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Cowgirl was done in oil pastel on handmade paper and measured 10 x 13 1/2

One of the side benefits of doing art fairs is that it not only exposes your work to collectors and patrons but also to various galleries and art centers. As such I usually get at least one or two invites to display and exhibit a year. While flattering, this is not something that I have ever taken advantage of. Last year in particular I was approached more than usual and it got me to thinking that maybe this is something I should take a hard look at.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t leapt at the chance to have exhibitions … well, I need to sell my work in order to pay my bills and feed my critters. And I am fortunate enough that my originals sell fairly easily. Many right off the drafting table. So the idea of creating a body of work (20-35 paintings) that can’t be sold for perhaps up to 2 years is the kind of thing that makes me curl up in the fetal position with a cold sweat in the wee hours of the night.

So why now?

Because I pay attention to opportunities and the fact that I’ve been approached so often recently leads me to wonder if this might be fate’s way of saying “pay attention.”

So when asked recently if I would consider it, I said yes.

And Because Everything Is More Fun With Friends

While pondering a theme for an exhibit I came to the conclusion that maybe I’ll do a solo exhibition in the future but for this one I want to bring in a couple of friends. Both artists are people that I get on well with. Our personalities as well as our art mesh well and I’ve done exhibits and events with both. One of them (Barb McGee) and I hatched the plan for an exhibit called “Cowgirls” (namesake painting above which hatched the idea in the first place) and have been kicking it around for years

Proof God Has A Sense Of Humor

So just after I became settled to the fact that I’ll need to create 10-18 pieces of bovine beauty, (Barb McGee and Carol Herden will flush out the rest) and not sell them for at least 1 1/2 years I get an email within the hour.

An email with the word “cowgirl” in the subject line.

An email from a collector requesting the purchase or commission of cow art.

Nice one God. Very funny.

Note: We are still in the planning and paperwork stage. But if all goes well we will be doing more than one exhibit.

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I am having a heckava time getting my colors to work out on her. This one is too much yellow but it’ll still give you an idea. She’s coming along.


I am seriously contemplating taking another whack at her but this time shoot for realism. An experiment of sorts. I am happy with the fun colors but am also curious to see her done in a more traditional style. Could be interesting to have them hang side by side.


What do ya’ll think?


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So here is what I’m working on now. The plan for Daisy is to be primarily a buttery yellow colored heifer but color gets the best of me so who knows how she’ll end up.

This is another mixed media piece using ink, water color pencils and Neopastels II and measures approximately 18 inches square though it will be cropped down when done.

The background has a film over it to protect it from my messy habits. It will be colored in but I don’t want the oranges to muddy whatever I decide to do with it.

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So recently I got an email from a customer who said “Hey, I see your artwork is on puzzles on this site. I hope you knew.”

Well no I didn’t.

What to do … what to do…

Sigh …

So I contact my licensing agent and asked if he wanted to send them a bill for use of my images. And he was all “Hell yeah.”

Okay … that’s paraphrasing on my part … just a little.

Or maybe a lot.

One of those.

But it got me to thinking about how often this happens. Folks using my work thinking it’s free for the taking. And though I have held off doing this it is finally time to watermark all my images on my website. Currently I’m about half way through.

I Probably should have caved years ago but the artist in me wants the images to look nice. You know because people are more apt to buy them if they can see them without a big ol’ watermark across the face. But after much internal dialogue which I will spare you (you’re welcome) I decided to deface my art in order to protect it.

At any rate I don’t expect anything to come of the bill sent to the infringing puzzle company. But it makes me smile a small devious smile to think it may have given them pause.

Even if only for a moment.

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