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Why a zebra of course.
Since it has been a long time coming (as in I started drawing these zebras in June) I am in the process of finding myself. I want it punch drunk with color but it will most likely take me at least one zebra (maybe two) before I settle into my color palette and embrace the courage to push my color comfort zone.

But I think I’m off to a good start. I

The finished size will be 18×40 inches. This is a mixed media of water-soluble ink and water-soluble wax pastel done on suede. I cover the suede with a masking film to protect the surface that will not have pigment, and cut away the film as I progress from left to right.

For more information on how I do this process you can check out my art tutorial on the subject.

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Okay so know this photo kinda sucks. Part of the problem is that it is 20 x 42 inches and another is it is drawn on tissue paper.

This is a piece I started in the early part of last year and set aside not to touch again for 7 months or so. That sort of happening usually spells burn pile for a concept. But oddly enough I pulled this out and thought, “Huh, this has potential.”

For those who have been following my blog for awhile, know how I do what I do. But since I’ve moved I thought I’d briefly describe my process.

I’ve been enjoying these panoramic pieces where I cram a bunch of animals in a row. Sometimes they are all to scale with each other. And sometimes these are jam packed together like I went nuts in photoshop.

But here’s the thing. Even though the end result looks like I photoshopped the image in truth I don’t. I actually sketch each animal separately (and usually a few extras which never make it) cut them out and arrange and rearrange them until I get a composition I like. I like to think I take this labour intensive high road because, I am an artist dammit! I wasn’t clever enough to do it in photoshop it’s part of the process.

Once I get a layout I like, I trace the image onto tracing paper which I then move over onto my suede board and retrace the image onto the suede. The reason for all of this? I can’t erase on suede board. Once a mark is made it stays.

So my plans for this piece is to hit it hard with the magic juju stick. I intend to make it very colorful. I envision golds, purples and reds galore.

We shall see.

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Getting Some Balance

Worst Puzzle Ever!

Worst Puzzle Ever!

It’s been like 7 months since I’ve created any art and since I make my living selling my art …. well, I really need to get after it.

I don’t normally go this long without creating but as many of you know I had a very full year. But finally I am feeling like I have a handle on the divorce, the giclee and digital side of the business and lastly by the blessedly busy year I had. As such I actually worked at the gallery pretty much every single day that I wasn’t at an art fair.

So you can understand why at this point when a Sunday rolls around I really want to just stay home. So in an effort to make the creative process as easy as possible I bought a drafting table for the house. And this was the random assortment of pieces parts that tumbled from the box. But less than 2 hours later it’s together,

And surprise! I spent the day working on a drawing that I am actually excited about. (Whew! I was getting to feel just a little bit worried that it may never happen.)

More on what I’m doing next post.

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I woke this morning to one of my favorite phenomenon of winter. Hoar frost. That stuff makes any old thing glorious. The photo really doesn’t do it justice.

I had to spend some extra time out with the horse this morning just to enjoy the quiet sparkly beauty.

For those of you not familiar that weird wheelie thing-a-ma-jig is a hay rake.

So the blog is moved and firmly ensconced on this platform but my subscription list is not. I plan to try to get it moved to the new blog but since I am technically stunted in a few key areas I may not be able to pull it off.

So if you want to continue to follow me just click the button at the top of this page to do so.

And you know what?

I think this art blog may eventually contain art. I know it’s been like forever huh?

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I Know Right?

So yeah you all pretty gave up on me since it is now 2 moths since my last post. Well it was so I could move it to my new digs. My server crashed and my traffic stats were showing a dramatic increase from all of my sites so I had to do some house cleaning.

But I’m back now baby and here’s hoping it works in all the ways I need it too.

I tried to make it look similar in order for there not to be too much change but I am looking forward to being able to manage it better.

In Other News I’m Now On Facebook
I know. It always takes me longer than the norm to jump into technology but I finally succumbed to … well everyone. And so in my first week I created not only one page (my personal) but also a business page for both Wild Faces Gallery and Wild Faces Giclee. The later focuses on showcasing the latest prints that WFG does for the amazingly talented artists.They are all very new but I see them as a natural extension of my blog. Of course my blog is gonna still be me, only more raw. I think the professional me may not approve but I gotta have someplace to run wild.

So I’m back bitches my dear friends.

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