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So I have been spending my free time (because I have so much of that these days) saving my squidoo pages on my hard drive in case the big migration to Hub Pages goes all “tits up” on me. I have over 200 articles so it is slow progress.

I don’t actually know where everything will wind up yet. I will allow the transfer to Hub Pages but whether I’m a good fit and how many will remain there is yet to be seen. I am quite sure I’ll begin putting many that are art related on the blog here. Some will just be deleted. Some may branch out to Infobarrel or other platforms. Perhaps I’ll beef up my websites with some. All I know for sure it will be many weeks and months worth of effort to relocate stuff to my advantage. On the other hand if I do nothing I could lose over 5 years worth of writing, cataloging and correlating. And I’m just too stubborn for that.

For those interested in learning a little more about what some other of the veteran squidoo lensmasters think on the subject you can check out these posts. Both pose interesting questions as to the morality of this maneuver and can squidoo actually “sell” content that belongs to the writers.

Dave Stone’s Blog Post

RoseWrites Inforbarrel Post

NOTE: Seth Godin is made to look like a thief in the night and while I don’t share in the anger over this, I share in that opinion. For a man who boasts about integrity, he pidgeon holed this transfer, forcing it to be done in a ridiculous time frame so as to get as many on board and over to Hub Pages as smoothly as possible all while sending out a cheery email a couple of days before the death of squidoo telling us a “wonderful thing is about to happen.”

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No One Ever Said Being An Artist Was Easy

So today has been a rather financially stressful day.

First after two months of harassing multiple roofing companies I got 3 to show up at the gallery this week. The first two didn’t even go up on the roof, and the third, who I met with this morning, quoted about 3 times what I was expecting. In theory one will be returning with a big enough ladder (because he failed to bring a tall enough ladder the first go round.) later so we’ll see what he has to say.

So then I log onto squidoo to see how many sales I had yesterday and low and behold they have been aquisitioned by hub pages. Aargh! Now at one time squidoo with my affiliate links was earning me around 1k a month. Last year major changes and traffic and sales tanked but I still was averaging $300-$500 a month. A nice little deposit in my bank account with not much of additional effort on my part. But now, they will automatically transfer all my pages unless I opt out to Hubpages. Time to figure it all out … is about a week and I believe the pages will be deleted by end of month if I haven’t moved them elsewhere.

And then this happened…

And so while reading through the mountains of information about the transition, about hub pages TOS and the general chaos and freaking out going on in the forums I see that Zujava (another online platform very similar to squidoo that I just received my first payout last month from) has had their amazon account cancelled. So no deniro coming from them anymore either. (Oh holy hell!)

Hard to say whether Hubpage will be a good fit for me. I know they don’t allow personal affiliate links and only 2 amazon links per page. The general consesus seems to be their payout is way less than Squidoo. I look back over the 5 years I’ve been on squidoo and they have made me a tidy sum collectively. (as by the way I did them) so I’m trying to have a ca sera sera attitude.

I’ll let you know how that works for me.

It’s A Circle Of Life Kinda Thing

I may try to figure out how to add a page or two to my blog here and move the content relative to artsy stuffs over here. After all my squidoo pages were initially built from some of my blog posts they may as well come back home to it.

FYI Squidoo is an online platfrom that allows people to write about thing they love and earn money while doing it. So of course the bulk of my pages are about art fairs, giclee printing, framing and products that fall into that industry like cross stitch patterns etc. There art art tutorials and art fair primers and just a whole lot of information and images that seems like a shame to lose.

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What? Too much of a teaser?

This photo has not been cropped or altered in any substantial way. The photographer shall remain anonymous (because … well I mean really) but I asked Haley to send me a copy because it totally cracks me up. And yes I am easily amused.

This was during our reception for “Cowgirls” a teaser showing of the much larger exhibition slated to happen September of next. Here’s a few photos of Carol Herden a world class (literally sells world wide) sculptor of the bovine form. Myself. Barb McGee a wonderful watercolorist with an enthusiasm for the Western and Rural way of life. And Haley who at this moment in the photo is introducing us for our presentation.

Okay … okay. Here’s a few “real” photos. The teaser runs through the end of August at A Piece Of Work in Spirit Lake, Iowa.




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