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Fall Apples 'n Oats is Out!

I love the cover of this one. Doesn’t it look like it could be a painting?

So here’s the scoop Carol Eilers has decided that the magazine would die on the vine as an online only magazine and so she has sold it. Which is awesome and sad all at the same time.

Glad that it will continue on. Sad because it was a special thing and really it was because of the magazine that I made such a great friend in Carol.

Carol is editor of the next issue and then it will be handed over to the capable of Beth Burrell.

So Carol my dear go enjoy some quiet time at the cabin, or go skydiving. You know whatever feeds your soul.

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Aren’t these little guys handsome? I’m thinking I may need to paint some babies like these sometime soon.

I know what you’re thinking but they’re not Appaloosa’s. They’re Strutnabbers.

No that’s not right.



Knabstruppers! Thaaaaat’s it. Knabstruppers.

Never heard of this rare breed? Well pick up an issue or check out the Apples ‘n Oats website and read all about ’em.

Late As Usual
So the latest issue has been out now for a week or two and I have been so caught up in my usual day to day drama of leaky roofs, art fair preparation and gallery running that I haven’t been prompt about telling you. Sorry.

So if you haven’t already got an issue, run out and get a couple because pretty soon Apples ‘n Oats is going digital copy only. Saddens me quite a bit but I can certainly understand it happening. SO go get ’em so as they’ll be collectible I’m sure.


You can stop by my booth at the Des Moines Fair Grounds this coming weekend and I’ll give you a copy.,

Sweet huh?

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Always full of great articles the new issue is out. Once again I’m not in it but then you all know that since I haven’t painted in over a year that is to be expected. But a horse painting is in the works so next time guys. 🙂

Run on out and pick up a copy or of course you can subscribe by visiting the Apples n’ Oats website.

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Fall 2011 Apples 'n Oats is Out!

So I know I usually write something here telling about how wonderful this magazine is and you should all run out and snatch up the newest issue or maybe even subscribe but I’m just not feeling like being all chatty.

Oh wait. Maybe I just did say all that. Hmm.

Once again I failed to get an article ready for it because … well you know. Frankly I haven’t painted in forever but hopefully I’ll manage the next one. Hard telling since there is so much change happening with me and I’ve got a steep learning curve to overcome.

But it IS a wonderful magazine with all sorts of wonderful information. So go get it! or just hit the Apples ‘n Oats website. AND I believe they are now on Facebook so dash out and friend them.

Okay I’m done giving orders for now.

PS Seriously how cute is this cover?

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Go and get it folks! It should be available at all the it’s usual haunts or of course you can view it online at their website applesnoats.com.

But if you’re like me and love the feel of an actual object in your hands while you read you can always subscribe.

Alas once again I won’t have an article in this issue. It seems I’m doomed to only get 3 articles a year. But as usual there’s lots of great horse information dealing with equine health, training and events located throughout the Midwest.

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The new issue is out so go get it people. As per my usual I’ve provided an excerpt from my column which this time around was about the painting Tuckered Out.

What is Cutecritteradoraphobia?
I suffer from a condition known as Cutecritteradoraphobia, which is fear of overly cute baby animals in my art.

Yeah okay, I made that up. But it does exist in the deep recesses of my fevered imagination and in reality, as an actual aversion of mine.

As with all phobias the best way to figure out how to deal with a debilitating disorder, is to try to find the root cause of it.

Hm … let’s see. I can’t blame my schooling because I’ve had no formal art training.

I can’t blame actual baby animals because I love baby animals.

And no, it’s not because overly adorable baby animal art doesn’t sell. The fact is, it does and does so quite well.

Tuckered Out
Original Painting Size 12 1/2 x 16
Print Image Size 11 3/4 x 15

So after much pondering and reflection I have decided to blame my mother. (I know … how original of me, huh?) But hear me out. She is a painter and during my early artistic endeavors she pretty well drilled it into me that painting overly cute, doe-eyed baby animals is at the very bottom of the artistic pool.

In an artistic family her saying “Cutesy is not art” rings in my head much the same way as phrases like “Eat Your Vegetables,” and “Don’t run with scissors.” Those early art lessons taught me that an adorable little Appaloosa foal touching noses with say … a baby kitten, is to art what a prepackaged snack cake is to fine dining. As a result the number of baby animals I have committed to art is countable on one hand.

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So today I leave for the Holiday Thieves Market event held at the Union Memorial in Iowa City. (Yup that in Iowa)

I have been doing this event for, hm … let me see … well at least 8 years. Some years it’s excellent and some not so much. But I keep going regardless. I’ve been doing it so long and it has always been “The End” to my art fair season it just seems only fitting that it’s how I end my art fair season every year.

The Many Way You Can Get A Copy Of The Latest Apples ‘n Oats magazine … Let me counts the ways.
Also I just got a fresh box of magazine goodness with the winter edition of Apples ‘n Oats. Man doesn’t that cover make you wish for Spring. (it’s kinda hard to see but the horses are covered in Hoar frost) As usual you may peruse the issue online by visiting the Apples ‘n Oats website. Or you can run out and pick up at a copy at the many fine equine stores in the Midwest. Lets see … Oh yeah, the always popular subsription and lastly … stop by my booth this weekend and ask me for a copy.

