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On Aging and Snowpants

Hopefully by now everyone has recovered from their turkey comas, Since today is Sunday, I am in the gallery pondering a new cow painting. This time a group of Holsteins (dairy cattle.) I will talk more on them next post, when I’ve actually done something to talk about.

Anywho, as I sit here, I realize that I must be adjusting to this whole getting older thing. I’ve recently done two things that drew me to this conclusion.

The Two Things

1. We recently bought a Nintendo DS with the intention of playing Big Brain Academy and similar type games. After all my talk of playing bloodthirsty, alien huntin’, bag guy killin’, shoot before you think, style games. We have finally purchased an age appropriate game. (I wonder what’s next . . . Mahjong and card parties?)

For those unfamiliar with Big Brain Academy (and the many other versions out there) it is developed to test and strengthen your mental performance. Some studies have been shown that doing this sort of activity is good for maintaining mental acuity as you age and for staving off Alzheimer’s. (As are many activities such as painting.)

2. The aforementioned snowpants. My husband has been nagging me every single winter since . . . well since we were married, some 18 years ago, to buy a pair. I always stubbornly refused. Mike would point to the thermometer outside, I’d say “Oh give me a break, it’s only 20 below, jeans and sneakers will be fine.” Mike, would sigh heavily, accompanied by much rolling of eyes.

I grew up in rural Minnesota where, unless you owned a snowmobile, you were considered a pansy (well thats not actually the word used. The actual word is spelled similarly, but since this is a family friendly blog . . .) for wearing them. Now my redneck family honored and rewarded tuffness. For instance, a favorite winter test was to run barefoot to grandma’s house (a block away) in knee-deep drifts. (Uh-huh, thaaats right! I did mention we grew-up redneck. Though interestingly enough, besides encouraging the visual arts, we also listened to allot of classical music. Go figure. I guess we were our own special breed of redneck. )

Finally this year I agreed. I walk a couple of miles everyday, for my health. And as it is now below freezing most days, the idea of of going out in the cold becomes less and less appealing. Now however, bundled in my new snowpants. (No photo supplied, because I have to draw the line somewhere on my humiliations for your amusement) I feel all toasty and warm in the harshest winds. Though I have been heckled by one person, I don’t care. My cheeks won’t get chapped this year.

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Christmas Comes Early

So I was playing with my Christmas present this morning. Ahem… yea, I know. Christmas is still 5 weeks away. But I mean, come on. I had to try it out to make sure everything worked the way it was supposed to, didn’t I? Warranties don’t last forever.

Now I’ll let you in one of my painters secrets. I am a gamer. They actually help me be more productive while painting. Now I would really like to say I play something more age appropriate like trivia or Brain Age or even mahjong (well, maybe in another decade or so.) But the truth is, I love first person shooters. Blood and Gore, Bring it on! As a woman of 40 it is slightly embarrassing that a PS2 was my Christmas wish. (Mind you, I didn’t go for a PS3. Which just goes to show you that I am sooo…not cool. Do they even say cool anymore?) Currently I am playing Black by EA Games. It had been advertised as gun porn. It is an older game (Once again my uncoolness showing through.) I love it.

When I think of gamers, I tend to think of pimply faced teenage boys staring glassy eyed at the TV for hours on end. And Ummm, yes I have been known to play it until I think my carpal tunnel can’t take it any more. I wonder if arthritis pills would mean I could play longer. Hmmm.

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