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Some Bunny Loves You - White Rabbits Magnet zazzle_magnet
Some Bunny Loves You – White Rabbits Magnet by WildFacesGallery
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Bunny Joy
Oddly enough this image was never one that I was overly fond of in print but for some reason I am loving it on my zazzle products. I’ve slapped it on everything from t-shirts to puzzles, coffee mugs to magnets & stickers. And I even made a gallery card of it with and without the “Some Bunny Loves You” text.

Happy Easter White Rabbit Mug zazzle_mug
Happy Easter White Rabbit Mug by WildFacesGallery
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White Rabbit Pillow mojo_throwpillow
White Rabbit Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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Happy Easter!

I’m heading to MN to spend Easter with a dear friend. So here’s wishing you all the warmest Easter Blessings.

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Fresh off the presses my latest squidoo lens features various horse themed mugs and cups and included ceramic coffee mugs, stoneware, pottery and travel mugs. I’ve included some of my zazzle mugs as well as some of Amazons finest equestrian themed cups.

Show Girls - Belgian Horses zazzle_mug
Show Girls – Belgian Horses by WildFacesGallery
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Horse Mugs With Quotes

Playing a little with adding meaning to the artwork.

“Friend, our closeness is this, anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you.”
– Rumi

Horse Mug Right Side Horse image
Horse Mug Left Side quote

Liberty - Horse Mug With Quote mug
Liberty – Horse Mug With Quote by WildFacesGallery
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“Between whom there is a hearty truth, there is love.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Horse Mug Right Side Horse image
Horse Mug Left Side quote

Truth Horse Mug mug
Truth Horse Mug by WildFacesGallery
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Totally Stuffed With Awesomeness!

Thursday is now Shameless Self Promotion Day
Todays Theme: Horse Pillows!

So I have been hitting the zazzle extra hard the past few days. As I said before only so much creative juju at any given time so now is my squidoo/zazzle time. The plan is whenever these times roll around I’ll plug squidoo or zazzle or like in todays case, both. The other thought is that Zazzle has sales regularly and I will post the code for you to enter that is good for either buying my product, someone else’s product or making your own.

You know like in case you look at the below pillows and think “Oh … I want one.”

But then go “Holy crap! $60 for a throw pillow … is she insane?”

Windswept - Bay Horse Pillow throwpillow
Windswept – Bay Horse Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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And to that I would say “Yeah but these are uber huge designer pillows (20×20 inches) made by single moms and stuffed with awesomeness.” Plus that’s as cheap as I’m allowed to sell them for.

But I got your back my dear bloggie folk. (your welcome)

Zazzle tends to run sales with something like 30% off coffee mugs or 50% off magnets. They pretty much have a sale for something at all times. So just hang in there and perhaps eventually the items you’ve been dying to get will go on sale.

Kindred Spirits - Horse Herd Designer Pillow throwpillow
Kindred Spirits – Horse Herd Designer Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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Fort instance I bought several mugs and magnets yesterday that came out to half what they would normally run because of the sale so now I can actually sell them at the gallery for the same amount they go for on zazzle and I actually make a little extra.

At any rate the current code is: STPATTEESALE which is good for $5 off any St. Pat’s Day t-shirts now through the 8th. Just click on a pillow image and go browse through the imagination factory that is Zazzle.

Devotion - Mare & Foal Designer Pillow throwpillow
Devotion – Mare & Foal Designer Pillow by WildFacesGallery
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See I told you they were stuffed with awesomeness.
To view more horse pillows both with my designs and others you can visit my latest squidoo lens Horse Pillows

To view all of my horse pillows, other critter pillows and the approximately 120 other items I currently have for sale you can visit my Wild Faces Gallery Zazzle Store.

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The Horse Mousepads of Wild Faces Gallery

Much like not having any time to paint I haven’t had much time to Zazzle. But items keep selling so that keeps me motivated. The above mousepad was bought by my dear friend Linda. She was the first person to purchase from me which earns her a big hug. 🙂 It was great to see what it looked like in person. It came in just a bit more red than I expected (not to mention my photo is lousy) but still looks pretty good and am pleased with the quality of the item. I’m guessing I’ll have to buy a few items to see what they look like every time I try something new. I am also considering buying some software to help with this but it is many hundreds of $ so may or may not jump right on that.

But I’ve expanded my mousepad line (especially with horses) and here are just a few of that I have available at my Wild Faces Gallery zazzle store.

Soul - Cameo Horse Mouse Pad mousepad
Soul – Cameo Horse Mouse Pad by WildFacesGallery
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Devotion - Mare and Foal Mousepad mousepad
Devotion – Mare and Foal Mousepad by WildFacesGallery
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Kindred Spirits - Horse Herd Mouse Pad mousepad
Kindred Spirits – Horse Herd Mouse Pad by WildFacesGallery
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Catch - Horse Mouse Pad mousepad
Catch – Horse Mouse Pad by WildFacesGallery
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Liberty - Friesian Stallion Mouse Pad mousepad
Liberty – Friesian Stallion Mouse Pad by WildFacesGallery
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Joy - Percheron Horse Mouse Pad mousepad
Joy – Percheron Horse Mouse Pad by WildFacesGallery
More Horse Mousepads

Tomorrow being Sunday means I get to work on the giraffes. (picture me skipping up and down and clapping my hands like a 3 year old about to go to the circus … yeah that seems accurate.)

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Dazzled By Zazzle

So okay I’ll try not to inundate you guys every time I make something new but I gotta tell ya it’s a lot of fun seeing everything with my art on it. (like a narcissist’s dream come true) Here’s a batch of mugs hot off the presses. The Fleece On Earth Mug has the same image on both left and right side of the mug. But you can customize it however you want. In fact when you click through the page will show you all sorts of mug options not just the one listed here.

I love being able to do a wrap around image on the mugs with my panoramic works. Especially since they are kinda useless as is for all the other rather rectangular item templates.

You can click through any item here to visit my store which is still woefully small. But unlike so many zazzlers who take one picture and put it on 200 different items I’m starting off slow. Maybe someday I’ll do that but for now I plan to avoid looking desperate … even though that I am … just kidding…sort of. 🙂

All of these images come with the star link meaning that you click through and I get a bigger cut than if you just went to my store. I think it’s Zazzle’s way of rewarding those who market themselves. Good plan. I like it.

So I am totally loving Zazzle and even people have been telling me for years I needed to do it … but I ignored them because … well … I am kinda stubborn mule headed self absorbed busy sometimes. But ya’ll were right … and thank you.

My question is do any of you Zazzle? If so tell me all.

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My First Zazzle Product!

A Tuckered Out mousepad.

Yeah okay not exactly mind blowing (do people other than myself even use mouse pads any more?) but this took me most of a day. Loads of reading tutorials which is akin to the Chinese water torture with the steady drip, drip drip of technical information that my non-technical brain needed to process and do something with.

But the flood gates are opened now so let’s see what other magic I can create.

Any suggestions? Is there anything you wanted to see my art on … and no I don’t expect you to buy it, I just need a direction. There’s a real good chance I’ll also use some of my more wonderful reference photos at some point as well.

Just added a Liberty Art Tile. You can check it out at zazzle.com/WildFacesGallery* The great thing about Zazzle is let’s say you like the liberty image but don’t want a tile … let’s say you want in on a jewelry box or a blank sketch journal YOU can customize this image to be on whatever the heck you want.

How cool is that?

I sold 2 right away. I know where one wnet but not the other.Thanks whoever ordered it. You’all made my day. 🙂

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