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I know right? Everybody got used to me blogging like twice a month. But my busy season is done and the creative juices are flowing, so I’m going with. Be aware I may drop off the radar from time to time because I’m fickle like that.

But for now …

I couldn’t stand that background being so far off so I hurried up and finished it, then profiled it and made prints and note cards. This is what the background was supposed to look like.

I do have two different sized prints available at my Etsy store. Notecards will be posted just as soon as I take a picture for the listing.



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My intention initially was to have a very soft color much like the bunny in the photos. My love of color took control at some point and everything changed. It’s a tiny Painting Measuring Approximately 7 x 9 1/2 inches so the start to finish is rather brief. But because I so enjoy looking at other’s work in progress I figured I’d put up what I have.

SnowBunnyWip2jpgSnowBunnyWip3SnowBunnyThis is a mixed media piece on suede using inktense, watercolor pencils, Neopastel II and lastly some Gouche for spattering snow.

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are not really something I get hung up on. For instance this is gonna be my 2013 Christmas card design and it’s called Snow Bunny with the intention that it may insinuate that it is a wild rabbit. Even though it clearly is not a wild rabbit and point of fact, was photographed near a beach.

But even if it isn’t a wild bunny it is a feral rabbit.

Yeah well, okay¬†feral is probably stretching it too. Yes someone turned it loose with the assumption that it would fend for itself or at the very least integrate itself into the bunny pack running amok on Cannon Beach. But any bunny that allows you to walk within a foot or two and snatch up carrots that some person as yet unnamed tosses in it’s general direction, does not quite qualify as feral.

Feeling Festive

It’s been a couple of year since I have designed a new holiday card. I have created new artwork for many years with that being it’s sole purpose. But after being dumped from my marriage I just wasn’t feeling it for awhile. So you know to those of you wondering … sorry for not sending any cards for the last few years.

But this year I’m back on track. I even put up my tree (something else that went undone of late)

UPDATED: This painting is already done. I just haven’t been able to take the time to get my blog posting done. So soon will be the finished image as well as Start To Finish work in progress shots.

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