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Rhino Painting From Start To Finish

I forgot to post the start to finish on my Rhino. In case you’re curious yes she did sell and is already in her new home.

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A Womans Prerogative

Okay, so I changed my mind and started the rhino first. Mostly because he looked quick and easy, while the bear is going to be one challenge after the other for me. I plan to begin making drawing changes tomorrow on my bear. And will post the final drawing before beginning the color work.

I kinda took some liberties with the rhino’s coloring, (as I am wont to do on these handmade paper pieces.) I’m not thrilled with my color combination of blue and rust. However I think he will look interesting once I get him all framed up. I plan to put him on ultramarine blue suede and frame similarly to my purple buffalo.

Much like my purple buffalo was just an okay piece, so is my blue rhino. Hopefully he will sell. My buffalo sold less than 48 hours after I framed him. So maybe that just goes to show I am not so great a judge of my artwork, as I may think I am.

I think the image would be much stronger if I cropped it. Essentially losing everything to the right of the first leg. I want to keep the deckled edges so it would be a delicate operation to tear the paper to get deckling, without tearing the painting. I may just do it anyway. What do you guys think?

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