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I’ve no idea what kind of calf this is, it was not photographed in the US so that makes it even harder for me to guess. Anyone wanna take a guess because it just so far along it’s gotta be obvious … right?



Here it is just a tiny bit farther along. This one will be a little more on the realistic side but still part of the “Cowgirl Collection.” My goal is to finish her (or really darn close to it) this weekend which means taking it home at night and working on it at the house. But I’m kinda excited about it. I was drawn to her (though most likely it was a him) for the googly eye (of course) the spots, and also the coloration. As I get farther along* you’ll see what I mean. It’s actually very similar in color to the original “Cowgirl” painting that sorta started this all.

At some point I think I’m gonna get brave and try to create a piece done in that very watercolor wash style. (kinda like the muzzle area) I’ll have to try to control my urges for mark making and just let the loose softness carry me away. This would require me to put in a lot of forethought and be careful with my scribbles (see ear area) but I think I can do it.

… I think.

*Actually I am farther along there’s just a lag between me posting and what I get accomplished each day. As I write this her (yes I’m going with HER) head is pretty much done.

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No she isn’t done, I just happened to have the orange frame laying around. It’s actually rust colored so my color balance on this photo needs to be adjusted. (way … adjusted)So it (the frame) is how I based the cropping of her.

As the title indicates, she isn’t done but I have one week before the cowgirl show kicks off so I figure I need to do at least one more and two if the stars align. And then … I’ll go back in and finish her up. And if they don’t you ask? Well she may just go to the show like this.

An artist friend asked me “What happens if she sells?” without skipping a beat I’m like “Awesome!”

Sunday Sneak Peek Returns

So tomorrow I’ll post the piece I’m working on next. I’m kinda lovin’ her.

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ButtercupWIP1The early beginning of Buttercup the Charolais Heifer.

So right after I tell you I was away so long because of a death but I’m back now … well my father in law passed away. Well more correctly my ex-husbands father. With whom I was close. Even after the divorce Ray made it a point to tell me often he considered me his daughter and I would always be family. He always signed cards and gifts “Love Dad.” so … I took more time to ponder the brevity of life.

Who knew a year and a half could go by so quickly

I can’t believe I agreed to do this exhibit that long ago and it’s here in a blink of an eye. It was a good stretch for me to create an entire exhibit worth (or more accurately 1/3 of an exhibit) from scratch. I doubt I’d do it again though, but I for the most part thoroughly enjoyed the process.

The truth is this piece is very much close to done as I write this. Down to tweaking stage anyway and currently is even in a frame. The exhibition is in just a couple of weeks and I am beginning a new cow piece today. If I have time I’ll tweak her (meaning Buttercup here) before the show otherwise she’s going as is and I’ll tweak her after.

I left my camera at home or I would have taken a current photo so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or there-abouts)

I wonder …. after spending so much time working on a series, how does one stop? We have this exhibit scheduled elsewhere so even when this one gets under way I will still be making more to flush out the show. But eventually … I will have to stop … won’t I?

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