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Colton Comes Home

I recently received an update email from Karla Siebert regarding Colton and his recovery. Here is her email in part as I have trimmed some of it, due to it’s length.

Colton was taken back to ISU on Friday. Dr. Betts, the surgeon and the ophthalmologist at ISU explained to us the eye, the procedure and the possibilities of his sight in that eye. His report was this “Colton will never be able to read, however he should be able to see objects at afar and his sight should improve in weeks to come”. The second vet, came in and did a new test on Colton’s retinas in both eyes. The retina’s have been damaged, and said it’s unknown if Colton will be able to see in either eye.

We loaded Colton back onto the trailer, and came home. Once Colton was back to his foster home, he jumped out of the horse trailer, and his buddies Blaze and Sonny came dashing over to greet him. Colton immediately put his head up in the air “looked” straight at both of them and cried out.

“Colton will never be able to read, however he should be able to see objects at afar and his sight should improve in weeks to come.”

We led him into the pasture, where Blaze did his little posturing of “Hey buddy I’m the king here”, and for the first time ever, I experienced Colton’s posturing. He cranked his neck, nose to nose with Blaze, (vs. running Blaze over because he couldn’t see him like before) and they both smelled each others nose, and Colton went to the rear to do the same thing. Then Sonny came trotting over to Colton and he did the same thing.

Colton ran around some, and again for a first time, he slammed on his brakes about 8 feet from the fence and stopped. vs. possibly running into it, as he has come very close to doing that in the past. Having the new snow here, I wasn’t sure how he would recover if he couldn’t see, because his marks have been recently covered with snow. He did very well. He looked at trees, and then we went into the paddock area where the barn is with Blaze. Colton appeared to look at things as he has not done in the past. He went into all three stalls without bumping into his sides, walked in each of them, took a nibble of hay from each stall and came out to be with Blaze.

The long term effect on this particular eye is unknown. I am confident that he does see things, just not close up. Because of the retina damage we are unsure what the next step is, except to watch him for the next 45-60 days and see how he comes along. “IF” he appears to still have some vision in the 1st eye, we will reevaluate the second eye for the possibility of removing the second cataract.

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One Last Plug For Colton

Okay this is the last time I’ll push the Colton images, I promise. (Well . . . better make that probably.)

We just added two new ways to get some Colton artwork and same as before, 50% of the print proceeds goes to IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League) to help Colton with his surgical expenses.

We are now offering the large sized print with a framed option. (Shown Here) Also we now have greeting cards available in boxed sets of 6. Just visit my website www.wildfacesgallery.com for more information or to place your order.

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Colton's Recuperation

Here’s the latest on Colton’s first eye surgery. He is having one eye operated on, at a time.

Once again the commentary is in Karla Sieberts’ own words. Karla is the president of IERAL (the Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League.) and she has been the driving force in helping Colton regain his sight.

Colton is at AEC and traveled well yesterday, despite the horrible winds/weather. Colton loaded on the trailer like a charm, and is a VERY GOOD BOY! He is now settling it at AEC, he will be there for approx. 30 days, with med’s being administered 4 times a day. He is located in the Stallion barn if any one is interested in seeing him.

I can not explain, how thrilled I am on Colton’s behavior. He is such a well mannered boy, who has probably never seen the light of day. Let’s hope that he will regain some sight in the first eye in the next few weeks, and his disposition remains as he is today, calm and very quick to learn!

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Colton Prints

Buy a print and help support IERAL’s efforts, to restore Colton’s sight.

50% all of print sales of this image will go to IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League) for Colton’s medical expenses. With the purchase of a print, your name will be added to the list of donors (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous) for Colton’s eye surgery.

The Colton print comes in two sizes. Just click on the image for more details.

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Colton Update

I received an email recently from Karla Siebert of IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League) regarding Colton. They took Colton to ISU (Iowa State University) on Monday to get his eyes evaluated.

