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So here’s my third little goat. In the end I brightened it up some so it would fit in with my other two baby goat pieces as I plan to sell them as sets as well as individually.

She measures 12 x 15 3/4 inches and is of course mixed media on suede.


People look at me suspiciously when I say I just scribble on my base layer like a small child. Here’s the proof.


Same shot as above I just added the water.

And finally going back in with dry layers

Prints of Sassy Pants are already available on my etsy store. You will find smaller goat prints here and larger goat prints here. Note cards and the original painting will be added soon.

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I am pushing myself a bit to create more and also giving myself permission to work on my art. I do tend to work on what pays the bills now over what pays the bills later. This means quite often my personal creative time gets set aside. What’s crazy about this is my images make up the bulk of my income so it is at least equally important to keep producing new and different works. So as of this week I give myself permission to work on my own art on Saturday and Sunday. Of course I can do so also during the week, but even when things get busy and deadlines need to be met, I will give myself the gift of the weekend.

So I am now quite often drawing out potential pieces while working on one or (gasp) sometime two at a time. This is new for me. I usually focus all of my intention on one painting at a time. So it feels good to stretch a little.

Which leads me to this bizarre looking critter. The board is about 12×16 though it’ll get cropped some to probably 10×14 inches. I plan to do a set of three and am working mostly on this but have begun the second as well and the sketch for number three being refined.

Leaving it a mystery as to what it is. Any guesses?

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I know right? Everybody got used to me blogging like twice a month. But my busy season is done and the creative juices are flowing, so I’m going with. Be aware I may drop off the radar from time to time because I’m fickle like that.

But for now …

I couldn’t stand that background being so far off so I hurried up and finished it, then profiled it and made prints and note cards. This is what the background was supposed to look like.

I do have two different sized prints available at my Etsy store. Notecards will be posted just as soon as I take a picture for the listing.



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BTW: The blue on the right side is far to bright and tourqouise-y than it is in reality but I couldn’t adjust the one side without throwing off the color on the other so it is what it is.

Decisions … decisions

So my plan for this sweet little doe was to finish the original piece but not go overboard into the Christmasy side of things. I have found my Christmas themed original paintings like Fleece On Earth and Snow Bunny don’t sell nearly as easily as the rest of the work. So I’m on the fence about adding snow to the original piece. I have the option of adding snow digitally when I’m done for the notecards.

On The Other Hand …

The two aforementioned Christmas card designs sell fabulously as cards and have in point of fact both sold around 10x the dollar amount that I would have sold their original painting counterparts for so … maybe I need to just add the snow and get it over with.

We all know men like big racks

I seriously pondered making her into a him. Again for increasing the selling factor. Had I added some horns her … ahem I mean his … sale would have been assured. Keeping her antler-less means mostly she’ll appeal to women, which is fine. Most of the collectors of my work are women.

Even if I don’t act on these thoughts I think it’s a good exercise to consider them. What elements would make this piece more popular, more likely to appeal. The artist for art’s sake would think it ridiculous to factor in marketability but since I pay my bills by what I sell, knowing and considering what sells is important. I don’t necessarily follow through on it, for instance She is still a she, but I ponder it none-the-less.


I have taken way more in progress photos of this piece than was warranted for it’s size. But I have been so bad at doing this on so many of my other pieces that I made it a point to stop and take photos. So expect a very long multi-photo post as soon as I figure out the whole to add snow or not to add snow.

Yup … I think it needs snow.


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Despite the fact that the next Cowgirl exhibit is only 6 weeks away I am doing something else. If it works out this is my design for this year’s Christmas card. (I know right! Usually I’m cranking it out sometime in mid-December) . It’s somewhat small at around 12 x 16 inches and so in theory should be rather quick. And then because I just love pressure I’m thinking about a rooster and then … maybe another cow.

The Octagon art center community gallery (which is their ground level gallery) is a beautiful space but very small so there’s a possibility that what I’ve got now won’t all fit. So we’ll see. I definitely need to get a least a couple of dairy breeds in the mix though.

No title on this yet and I don’t know whether I’ll add elements of whimsy like I have in the past with Snow Bunny and Fleece On Earth. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna add some glitter on the cards because the world needs more sparkle.

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Luna - Barn Owl Painting 10x13 inches water soluble mixed media on suede

Luna – Barn Owl Painting
10×13 inches
water soluble mixed media on suede

 Truth In Life And Art

So I created this piece back when my horse was sick and dying. I got it to about 80% completion and then just woke up one day, looked at it and thought “This is crap.” Now being the wise woman that I am I realized my bad attitude probably had more to do with life circumstances than the artwork, so I tucked it away so I wouldn’t have to look at it. And moved on.

You know when I think about it, that sort of my entire philosophy with life. Evaluate the effort I used and decide whether it’s worth more energy or time. If not, toss it away so I can freely move on. BUT if I’m a little unsure. well I bury it somewhere so I can, if not forget it, at least not have to face it daily. (Bet you weren’t prepared for a Psych 101 class with this post huh?)

Fast forward several months and I’m happily chugging along on Lulu and this little owl painting pops into my head complete in my minds eye. After a day or so I dig it out, ponder it’s crap capacity as well as my belief that I can “fix” it. Deciding it was worth a go I plant my butt in the chair for 3 hours and bring her to this. Now I don’t know that I think it’s a great painting, but I think she is “good enough.”  I can never truly judge when I’m working on a piece if it’s good art. Usually it’s not too important. (I know not very artist like of me to say it. But right now my growth as an artist is based on creating a volume of work and learning the lessons that come with that experience so …)

She is not “done” as this sort of piece is packed with a ton of minutia and details I can pick at and tweak forever. She’s very close though and I’ll live with her awhile. Probably tweaking a little here and there. I do believe it was worth salvaging. And I think for what it is, I am happy with it.

Struggling With Softness

Soft is not something I do well. I’m not entirely sure if my medium of choice doesn’t play a big part in it, but I also really love mark making. (The aforementioned Lulu is a good example of my mark making euphoria.) When doing realistic furry critters (as opposed to my representational colorist critters)  I can tone down the mark making and still make a pretty good stab at soft looking animal fur. But “downy bird feather soft” is a whole other thing. In the end what I did with this piece to get more softness in it was take a wet Q-tip and lift out areas of line. Once dry, soft scrub in color in broader strokes.

So You Wanna Know What Else I Struggle With?

Water. And yes I have apiece that is almost entirely water on my short list of future paintings because I love failure, I am a masochistic, I believe struggle makes me a better artist  like to challenge myself like that.


Wanted to add special thanks to Debra Major for allowing me to use your lovely photo for inspiration.

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This is about as early as it gets. But I have begun! (insert dramatic music … and perhaps a thunder clap. Something akin to a Frankenstein movie … “It’s ALIVE!”)

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