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Spotted – Giraffes
Watercolor pencil on museum grade suede board.
Image Size : 15 1/2 x 40

Yup it’s done … and sold. Just gotta get it profiled for prints and then I’m ready to move on to the next one. Not sure what that’ll be yet. Haven’t heard from the horse portrait (she was scheduled for surgery just before we talked last so …)

At any rate I am getting ready to move forward. I have sent off several art fair applications this week and so I know my remaining creative time is limited. Today being Sunday I plan to dig around my photos and see if anything pops out at me. Also plan to learn a little more about WordPress and see if I can’t customize this thing called a blog better. I’d like to add another sidebar and then plug in a few things like an archive, a zazzle product link and perhaps a feeds link for Facebook and Twitter.

Since my husband built the blog it’s inner workings are very much a mystery to me. Just thinking about “trying” to learn it, gives me headache. Maybe I’ll go for a walk and then eat some chocolate covered peanuts or cheesy poofs to gear up for my brain function and because I’m all up into the healthy like that.

So without further ado … the start to finish on my giraffe painting. Followed by my first Zazzle product in several weeks as well. Featuring … you guessed it … the latest painting.

The image is a perfect fit. Nothing is cropped off. I think it makes a really cute mug with the matching rim and handle. What do you think?

Forgot to mention you can see a larger example of the finished painting on my African Wildlife Art squidoo page.

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So here she is. She comes in a variety of print sizes so if you want more information please visit my gallery website in the African Animal Gallery or click here..

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20 x 22 3/4
Inktense and Watersoluble Pencil on suede board

Framed and Sold
Yup I went ahead and send an email to the person on the top of my giraffe list. About 5 minutes later I got a response. These two are now going off to live with many of my other giraffe works. This makes me happy and just a tiny bit sad as well. While I wasn’t totally ready to part with them just yet, I also am not heart broken about it. The biggest challenge will be getting prints made before the delivery date.

So anyway I thought I’d do the start to finish thing with this painting since it took me so long to actually finish it. I had wanted to do more tweaking on them but there just is no more time so, it is what it is.

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A New Giraffe

I decided I needed a quickie, (in terms of artwork that is.) So I pulled out the photos from my recent Blank Park Zoo trip and selected a fun angle. I’ve done four giraffe paintings and am feelin’ the need to have another in the gallery, as the others have long since gone to their new homes. The upper left photo is about 1 hour of playing around. This again is another one done on the handmade paper, so it is 10 1/2″ x 13.”

Here, I have about 2 hours in. I changed the mouth. I had planned on having it open and chewing on acacia, but then opted for a more dignified look. Thus without the branches coming in on the right, my giraffe is now a little off center (kinda like the artist I suppose.)

I may well just change my mind again in the morning and have her blissfully chewing away by the time I finish her up, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

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Away We Go

Well I did actually finish my Flamin’ Sheep painting but I am just too sore and tired to get it scanned and posted tonight. I’ll get them posted when I get back.

As you may have garnered from the title I am once again heading out for an art event this weekend. Weather outlook is good. 🙂 See you all on Monday.

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