According to Karla, he did amazingly well, for never being away from foster care for the past 14 months! Below is part of Karla’s email.

“Dr. Betts, thought both eyes were candidates for the corrective cataract surgery, so we agreed to start with one and then see how that goes. Interesting enough, Dr. Betts felt that Colton has been blind possibly since birth or shortly after.

On Tuesday, the surgery was suppose to happen, however Colton’s blood work came up odd. On Wednesday they retested the blood, and they moved forward with removing one cataract from one of his eyes.

I spoke to Dr. Betts last evening and he said the cataract was extremely yellow, old, and hard, meaning it had been there for a very long time. The eye was swollen more than usual, because of the size of the cataract, but felt Colton would do well.

I will get a report from him today as well, and hope to pick Colton up on Saturday, if all goes as planned. Colton will be at Dr.Abraham’s for at least 30 days for recovery, will have a tube for draining, and drops will be administered.

This experience will be very interesting to say the least. This horse is 7 years young, and probably (according to Betts) has never been able to see. Colton is a very calm Arabian who I think will adjust fine to his new world, but we will wait to see, how things go.

We’ve been approached by an anonymous donor wanting to match “new” donations for Colton starting Monday of this week up to $1000.00. So, if you know anyone who would be willing to donate to Colton and his ability to see for the first time in his life, please have them send donation to IERAL C/O Colton, PO Box 8726 Cedar Rapids, IA 52408.

The surgery is estimated to cost $3200.00 per eye, with the 30 day recovery. We have had some donations for Colton, so thank you for supporting him prior to his first surgery, and we need to continue on with recovery and 2nd eye surgery, after the 1st of the year.

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The IERAL Fund Raiser

After some hesitation (and some convincing by my hubby) I decided to attend the IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League) fund raiser. My trepidation stems from my naturally anti-social personality. Plus, I had no idea what to expect. I’m not the hob-nobbing type. But no cause for concern, it was very rustic and very much my kind of crowd. I mean it was held in a barn!

They had live music in the loft (or perhaps it was a mow?) with wine and cider tasting, gourmet carmel/chocolate apples and miscellaneous noshes.

Outside, you could meet some of the horses available for adoption. They also had a fire going to complete the whole experience. All in all an enjoyable weekend.

This is me (of course) with Karla Siebert (on the right.) Karla is president of IERAL. She also runs a frame shop (among many, many other things) and she is the one who framed the original painting of Colton. The mat looks kinda dark here, but it is a lovely blue-green color, which looks great with the painting.

I didn’t stay all the way until the end, so I’ve no idea what became of the original painting. We had made some smaller prints of it and they seemed to be selling pretty well. The event had a pretty good crowd, so hopefully it was a success.

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The Other Horses of IERAL

Or more appropriately: Some of the other horses of IERAL.

I thought I’d show you a few of the other horses at IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue and Awareness League) that I had the option to paint for the fund raiser which is to be held this Saturday, October 25th. You can visit IERAL website for more details. or to see who is available for adoption, or make a donation at any time.

Thoroughbreds have such great faces and contours. Also I was liking the idea of a grouping. They were a little bony, though it was not so obvious to see in this photo. I really liked these guys. They were a very close second choice. If Colton hadn’t won me over with his sweetness, it probably would have been them on the print.

This is Bo. He is Colton’s father. You can see the family resemblance. Bo is another really pretty horse.

I have a soft spot for arabs. They were the first breed I fell in love with. Of course the Black Stallion helped that along quite a bit. For most of my childhood Arabians were my dream horse. How I went from petite and lovely, to Roman nosed and rotund, I’ve no idea.

How cute is he. This was Colton’s pasture mate when I was out taking picture. He was kinda stand offish but he and Colton got on well enough.

IERAL had several other horses up for adoption as well. But these (and of course Colton) were the horses I photographed the most.

Tomorrows post: When Good Dogs, Go Bad (It’s not what you think.)

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