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A Few More Flamingo Drawings

It’s almost time for flamingo puppet theater
Since I’m still waiting for my substrate suede board to come in I’m still drawing out a few individual flamingos. Soon, probably tomorrow some time I will cut them out and start playing with my layout. At which point I’ll trace them over.

It’s purely speculation at this point but I think the final piece will be something like 14×36. So far I have 6 birds drawn and then plan to fill in with partial birds as they over lap each other. I’ve yet to decide how full (as in just how many birds) I want in this piece. I’m leaning towards more sparse than the In The Pink painting. Again I’m looking for a strong graphic image.

I think having drawn them out separately on the same size paper has helped to keep them about the same size. Though I also traced an outline of my first bird to place over each additional drawing to make sure I was getting a certain amount of size uniformity.

I’m looking forward to indulging myself in red and pink for the next week or so until I complete the piece. I’ve not quite decided if I want a subtle background of light blue (almost white) soft green or white. No matter what I’m finally going to experiment with using the film to protect the unworked suede.

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Rhino Painting From Start To Finish

I forgot to post the start to finish on my Rhino. In case you’re curious yes she did sell and is already in her new home.

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I have been toying with what to paint next. i’ve had a nice slow couple of weeks where I slept in late and the hubby worked the gallery as I had wrapped up all my Christmas orders earlier. So after a sufficient rest I started getting a little ansty to start something new.

I toyed with the idea of some koi and did a sketch but thought “Meh …

I’ve got another horse in fancy tack that I’ve been wanting to do since last April. “Nope … Not yet.”

Some mule owning folks (3 different people. Mule people love their critters) I met at the Percheron congress sent me photos of their mules and “Tempting but no”

Flamingos my heart said. It’s been years and you love flamingos. Something simple I think. Very graphic.

It’s a sign
And then I get an email from my licensing agent looking for flamingo art. And while I know it won’t be done for what he needs flamingo images for I decide it was a sign that “yes indeedy, flamingos are what should be done next.”

So the plan is more than 5 and less than (probably) 20. Just heads and necks going every which way. It is to be done on suede (you know because I haven’t tried to do birds on suede yet and I just gotta do a new medium to death before I can leave it alone.)

So at the moment I’m drawing out separate heads on a 12×12 inch pieces of paper. I had toyed with the idea of actually doing a bunch of separate vignettes and then framing them together but passed. Anyhow that’s where it stands now. I plan to draw several heads and then lay them out in a row and create my design that way. You know because I can’t erase on suede.

It’s gonna be exactly like this, but just the opposite.
So I’m thinking of doing something very much in line with my In The Pink painting here. Except that it will only be the heads and a little neck and that instead of a dark background it will be either white or light blue. And instead of light pink Chilean flamingos they will be a dark reddish pink Greater flamingo. Other than pretty much the same thing just a whole lot more illustrator-ish.

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Merry Christmas 2010!

So here’s the color corrected and cropped Fleece Navidad.

And since my family tends to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve I thought I’d get this out there. 🙂

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year.

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Okay so I’ve been making some Christmasy squidoo lenses. Most were started as a challenge but then I kept after it because it was kinda fun.

At one time I made a new ornament or Christmas gift by hand every for holiday decorating and gift giving. SO I made several How-To lenses for making ornaments and such. If any of your are crafty and into the homemade holiday ornament thing. Check out these pages.

Handmade Christmas Guide This started out as a way to organize all my pages but then I opened it up to others. It was awarded Squidoo’s highest honor which id Lens Of The Day. Squidoo selects around 200 (out of millions) lenses each year to spotlight. The lens is actually up for a couple of days.

Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns
Antique, Victorian & Vintage Postcards
Create Handpainted Victorian Rose Ornaments
Handmade Button Pillow Christmas Ornaments
Vintage Postcard Ornaments
Quilted Heart Christmas Tree Ornaments
How To Make Ribbon Pillows
Felt Carousel Horse Christmas Tree Ornaments
Alphabet Block Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Fleece Navidad (a question about cropping)

SO here’s the ram piece I did for this year’s Christmas card. I like it (the photo here is showing a bit dark) but not quite like this so I’m thinking about cropping it back to a vertical like Fleece On Earth. It just seems better this was.

What do you guys think?. Should I crop more off the right still?

This ram was based on one of the oldest known breeds of sheep called the Drenthen. I discovered these guys on Squidoo as a lensmaster has a flock in the Netherlands. She said I was free to use her photos for making art and so with this generous gesture, I did.

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Yup yet another major storm has ripped through my little part of heaven. This one was not so much about the snow but about the wind. You know what they say it not how much you have but what you do with it. I think we got somewhere between 3-5 inches of snow but for about a day and a half we have 38 mph winds with gusts up 50. Most of the yard is blown clear but where there are drifts they are big ‘uns. Oh wait did I mention the temps where below zero and with the wind chill factored in … well you just don’t even want to know how cold it was.

It’s been a challenging couple of days for me (as I’m alone since my husband is gone off to massage school.) Between the corn stove not wanting to run properly at the gallery (we use it to heat the garages) and the frigid temps potentially raising havoc with the water pipes to the horse tank and house I had my hands full keeping everything from freezing. Yes that was me every 4 hours until 1am breaking the ice from the horse tank and flushing to ensure it wouldn’t freeze up.

I brought in a couple of my elderly barn cats because I feared they wouldn’t survive the cold.

Yes sometimes I am an idiot

I stayed way too late on Saturday messing with the corn stove. It wasn’t augering the corn right so it would keep going out. When I finally left the gallery the visibility was just about zero. I started out driving north and at the town’s edge had to come to a complete stop because I couldn’t see anything, literally. So I backed up and turned around. Had Mike been at home I would have stayed in the gallery but no one was at the farm and I knew it would be easier to get someone to check the gallery than get anyone to the farm and as I said I was doing the horse water quite regular and the critters need extra food in this kind of weather so letting them starve until morning was completely not an option.

So I head out of town in a different direction. Visibility was so bad (around 20 feet in front of the vehicle) but the roads were clear. I drove around 10 mph all the way home often coming to a standstill waiting for a blinding gust to pass. I made it though miracle of miracle.

I awoke on Saturday to being snowbound on the farm. Most of the yard was blown clean but I had one major drift about 4 foot tall and 20-30 foot wide that kept me stuck. Normally Mike cranks up the tractor but since he was gone, and I have no idea how to use the loader (I’ve only worked the fields with the tractor) and frankly it probably wouldn’t start no matter how much I beat on it in those temps. So I was good and stuck.

On The Kindness Of Others

My critter sitter called and asked if I wanted him to do Budda and I thanked him earnestly and told him of my situation. Sometime later that day he arrives with his bobcat and digs me out. (Insert angelic chorus here) I offered to pay him but he brushed it off in a gallant gesture.

Also I had called a local guy who has access to my gallery through the rental portion and asked if he’d check the stove. It was running early morning but by mid afternoon it went out. He re-lit it and and thus saved the day.

I made it in last night and all was well and actually went in to the gallery and worked today.

My elderly neighbor called and told me that even though another neighbor and plowed out her driveway she was snowbound in the house. Her doors were froze up and she was feeding her dog by opening a window. So I left the gallery a little early and went over and shoveled her out clearing a path to both doors.

Actually even with all the kindly help I did a huge amount of shoveling in the past two days. Anymore of that and I’ll has a wash board stomach or perhaps a really bad back. 🙂

So that’s my story and why I’ve been way to preoccupied too post. Tomorrow I’ll post the ram.

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