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Bossy Boots – Baby Goat

11 x 16inches

water soluble mixed media on suede board

First of all, this is the second in a series of three baby goat images that I’m creating to sell either individually or as a set. Why you ask? Keep on reading.

Remember back in the day when I used to blog about the business side of being an artist?

So as someone who makes my living off from selling my art and the various art aspects of my gallery business, the question always at the forefront of my mind is “How can I make a better living off from my art?” Notice I didn’t say sell more, because that is not always the answer for me, though this year … it is.

Back before my world went tits up with divorce, family issues and responsibilities and of course the loss of my beloved horse, I almost always pondered making a strategy to enhance my business around the beginning of the new year. A model to work from. Then a test to see if it worked. If it worked out, great! If it didn’t, move on and try some thing else. I’m big into not getting bogged down into feeling of failure. In general, I think if I learn even one useful thing, it was worth my time.

This Years Plan

Make more sales.

Well yeah Mona, Duh. But it’s never that simple.

I totally agree imaginary voice in my head.

I mean for … I don’t know how long (forever) I have averaged 8-10 paintings a year. If I sold every one it certainly wouldn’t come close to making a living so that’s how I got started into the print business in the first place. And that is what turned my side income into something from which I support myself and my critters and have so for a decade.

But now I want to increase my sales. So far I’ve tried a variety of ways to do this including (but not limited to) licensing my art personally and through an agent, utilizing POD places like Zazzle, Opening my art to a wider audience through platforms like squidoo and Etsy, selling through galleries via gift gallery and exhibitions and last but not least, updating my website.

But me being me I want more. (Because the gap between more and enough never closes) I believe the only way for me to continue to make it as an artist is to be as diversified as possible.

So in the interest of selling more (and by more I mean, more originals, more prints and more images in other formats) what it comes down to is I need more imagery to begin with. I need to create more art in order to have more prints and images to disperse.

My marketing at art fairs requires large statement pieces. Show stoppers if you will that literally make people halt in the steady stream of onlookers and step into my booth. I absolutely still need to create these. But additionally I’m gonna pack my free time with creating smaller, funner (that’s totally a word) and freer (spell check agrees that that’s a word too) art. Art that is quick to produce and small enough to work on, on the couch and in front of the tv at night.

And here’s where the baby goats come in

Additionally I am choosing my imagery from a decorative perspective. I plan to make sets of critters which will be sold individually as well as in sets of 2 or 3. So cows, baby goats, bunnies, chickens, Heck I don’t know whatever strikes my fancy.

I noticed years ago that sets of three sold well and then recently with my bright cows pieces many people have bought 3 of the large prints to make an over the couch arrangement. Additionally decorative art and arrangements work particularly well with sites like Zazzle and Etsy. So not only do I want to see if I can make a substantial difference at my events, I’m also hoping to increase my income stream through Etsy and the others. Only time will tell.

… and then of course, I’ll share it with you all.

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So I started this piece yesterday and will most certainly finish it up today … and with any luck start another little fun painting. (I may be just a tad overly optimistic on that last bit)

Tomorrow I’ll show the finished painting, tell you all about it and why I am doing what I am doing.

The color is way off, but couldn’t get it adjusted quickly to look right, so …

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11×14 inches

water soluble mixed media on suede

( wc pencils, water soluble ink and water soluble wax pastels)

And as yet unnamed

I have been working on this piece at night at home on the couch in front of the tv. I wasn’t sure how that would work, as it’s not something I’ve really done. But been working the gallery during the day plus I had some new lighting installed in my framing room which I helped with. (and by “helped with” I mean handing him things so he didn’t have to crawl up and down the ladder. Because as you all know I’m technically skilled like that.)

I do have an in between photo so I may do a start to finish even though there’d only be 3. That’s what happens when I work from home.

I plan to add some more highlights and shadows and just sort of study it and see what else I want to do. I’ll probably live with it for awhile and I do plan to begin something new tomorrow. What exactly it’ll be will be a surprise to both you and me.

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I posted the very first WIP on my facebook page as my Sunday Sneak Peek (since I tend to start new works on Sunday the name seemed appropriate) which was quite literally nothing more than the eyeballs. Now 2 days and maybe 5 hours later this is what I’ve got.

I forgot how long it takes to do true realism. Thank goodness it’s a small piece of only 11×14 inches.

As for the flamingo piece, I do plan to finish it, but new inspirations keep popping up and like a loose dog with a squirrel fetish I just keep chasing whatever flashes past my line of site. This is not something I have ever done. I have always been someone to make up silly rules like “Finish this painting before starting another.”

Where do I come up with that stuff?

Any Guesses?

So I’m not letting on what exactly it is but as I posted on my FB page here’s three hints.

1. It’s feline
2. It’s not domestic
3. I have painted this species before.

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DISCLAIMER: I want to make it very clear I do not allow anyone to copy or make derivative works from my paintings without my express written consent. If I catch you, I will hunt you down.

Weeeeeeell maybe not, but I’ll send a curse upon your household.

Okay no curse, (my voodoo juju isn’t what it used to be) but I will most likely send my agent after you. And yes this I will do!

These folks approached me and asked very nicely. and thus were granted permission to do so.  And to prove it goes both ways I got their permission to post their art on the blog.

So late last year I was contacted by Sue requesting to use my painting of “Liberty” as a learning tool for her class. She made it clear that it was for instruction and her class took it upon themselves to try new mediums and set up regular challenges. So for this (which she titled Project Liberty”) they were going to practice using watercolor pencils on suede which is the medium that my piece was done in.


I sent them link to a few of my online tutorials regarding both the mediums and working on suede and answered a few questions along the way. But they really took it upon themselves to figure it all out.

So here’s the results

Which I gotta say I’m mightily impressed. Suede is challenging and these folks did a really fabulous job.

This is Sue Mahon’s  piece which I think she nailed it. The floaty hair, the coat sheen even the background.


This is Eve Anderson’s work. Also did a wonderful job with the coat sheen and she definitely gave him a gentle face and warm expression.


And finally Brenda Harris which I think did an excellent face and wonderful eye for a strong “live” look. I also think she did a great job incorporating the background colors into the horse for a continuity through out the image.

All in all a really excellent job ladies! You did this young stallion justice.

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