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So it was a whole lot more effort to move a couple of my Squidoo/Hub page articles over to the blog than I thought it would be. A whole lot! (A mind numbingly, bleary eyed, I think I got carpal tunnel … lot.) But I needed to get after it. I’ve got so much info out there that needs to be brought back here. Stuff on art fairs, oil pastel and watercolor pencil techniques, not to mention framing and printing your artwork … yada yada yada.

I was hoping to nest these offshoot categories under one or two additional tabs but apparently my theme doesn’t support that option and I’ve not got the time right now to find one that does. So my first attempt at bringing in info is now on the secondary tab called Working on Suede

Home … From Whence It All Came In The First Place

These articles a few years ago were earning me a nice fat pay check every month from the host site as well as through the purchase of the amazon items listed within the page. If you click on a product link and go to amazon, whatever you buy there whether it’s the item you clicked on or not, it’ll give me a small kick back. When squidoo sold to hubpages … well hubpages got the small kick back and I got bupkiss. And so I’m bringing my info home to my blog from whence it all came in the first place.

So the plan is, if the blog starts producing even a modicum of income I will turn the blog pro and lose all those annoying ads. Which I don’t see as the author but I know they’re out there. (You know … like aliens, the sasquatch and creepy neighbors.)


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