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Ewedora – No. 1 in the Ewephoria Collection

13×16 inches

Watersoluble Mixed Media on suede board


She’s not quite done yet. Some tweaking here and there needs to happen but I’ve already moved on and begun the next ewe piece. Doncha just love that glassy eyed stare?

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When The Weather Outside Is Frightful … What’s A Girl To Do?

When the high for the day was -7 degrees, this girl, ate too much, watched way too much tv and worked on new art pieces while lounging on the couch, snuggled up under a mountain of blankets. These two are what I worked on this weekend and it wasn’t until I progressed on the second (which is the ewe) that I realized they are both in a blue color palette.

The Bunny Piece is something I literally had laying around the house for a year. I had drawn it out last year for Easter card design and didn’t get much past that stage. So I picked it up and got it almost done (she still needs whiskers) Initially I was thinking a lovely lavender background but now I’m thinking I like the raw suede and will add lavender border to the card design.

The floating head is the first of three sheep (though there may well be more in the future) that I drew out and got this far on the first ewe. This is the first time I selected all three animals and drew them out for my trio right at the start. I’m not sure what I’ll call them. Leaning towards more silliness and am now referring to them as “The Ewephoria Collection” and I may well name them things like Ewenice and Baaaalinda.

I’m not sure but I may be turning into a crazy old lady.

Ah well … Best not to think on that too hard.

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So here’s my third little goat. In the end I brightened it up some so it would fit in with my other two baby goat pieces as I plan to sell them as sets as well as individually.

She measures 12 x 15 3/4 inches and is of course mixed media on suede.


People look at me suspiciously when I say I just scribble on my base layer like a small child. Here’s the proof.


Same shot as above I just added the water.

And finally going back in with dry layers

Prints of Sassy Pants are already available on my etsy store. You will find smaller goat prints here and larger goat prints here. Note cards and the original painting will be added soon.

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The early beginnings of Sassy Pants.

Hard to believe it’s been a year or so since I finished Ears Looking At You Kid and Bossy Boots. My how time flies. It took awhile to find a goat that would make a pleasing third. So I’ve got one going left, one going right and one head on, I love the tilt of the head on her which is less obvious here because of the tilt of my artwork. It’s drying in front of the heater which is why the board is slightly bowed and she’s sitting on an angle.

And in a completely unrelated topic … My drafting table looks revolting. (Bleck!) Someone really should clean that thing once in awhile.

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Welcome to the New Year Ya’ll!


It gave me cavities just looking at it.

So you may remember not too far back I did a Sunday sneak peek that bore a faint resemblance to Chewbacca and then never wrote anything more on it.

Weeeeeellll … what happened was I did complete the piece but it was so darn cutsie it was almost cartoonish. It was an Alpaca and though I tried very hard to keep the realism going it’s natural cuteness took over my art brain at some point. So it had to be destroyed so I could start again. Obviously this is not that Alpaca but I will try the other again soon. I will write more on my Alpaca Trio soon. This one is not yet officially named nor done (notice it’s not signed) but it’s up to the tweaking stage.

More cuteness

Now that the holidays are over and the gallery work will most likely die off into nothingness,  I plan to throw myself into creating. I love doing these small, fast pieces. I thoroughly enjoy the stress free, don’t care much if it doesn’t work out, bright and fun critters. Plus I still plan on building up a nice variety of farm animals and to that end there are these two. (Alpaca above and lil’ piggy below)


Lil’ Oiker isn’t done yet. I started it as a demonstration piece while doing a holiday open house the first part of December. It is supposed to be part of the Farm Animal Collection so I need to put in a background. ALL of them so far have the green but I hesitate on this one. I may well scan it in on the raw suede background before applying color so I have that option if I hate in on green. At any rate, it sits on an easel at the moment while I move on to other things.

I have a brief start to finish on the alpaca post coming soon.

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I Got Piggy Quotes Dancing In My Head

While working on my perky pig here I kept having various quote from Babe the movie in my head. Like “What a fine little pig” and “That’ll do pig. That’ll do”

So here we are all done. I may crop a little more off the right like 1/2 inch but probably not. Once I say I’m done I just move on. Literally. Once I declared The Happy Hog finito I started yet another little oinker. Which is probably gonna be the title of that one. She’s 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches and my usual mixed media on suede board.

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So unlike most of my sneak peek posts this one I figured I’d let you know what I’m up to. The piece measures approximately 10×16 inches and is tentatively called The Happy Hog.

As to the last Sunday Sneak Peek painting you wonder? Well it didn’t quite make it to finish. I will post a start to finish of it but in the end it was so ridiculously cute I swear I got a cavity. Not my fault though, the animal itself was just that cute …

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