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This isn’t a real post. It’s more a rambling of nonsensical stuffs that means … well … not much. But sometimes … just sometimes, it’s feels good to let the crazy out. Fell free to skip this one. 🙂

So you’d think being an artist that I would in fact sketch.  It is after all a really important aspect to being an artist, the ability to draw. Or at least it is for someone who’s actual method of creating art is drawing not painting.

But in point of fact I don’t.


I used  to.

But don’t now.

Anywho, I used sketch and doodle a lot. Perhaps it was before I turned this art thing into my living. Or perhaps it’s  because the way I work has changed. When I now have an idea for creating I do the rough sketch and then go in and clean it up to almost a coloring book like look. This is because I now tend to work on surfaces in which I can’t actually erase on. So the drawing must be simplified for tracing and copying over to the delicate substrate.

Another reason is because currently I don’t have loads of free time to spend doing an activity which produces no real results in the short term. Yes long term sketching is very good for the artist’s soul and skill set. I know this. I believe this. But none-the-less when I come up with an idea, then I work on that idea. I don’t randomly do trifling bits of drawing destined for well … nothing.

So why now you ask?

I had planned on taking a piece to demonstrate on at Riverssance since I knew the weather was going to be perfect. And while I had something almost ready it wasn’t close enough. I need to have a piece started. It doesn’t have to be far along. But whenever I begin a piece at an art fair it always ends in the trash. And I’ve already explained why I don’t do non productive or non result oriented things.

So I brought my journal along to the event. I have a hankerin’ to do another giraffe piece (and flamingo and wolf) so I grabbed a few photo and sketched out several heads shots that may be part of the new piece but are not it in it’s entirety. And most likely will not be used at all.

I felt I had better document it. You know like a UFO sighting or something. To have readily available proof that yes indeedy, I do sketch for no real purpose other than it’s enjoyable.

And it was.

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Creature Comforts (work in progress)
Watercolor Pencil on Suede Board
20 x 22

Here’s my primary reference photo for this painting. (The photos scanned in lacking saturation.) I tipped their heads a little to show more eye because, well . . .that’s my thing.

Problems With My Time-line.
Okay so once again I over estimated my abilities. I am mildly sick and since I don’t want that to escalate into really sick (beside for the obvious reasons I have plans for the end of this week that I don’t want to miss) so I am taking it easy for a bit. Today is Sunday and though usually working on art would be considered resting, I’m taking it a bit further and spending the day on the couch wacthing some old horse movies and of course writing (blog, squidoo etc.)

I was recently asked to write for an online art community and forum, but am thinking it over as at the moment I spend way more time writing about creating art than actually doing art. On the other hand, writing is also an artistic endeavor so it’s all good.

This bottom most photo was also intirgueing for me as a painting but I just couldn’t get it to make sense. I may try some variation of it in the future.

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Giraffe Painting Framed

Oil Pastel on Handmade paper
10 1/2 x 13″

I never really finalized on the blog what my plans were for Lofty. I did try again with the acacia and this time it went in fine. It looked fine. After some deliberation I once again scraped it out. The plant life suddenly made it a painting about a giraffe grazing. Not that, that is a bad thing. But I preferred it to be a painting about a giraffe looking down at you with attitude.

This time, I deliberately did not take a picture including the acacia because this is how the painting will enter the world, and I don’t need any second images (like alternative universes, if you will) out there.

Now all I’ve got to do is get her packed up and shipped off to her new home. Yup, I’m still working the mailing lists.

Note: I don’t know why my framing is photographing so dark. The painting is on a medium rusty suede (about the color of the spots) and the frame is a dark mahogany. Weird that is just doesn’t photograph true. Anyway it hasn’t so far in the many times I photographed these handmade paper pieces. Maybe it has to do with the shadowbox depth. Hmm.

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