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There’ll be no Sunday Sneak Peek as I’ll be out of the gallery Sunday & Monday but I found this start to finish of Freckles rolling around in my draft folder so here she is


Freckles – Longhorn Cow Painting
18 1/2 x 19 1/4 inches
Water soluble mixed media on suede board.
Prints are available here at Wild Faces Gallery website



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This is the tracing stage of this as yet untitled Longhorn panoramic. It currently measures 20×40 inches

I love doing these panoramics. I think because there are no rules. I allow myself to just do whatever the heck I want to without getting too hung up on reality. So I am kinda jazzed to be doing another one. These “pan” pieces may just become a regular thing with me. The only downside (if there is one) is they are process heavy. In fact I can actually spend more time working the steps than actually coloring the artwork.

A Basic Rundown Of The Creation Of My Panoramic Critter Jumbles

I apply a masking film whenever I want to leave the open negative spaces as the substrate color. Without covering it, it’d be a real muddy mess. If I was applying a background I still might cover it, depending on what colors I planned working with.

  • It begins with pulling photos from my personal reference library. Dozens upon dozens of photos. I select my favorites and begin drawing.
  • I usually draw at least 30% more animals than I use. I start with the same sized papers and draw out my favorite angles and shapes. I then cut them out like paper dolls and lay them over each other in a myriad of way until I get a composition that I like. I then tape them to a board that is the size I want the painting to be.
  • I tape tracing paper over my paper doll panoramic (see above photo) and trace all of the animals. I do this step because the substrate I’m using doesn’t allow for erasing do the drawing must be done elsewhere.
  • I then tape the tracing paper to my actual substrate in this case suede board. and once again trace over all the lines pushing firmly so an indentation is created in the suede.
  • Then, remove tracing paper and lightly draw over all the indentations so I can actually see them.
  • Cover the entire surface with masking film. I looked at professional stuffs which were pricey and tried using a cheap book covering vinyl with works quite well.
  • Lastly cut out the area I wish to work on. In this case one cow at a time. I must start on the left and work right so I don’t track color. I’m not a fan of working from left to right but it really is the only option as I am quite a messy artist. Heck if I was neat I wouldn’t have to do all this in the first place.

If you’d like a more picture filled version of this process I have a squidoo page tutorial on how I work with watercolor pencils on suede.

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Cowgirl was done in oil pastel on handmade paper and measured 10 x 13 1/2

One of the side benefits of doing art fairs is that it not only exposes your work to collectors and patrons but also to various galleries and art centers. As such I usually get at least one or two invites to display and exhibit a year. While flattering, this is not something that I have ever taken advantage of. Last year in particular I was approached more than usual and it got me to thinking that maybe this is something I should take a hard look at.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t leapt at the chance to have exhibitions … well, I need to sell my work in order to pay my bills and feed my critters. And I am fortunate enough that my originals sell fairly easily. Many right off the drafting table. So the idea of creating a body of work (20-35 paintings) that can’t be sold for perhaps up to 2 years is the kind of thing that makes me curl up in the fetal position with a cold sweat in the wee hours of the night.

So why now?

Because I pay attention to opportunities and the fact that I’ve been approached so often recently leads me to wonder if this might be fate’s way of saying “pay attention.”

So when asked recently if I would consider it, I said yes.

And Because Everything Is More Fun With Friends

While pondering a theme for an exhibit I came to the conclusion that maybe I’ll do a solo exhibition in the future but for this one I want to bring in a couple of friends. Both artists are people that I get on well with. Our personalities as well as our art mesh well and I’ve done exhibits and events with both. One of them (Barb McGee) and I hatched the plan for an exhibit called “Cowgirls” (namesake painting above which hatched the idea in the first place) and have been kicking it around for years

Proof God Has A Sense Of Humor

So just after I became settled to the fact that I’ll need to create 10-18 pieces of bovine beauty, (Barb McGee and Carol Herden will flush out the rest) and not sell them for at least 1 1/2 years I get an email within the hour.

An email with the word “cowgirl” in the subject line.

An email from a collector requesting the purchase or commission of cow art.

Nice one God. Very funny.

Note: We are still in the planning and paperwork stage. But if all goes well we will be doing more than one exhibit.

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