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IMG_20171231_122358183.jpgSeems like a good way to go. Spending the last day of 2017 and first day of 2018 working on a painting. You might think that making a living as an artist means you are creating your heart out all of the time but for me at least the majority of the time I am running my art business. So free time to create is wonderful and rare.

It’s ridiculously cold here with the highs in the negatives and the lows scary level negatives. So high today -9. As a result I am hunkered down at the farm. I’m doing plenty of online web store work but brought home a little something to play with too. Sadly I forgot my milk house heater (small personal heater) which helps the suede dry quickly. My base coat of ink I use water the rest is done dry.

Here’s my scribble drawing. It’s going to be an alpaca. The third in a series. Sorry for the sucky photo. Light in my house not the best and no photo shop on my Chromebook to improve it.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back to blogging again. I’ve missed it and all of you greatly. Must mean my life is gaining some normalcy but there’s some big changes in my future. Moving off my acreage in a few months for starters. As well as after 6 years separated, divorced and on my own I’m dating so that’s exciting and terrifying. But I fully intend to take you all along for the ride on all the newness.

Makes my heart Happy to play with art again. Still got a commission piece to complete but it’s gotta be done at the gallery where the lighting is good. A horse needs to be the same color as it is in real life if at all possible. 🙂


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This isn’t a real post. It’s more a rambling of nonsensical stuffs that means … well … not much. But sometimes … just sometimes, it’s feels good to let the crazy out. Fell free to skip this one. 🙂

So you’d think being an artist that I would in fact sketch.  It is after all a really important aspect to being an artist, the ability to draw. Or at least it is for someone who’s actual method of creating art is drawing not painting.

But in point of fact I don’t.


I used  to.

But don’t now.

Anywho, I used sketch and doodle a lot. Perhaps it was before I turned this art thing into my living. Or perhaps it’s  because the way I work has changed. When I now have an idea for creating I do the rough sketch and then go in and clean it up to almost a coloring book like look. This is because I now tend to work on surfaces in which I can’t actually erase on. So the drawing must be simplified for tracing and copying over to the delicate substrate.

Another reason is because currently I don’t have loads of free time to spend doing an activity which produces no real results in the short term. Yes long term sketching is very good for the artist’s soul and skill set. I know this. I believe this. But none-the-less when I come up with an idea, then I work on that idea. I don’t randomly do trifling bits of drawing destined for well … nothing.

So why now you ask?

I had planned on taking a piece to demonstrate on at Riverssance since I knew the weather was going to be perfect. And while I had something almost ready it wasn’t close enough. I need to have a piece started. It doesn’t have to be far along. But whenever I begin a piece at an art fair it always ends in the trash. And I’ve already explained why I don’t do non productive or non result oriented things.

So I brought my journal along to the event. I have a hankerin’ to do another giraffe piece (and flamingo and wolf) so I grabbed a few photo and sketched out several heads shots that may be part of the new piece but are not it in it’s entirety. And most likely will not be used at all.

I felt I had better document it. You know like a UFO sighting or something. To have readily available proof that yes indeedy, I do sketch for no real purpose other than it’s enjoyable.

And it was.

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