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ButtercupWIP1The early beginning of Buttercup the Charolais Heifer.

So right after I tell you I was away so long because of a death but I’m back now … well my father in law passed away. Well more correctly my ex-husbands father. With whom I was close. Even after the divorce Ray made it a point to tell me often he considered me his daughter and I would always be family. He always signed cards and gifts “Love Dad.” so … I took more time to ponder the brevity of life.

Who knew a year and a half could go by so quickly

I can’t believe I agreed to do this exhibit that long ago and it’s here in a blink of an eye. It was a good stretch for me to create an entire exhibit worth (or more accurately 1/3 of an exhibit) from scratch. I doubt I’d do it again though, but I for the most part thoroughly enjoyed the process.

The truth is this piece is very much close to done as I write this. Down to tweaking stage anyway and currently is even in a frame. The exhibition is in just a couple of weeks and I am beginning a new cow piece today. If I have time I’ll tweak her (meaning Buttercup here) before the show otherwise she’s going as is and I’ll tweak her after.

I left my camera at home or I would have taken a current photo so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or there-abouts)

I wonder …. after spending so much time working on a series, how does one stop? We have this exhibit scheduled elsewhere so even when this one gets under way I will still be making more to flush out the show. But eventually … I will have to stop … won’t I?

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So it took me awhile until I found my voice

I think the problem was that my models for these two, though different cattle were both a dingy gray solid with no flashy color. Well … that wouldn’t do. So I started adding some flash but still working fairly realistic in color and wasn’t really connecting. The more I worked the more color I kept pumping into it until finally it all kinda clicked.  Neither of these two are done BTW, Lots more to bring them to life but at least I am enthused about them now.

Here’s the panoramic of their placement on the whole.

It measures (working size) 20×40 inches and is mixed media on suede (cuz’ that seems to be my thing now.) The weird wrinkles are because this piece has a film over it. For more info as to why, you can read this post on my artistic process.


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