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Okay so I made us have a picture taken. At the last exhibition supposedly a photo was taken of the three actually dressed for the event but it was never shared with us by the gallery. So here we are again in our everyday clothes. Carol Herden on the left, Barb McGee in the middle and then me of course. The work was hung on Monday and will be showing until the end of December at The Octagon Art Center’s ground level gallery.



The ground level gallery is a small space but quite lovely (when not cluttered with our packing debris.) I do plan to take photos during the reception which is December 3rd from 5-7 weather permitting. I’m the closest at a little over 2 hours drive time. Barb and Carol are around 3 so even a hint of foul weather may mean we won’t show. So here’s hoping for a lovely day to celebrate some cow art in Iowa.


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So this is a very short start to finish since I created the piece rapidly and was “in the zone” so I didn’t stop for picture taking much. There is a minor distinction between the first and second photo. The first has just the base wash in and the second has the detail work in that area added.

We do have another “Cowgirls” show soon and I plan to try to get a couple more happy heifers added to my herd. But I am very much looking forward to creating some critters of a different species. Actually quite excited by the idea.  Cowgirls has sparked an interest in me to create a themed solo exhibit. I have one booked for 2016 but may go ahead and accept a solo show next time I’m asked instead of promoting the group show.

Hard tellin’ I suppose. I tend to be fickle in nature and mood.





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I’ve no idea what kind of calf this is, it was not photographed in the US so that makes it even harder for me to guess. Anyone wanna take a guess because it just so far along it’s gotta be obvious … right?



Here it is just a tiny bit farther along. This one will be a little more on the realistic side but still part of the “Cowgirl Collection.” My goal is to finish her (or really darn close to it) this weekend which means taking it home at night and working on it at the house. But I’m kinda excited about it. I was drawn to her (though most likely it was a him) for the googly eye (of course) the spots, and also the coloration. As I get farther along* you’ll see what I mean. It’s actually very similar in color to the original “Cowgirl” painting that sorta started this all.

At some point I think I’m gonna get brave and try to create a piece done in that very watercolor wash style. (kinda like the muzzle area) I’ll have to try to control my urges for mark making and just let the loose softness carry me away. This would require me to put in a lot of forethought and be careful with my scribbles (see ear area) but I think I can do it.

… I think.

*Actually I am farther along there’s just a lag between me posting and what I get accomplished each day. As I write this her (yes I’m going with HER) head is pretty much done.

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