myself. I want it punch drunk with color but it will most likely take me at least one zebra (maybe two) before I settle into my color palette and embrace the courage to push my color comfort zone.

But I think I’m off to a good start. I

The finished size will be 18×40 inches. This is a mixed media of water-soluble ink and water-soluble wax pastel done on suede. I cover the suede with a masking film to protect the surface that will not have pigment, and cut away the film as I progress from left to right.

For more information on how I do this process you can check out my art tutorial on the subject.

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Okay so know this photo kinda sucks. Part of the problem is that it is 20 x 42 inches and another is it is drawn on tissue paper.

This is a piece I started in the early part of last year and set aside not to touch again for 7 months or so. That sort of happening usually spells burn pile for a concept. But oddly enough I pulled this out and thought, “Huh, this has potential.”

For those who have been following my blog for awhile, know how I do what I do. But since I’ve moved I thought I’d briefly describe my process.

I’ve been enjoying these panoramic pieces where I cram a bunch of animals in a row. Sometimes they are all to scale with each other. And sometimes these are jam packed together like I went nuts in photoshop.

But here’s the thing. Even though the end result looks like I photoshopped the image in truth I don’t. I actually sketch each animal separately (and usually a few extras which never make it) cut them out and arrange and rearrange them until I get a composition I like. I like to think I take this labour intensive high road because, I am an artist dammit! I wasn’t clever enough to do it in photoshop it’s part of the process.

Once I get a layout I like, I trace the image onto tracing paper which I then move over onto my suede board and retrace the image onto the suede. The reason for all of this? I can’t erase on suede board. Once a mark is made it stays.

So my plans for this piece is to hit it hard with the magic juju stick. I intend to make it very colorful. I envision golds, purples and reds galore.

We shall see.

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