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Fall Apples 'n Oats is Out!

I love the cover of this one. Doesn’t it look like it could be a painting?

So here’s the scoop Carol Eilers has decided that the magazine would die on the vine as an online only magazine and so she has sold it. Which is awesome and sad all at the same time.

Glad that it will continue on. Sad because it was a special thing and really it was because of the magazine that I made such a great friend in Carol.

Carol is editor of the next issue and then it will be handed over to the capable of Beth Burrell.

So Carol my dear go enjoy some quiet time at the cabin, or go skydiving. You know whatever feeds your soul.

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So these two photos are my booth in Rockbrook 3 weeks ago and my booth at Riverssance 2 weeks ago. Can you tell what’s changed?

I’ll give you a little hint … it’s white.

That’s right
… a different canopy. Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it lovely?

I thoroughly enjoyed using it and being able to walk away at night with my artwork still hung securely inside the tent. With the EZ-Up I always took it down overnight.

Okay here’s one more for you. What has changed between my canopy 2 weeks ago in the photo above compared to the photo below of last week?

Answer: It was hit by a truck!

At the art fair!

By another artist!


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Surprise! … I Know Right?

So um …. there has been a lot of speculation lately as to my whereabouts. There has been many reported Mona sightings and yet I have remained strangely absent from my beloved blog. Some have speculated that I was searching for sasquach in remote regions, or was abducted by aliens. And yet a couple others thought they saw me sunning my self on an exotic beach.

Unfortunately the truth is far less exciting and glamorous. I was just working really hard and going the the many and varied processes of divorce. I really wasn’t much up to blogging and was concerned there’d be way too much chatter about divorce and how it is both freeing and sucks all at the same time.

But I am good, and at a good place. I once again feel in control of my little universe and move with power and joy within it. Art fairs started out kinda slow but have improved over the season. I just finished 3 events 3 weekends in a row completely by myself. And you know what? … They were pretty much stress free. Well … except for the last one. It was actually just a tiny bit traumatizing but I think I handled the situation well. I mean there was no swearing, shouting or stabbing so in all in all I’d say I showed remarkable self restraint. I have pictures and a story to share but that will be later this week.

For today I wanted to just say that I will be back to blogging and sharing the adventures of being an artist in rural Iowa. Plus Budda has really been nagging me to get back to it. I think he misses the fame. 🙂

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