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Aren’t these little guys handsome? I’m thinking I may need to paint some babies like these sometime soon.

I know what you’re thinking but they’re not Appaloosa’s. They’re Strutnabbers.

No that’s not right.



Knabstruppers! Thaaaaat’s it. Knabstruppers.

Never heard of this rare breed? Well pick up an issue or check out the Apples ‘n Oats website and read all about ’em.

Late As Usual
So the latest issue has been out now for a week or two and I have been so caught up in my usual day to day drama of leaky roofs, art fair preparation and gallery running that I haven’t been prompt about telling you. Sorry.

So if you haven’t already got an issue, run out and get a couple because pretty soon Apples ‘n Oats is going digital copy only. Saddens me quite a bit but I can certainly understand it happening. SO go get ’em so as they’ll be collectible I’m sure.


You can stop by my booth at the Des Moines Fair Grounds this coming weekend and I’ll give you a copy.,

Sweet huh?

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So somewhere around 10 days ago I did my first event of the season. I know … I know … I can’t believe I’ve been away for so long from the blog that I completely went through an art fair and then some.

The event was awesome. Sadly I’ve no photos to document it.

The weather was perfect and my Friend Linda and her dog Dotty was along for the ride and to help me. Linda enjoyed herself and for the most part things went pretty swimmingly. Sales were really good, mostly lots of little stuffs. But I also sold the Birds of a Feather original as well as dropped off the Kirk painting on our way through. SO all in all best year ever for me at the Iowa City Summer Arts Festival.

So to compensate for lack of photos I thought I’d give you a few statistics for this particular event.

Iowa City Summer Of The Arts Event

* 123 artists were displaying at the event. 226 had applied.
* Jewelry was the most applied for category with 43 applicants.
* Artists from 19 states participated.
* Iowa artist represented 49% of applicants but only 29% of accepted artists. (which I think is incorrect despite being printed in the events promo info. Because it also says 80 Iowa artists were selected to participate. Lets see 80 goes into 123 artists by …? Perhaps 71% instead of 29%?) Anywho …

Number of Artists Per Category
Ceramics – 14
Printmaking – 4
Painting – 20
Metal – 6
Glass – 7
Drawing – 4
Sculpture – 7
Photography – 13
Mixed Media – 11
Jewelry – 17
Fiber – 12
Wood – 8

I must say the event did a really good job of diversifying their artists. So often these things are jewelry and ceramic heavy. Which of course means there’s money to be made in those categories. But then again you have stiff competition in not only selling with tons of other vendors but also with just applying to get into any given event.

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