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Personally I like to think animals are smarter than this

So I have yet to decide if this article is for real or a publicity stunt. Either way it strikes me just a little bit ludicrous. A zoo has banned the wearing of animal print clothes because “it upsets the animals.”

Really zoo owners … really.

Okay maybe on some deep instinctual level … oh wait … nope not even then.

Unless the big cats have recently been pulled off the windswept Serengeti the closest thing they’ve come to associating zebra print as food is if their ground up vitamin enriched meat meal arrives in a fancy zoo motif bowl.

Now that’s not to say they wouldn’t kill for food or instinctual sport. They most certainly would. I just don’t think it would have to be gift wrapped in giraffe leggings and leopard stilettos to incite it.

Perhaps … maybe I could see a tiger being intrigued by someone wearing tiger print. But then would they not also have to ban beige, tan and browns for lions and black for panthers?

Maybe this calls for a little experiment.

Because Lord knows I have photographed my share of sleeping lions (see photo above) over the years just hoping one might pop open an eyeball long enough for the camera shutter to snap.

Perhaps the next time when it’s hot and the cats are drowsy I’ll try spronking back and forth in front of the lions in a zebra leotard onesy to see if I can attract any attention.

Attention from the lions that is.




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Insert angelic chorus here.

So I did my last art fair of the season. Riverssance turned out to be a gorgeous weekend but the crowds were light. Go figure. In the end it was good. Not great but good. Of the artists polled this was exactly what around 20 or so others said.

But Dick Blick had a booth and also gave out free swag of tote bag and sketch journal to all artists. They told a good story of deep discounts and a promised land filled with 90% scratch and dent deals enough to make even the most cynical old artist drool.

When I spoke with another artist about maybe going even though it was out of the way, she waxed poetic about the deals she had gotten and testified that she made a great pilgrimage to the outlet store a couple of times a year. (Can I get an “Amen!”)

So I went.

The Fault Lies Not In Our Stars

I bought a few pencils. Yup. Thaaaat’s right.

But the problem my friends lies not in art nirvana but in myself. I am, in the end a one trick pony. So my needs are limited. If I were say an artist of more varied skills I’m sure I would have found something.

Well, actually I did find something. A flat file which I would desperately love for the gallery. Unfortunately I would have left my artwork behind in order to get it home.

So I left nirvana not having found the promised land. But if you happen to be near Galesburg, IL pull in. The place is packed with everything from office furniture and easels, to matcutters and boards to frames and art supplies of all sorts.

Perhaps my dear friend it will be the spiritual experience you are looking for.

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Inseparable – Wolf Duo
Oil Pastel On Museum Board
Image Size 14×16 inches

You are hereby forewarned. This post is choppy and disjointed. Mostly because most of the stuff I’m talking about didn’t really feel like it could stand on it’s own.

So I did Rockbrook in Omaha the second weekend in September. Again is was a blistering hot event at 96, 94 degrees respectively for Sat & Sunday. But it was so worth it.

Sales were really good despite the weather and the above original painting went home with a “be-back” from the previous year. Cool!

That was then, this is now

This weekend past I went and did a giclee print consultation with an artist and as I was driving there I turned the heat on in my car.

I know right … THE HEAT!

Today is cold wet and rainy with temps not hitting 70 and overnights in the 40’s so bizarre. Last week had summer written all over it. This week is screaming Fall. Even the leaves on the walnut trees are dropping. Truth is I love Fall. My favorite time of year. So it’s all good.

Weekend Forecast for Riverssance

Supposed to rain everyday up until the event. Then Sunny and 70 both days with 0% chance of rain. At least that’s what they’re saying now.

My booth is #98 and I’m in the inner circle facing the bandstage.

Hope to see you there

So I guess they were right and I was wrong. Yay! We both win.

The above painting was sitting in my gallery backroom for years unfinished. After the upteenth person saying …

“Oooh …I want a print of that painting.” Pointing at wolves.

ME: It’s not done.

THEM: “What’s left to do?”

ME: Uummmmm.

So despite not really feeling like it was finished I just framed it up and well … sold it.  Both wolf pieces went this year. So now I’m all … what new wolf piece can I do? I’m weird that way. I kinda have to sell the critters originals that I have before I do more. Horses are really the only critter exempt from this internally imposed rule.


UPDATED: After chatting with a dear artist friend, she asked why hadn’t I made prints of this piece. So since it wasn’t clear, prints are available check out my WFG website for detail.

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So here’s one of those thing I haven’t done in awhile. Talk about an event in detail. But since this event has been moved around a lot lately (3 different locations in 4 years) and this year was held in a new location I thought I would.

I have actually done Artsplash (held in Sioux City Iowa) for a good many years. How many? I don’t really know. More than 10. But a few years back, due to flooding the event was moved to Grand View Park. Which is a lovely location visually but not very practical as it was hilly with narrow streets making for extremely cramped booths. After the first year there I didn’t go back the following.

So this year it was held in Riverside Park. The perks of this park is it is level with loads of trees. Unfortunately I was on pavement. About 1/3 to 1/2 the artists were located on pavement. On a 96 degree day that kinda sucks. You know to be surrounded by huge shade trees but made to sit in a parking lot with no shade other than what you provide.


Despite the wonky layout and the fact I was on the very (very, very) end I still managed to have a good show. Really good if one factors in the weather.

So here’s the things I like about Artsplash.

  •  Artist dinner usually catered and usually really good. However this year it was held on Friday night so I was beyond sweaty from setting up my booth and by the time I was done was beyond feeling social.
  • Pretty good about bringing around water and treats like apples and cookies throughout the day.
  •  Booth sitter and plenty of volunteers to watch things while you use the facilities or whatnot. (not really something I needed since the port-o-potties were like 10 feet from my booth. Uh-huh … that’s right!) Being a glass half full kinda gal I’m going with it helped pull traffic out into the boonies in which I resided.
  •  Hefty award checks to the lucky few.
  • Traffic Flow The booths were back to back in the center of the parking lot. This meant that there wasn’t a lot of behind booth storage. though it was adequate. But what it also meant was traffic had to go all the way to the end (which as previously mentioned I was located) in order to go down the other side. So had we been facing towards each other at the edge of the lot folks would stop 2-3 booths from the end and turn around. My section was the only one set up this way but it was also once again and say it with me “at the very end” of the event.
  • Load-in and out was easy enough but then it would be because? … (see last sentence above)
  • Good crowd despite the heat and the fact that it is gated. (Yes they charge an entrance fee) I was pleased with the sales. Some artists barely made or did not make expenses. Some did really, really well.

Artist Review Wrap-Up

In the end I think things were slightly less artist friendly than in previous years. Less water and far less variety and grandeur in the treats they brought around.  The live music was nice and Brule’ was there and I love them. But again the entertainment when taken as a whole seems just somewhat less than I remember. It was a good event and I will do it again for sure so I guess that in and of itself should tell you if I recommend doing this venue.

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