The art event runs Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4

See you on the other side hopefully with a new card image and a boatload of cash.

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My Trip
I’m back from my visit with mom. We had a lot of fun and now I’m plumb wore out from all the running about we did. We went to a small local zoo where I photographed some critters. I’m hopeful I’ll get a new totem critter (coyote) and a small duck painting out of my zoo time. We”ll see when I get the pics back.

We also went to visit an artist friend of moms who I hadn’t seen since I was in high school, Dale Bendel. I am absolutely annoyed to not find much of anything online about him to show you because this guy is just all kinds of brilliant. Hey paints women with the same sensitivity that I paint critters. But he also incorporates mythology and metal leaf into his paintings and wood carvings.

I know thousands of artists and rarely am I as impressed with the genius this guy puts into his work. Not to mention he carved a huge carousal horse which sits in his living room. Yup it took all of my personal restraint not to climb up and ask om to take a picture. It was stunning. Oh and he’s a sous chef in his spare time. (yeah I know right?)

The good news was the ghosties remained silent for my visit so maybe the next time I go back I won’t be dreading it quite so much. Okay enough of my trip.

And when I got back I had a box of the latest issue of Apples ‘n Oats waiting for me. So as my usual I’ll include an excerpt for your reading pleasure. To see the whole article rush on out and get yourself a copy. OR just check out the Apples ‘n Oats website. Yup my article is there too. Just peruse the sidebar.

Those Clever Girls
One of my favorite memories of these horses was several years ago when I awoke in the morning to the tell tale signs (manure piles and dinner plate sized hoof prints) of horses having run amok in the yard. After checking to make sure my horse was safely grazing in the pasture, I immediately called my neighbors to tell them the girls were out.

We received a call back a few minute later to say that all their horses were in the yard paddock. “Huh” was all I could say to that.

The following evening in the wee hours, I was awakened by strange noises. As I looked out my living room window, I saw giant black shapes moving about in the darkness. The noises were the horses stepping on the cellar door and it groaning under the weight. They seemed to be intrigued by it as a few moments after stepping back off it, they would step back on. Frankly it a miracle it held them.

So with the dawn came a repeat of the previous morning, where I call and again the horses are all peaceably waiting by the barn.

After the second call my neighbors did a more thorough search. As it turns out after a closer inspection, the fence was found to be weak in one area. The mares apparently pushed on it and just stepped over. How the whole herd managed this is unclear. Whether one held it down for all to leave and all to return or whether each horse did the same maneuver to attain freedom is still known only to them.

Whatever the case, the end result was they frolicked and cavorted in our yard all night long (probably taunting my horse and sheep with their freedom.) Then just before dawn they’d return, sneaking back in the same way they got out. Only to be found standing around waiting for their breakfast grain ration looking bored and hungry. And if it weren’t for my ratting them out, they’d probably have continued doing it for quite some time.

Those clever, clever girls.

UPDATED: Okay so maybe it’s help if I spelled the guys name correctly. Dale Bandel. His artwork is awesome and I really got to say the photos on his webpage do not (at all) do them justice.

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The Latest Apples 'n Oats Is Out

The latest Apples ‘n Oats is now available at all the usual locations.

Actually it’s been out for a couple of weeks now but I just haven’t been blogging as faithfully since my world has been all chaos and work.

Sadly, I have no article for this issue so once again I have failed to fulfill this years goals list by having an article in every issue. Who knew it would be that hard to do four horse paintings a year.

Weekend Fun
For the next issue I should give some serious though to a Percheron piece since this next issue will be at the World Percheron Congress and so will I.

Actually the very next thing I’ve got to do is a rodeo bull for the Rolfe Rodeo and Saddle Club Commemorative t-shirt artwork. So that’s my plans for this weekend despite a mountain of framing and preparation for the next art fair weekend after next. Hopefully I will get it done this weekend or very nearly so. (no pressure in my life at the moment)

I’ll post what I got (or lack thereof) tomorrow.

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Isn’t he just the cutest little guy. Makes me want to squeeze his fuzzy little nose, followed by a kiss of course.

At any rate you know the drill. Either run out and get yourself a copy or get a subscription from the Apples ‘n Oats website.

Below is an excerpt from the article about my Spanish Gold painting.

An Excerpt
“Of course I was not alone in my adoration as Big Al was almost constantly surrounded by fans. I, however was by far the most tenacious, probably because I was there for a completely different reason than all the others. I was on a mission to get some seriously beautiful horse photos.

When I got my photos developed, it was very much like Christmas. I’d be carefully opening up the many packages and rifling through all that glossy equestrian goodness, all the while breathing in the deeply that hint of developing chemical wafting from the photos. Ahhh! All in all, I took around 800 pictures that weekend with well over 400 being of Big Al. Choosing on which of the photos to base the first painting, took quite awhile (like aound a year.) “

Let the Preparations Begin.
Well as it’s Sunday you might think I’d be working on my Buffalo painting but alas no. I am packing my artwork so I can deliver it tomorrow to the Redrock Art Center in Fairmont MN with my friend Barb for our joint show.

The reception is set for the 16th and I plan to take some pictures for the blog. I may even take a few of the hanging if I can remember the camera.

Have a great weekend ya’ll

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