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  • Rosie The Red Angus
  • 16 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches.
  • Water soluble Mixed Media On Suede

And by” pretty close”, well she’s signed but I’m gonna live with her a little to see if I want to change anything.

I had to force myself to stop, because I was beginning to overwork it. Sometimes it’s best to let go and move on.

This was the first time I worked on white suede. I prefer a pewter-ish color (this allows me to go darker and lighter) but I had a sheet of white laying around and at over $40 a sheet I decided to put it in play, especially since there wasn’t going to be any white on the cow herself.

I did take a few in-progress shots so expect a start-to-finish on her in a day or two.


Looking at my collection I need to do some profiles, but the head on shots are grabbing me right now. Still I gotta get some variety going.  I also need to introduce some new background colors. More blues,  purples, yellows and (gasp) reds if I’m brave enough.. Freckles has “more” blues but still lots of the green. I need to push myself on this.

  • What I Need/Want For The Exhibit is minimally 16 paintings.
  • Cow Paintings So Far 6 (not including anything that has sold)
  • Cow Paintings Left to go 10.

I love my bright cows but would also like to get a least a couple of more realistic works in the mix. They take so much longer it is a commitment to my time management to try to include this.

The good news is I’m rather excited about art right now and don’t mind doing cow after cow. I’ve got some crow sketches laying about but I’m not sure what way I’ll go. Perhaps crow … perhaps cow.

Holstein Cow Safari

I finally got a few shots of some Holsteins yesterday. It was a sunny and a small herd was out enjoying the gorgeous Fall day. I asked the owner if it was okay and was met with a dazed and confused look but they gave me the go ahead. I explained I was a painter and about the cow art show, but that didn’t seem to help it make sense to them.

At any rate, expect a holstein or two in the future. I printed a bunch of photos today and now I just have to figure who gets done first.

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Working Title: Rosie (though it may be Ginger depending on what color story I finally settle on)

Water Soluble Mixed Media on White Suede

Approx 18×22 inches (though finished painting will be cropped more)

 All That Color Is Like A Slap In The Face

All that solid color scares the heck out of me. There’s a reason I paint stripes and spots. It’s in my comfort zone. As such I have been hitting this one pretty hard. I don’t want to stop until I reach a certain level of comfort with what I’ve got down. In reality the heifer itself is nearly completed but the lighting is gone today for photo taking so you’re getting an earlier in progress shot.

“Freckles” is nearly complete but I have set her aside to allow myself time to decide how I want to progress. Right now Freckles is a much more pastel piece than ALL of my other heifers. I think that’s okay … but I’m not sure. So she’s propped up where I can ponder my dilemma without forcing an answer. And thus I began another.

Because I Create Artificial Rules For Myself.

Anyone else do this? I really want to do something else, though I am loving doing my cows. Crows, Pelicans or a Christmas card design. But I decided I really needed to get one more cow painting done before rewarding myself with painting something else.

Kinda crazy really.

But there ya go.


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Flying Without A Net

Recently when discussing all things art with a group of fellow artists there was a moment when I was talking about my fears regarding sales for next year. I have sold more original works than I produced for the past several years. This has left my inventory quite depleted. Yes this is a good problem to have … it is none-the-less a “real” problem. Having my own gallery is awesome. It’s also stressful and exhausting. The only way my tiny gallery, in my tiny town keeps my lights on and my belly full is by juggling half a dozen different art related income streams. I gotta keep all the balls in the air to make it work. Drop one … say like loss of original artwork sales for a year … and it could potentially be financially serious. I’m single so it’s all on me to keep the cash flow … well … flowing.

So when trying to broach the subject with my art group I was met with jeers about “Oh poor you, selling too much art.” And I know it was in good fun. These are in fact a group of artists that I have known and consider some of my best friends for 10-15 years. They have been there and supported me during many of life’s trials. So to be clear I was not hurt by it, but it did in fact shame me just a little bit and thus put me on a bit on an introspective path.

I mean did it sound like I was bragging? Did I not include enough hand wringing to be clear it was in fact “not” about that. Or was I just over sharing?

Even now I feel compelled to place a disclaimer “Well, I am not a prolific artist so my outselling what I produce isn’t as impressive as it sounds.” 

When did it become shameful to talk about money?

Money Talk

After spending a summer talking openly about sales with fellow art fair artists I forget sometimes that not everyone is comfortable with this kind of conversation. Many of my art fair artist friends discuss money and sales openly because the exchange of this type of information is invaluable. Speaking vaguely serves no one. My idea of what makes a successful event, and your idea and the guy down the street, will be all very different.

When talking with my art fair friends talking real monetary numbers and whether an event was successful isn’t usually seen as bragging. Merely a sharing of information. therefor shaming at least in my circles, doesn’t occur. But when talking with other artist friends, celebrating one’s success “too much” can be seen as an abundance of ego.

All this got me to thinking and curious what you guys think. As professional artists … do you talk openly about your successes or sales (successful or otherwise) with other artists?

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Working Title: Freckles
Mixed Media: Water soluble ink, pencils, wax pastels
Approximately 19×20 inches

So many ideas … so little time.
I really have a hankerin’ to do some bird art. Pelicans, crows and owls. But since I had this cow all drawn out and laying on my drafting table for months … and since I really wanted to throw some color down, I began her.

I am half way through a drawing of Pelicans and now of course since it’s October and my yard is full of crows cleaning up the walnuts I may finally get around to trying my hand at them as well. So many ideas … so little time.

But for now I am having fun with the latest of the Moo Crew (aka The Cowgirl Collection, aka The Happy Heifers) She’s a long way from being done but you get the idea. Unlike my last heifer “Hattie” who I’m not sure ever even made it to the blog. I have been taking in progress shots of this one so there will be a start to finish post on this painting.

While slinging color on this piece I am also toying with Christmas card designs for this year’s card. (Because you know I am a multitask master) I have a deer that I sketched out last year that I’d love to try.

But it seems to me …. since I need (want)to have 12 more cows for next years exhibition … well it seems like a cow card may be in order. Moo-ey Christmas and all that.


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