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Chaos and the New Year

So my gallery computer went tits up quite some time ago. At first I put a lot of effort into trying to resurrect it, new hard drive, new memory etc. But nope…it’s dead. So now working on constructing a new one. In an effort to be able to run my printer I wiped my laptop and installed drivers which is awesome cuz I can print now …but also sucky … cuz I can’t use it either for communing online. This leaves me my phone and my tablet which is how I’m writing this. Hard telling how much if anything I’ll be able to recover. Meaning my taxes, photos and any in progress prints I had may all be lost to the stratosphere.

But ya’ll know me… I throw a huge pity party complete with stomping of feet and pouty face, then get on with the business at hand. One step at a time.

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