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Blue Rhino on Hand Made Paper
Oil Pastel 10.5 x 13
Copyright by Mona Majorowicz

It was another good month for selling originals and surprisingly (or perhaps not so much if you’ve been reading my blog) all were sold out of the gallery. (as in not at art shows)

I thought I would go ahead and show how I framed my Rhino. Since last I talked of it I was unsure if I would be tearing it up (creative cropping) or boxing it (as in putting it in a box and ignoring it.) Once framed my opinion of him dramatically improved.

My rhino is going to his new home because I utilized my mailing list and sent out an email (with jpeg) to all those who have expressed an interest in my exotic animal work. He sold within a week. No matter where you are at, beginner or professional, a mailing list is at the top of the must have’s. Start collecting names now!

Why do I need a mailing list?
Well it goes back to the if you want to make a living selling your work, you’ve got to market it. Here’s what I use mine for.

  • I send out postcards to patrons when I am returning to their area for an event.
  • I send out new print release postcards
  • I send out special invitations to gallery events
  • I send out Christmas cards to all my patrons (yes, that is a big job)
  • And lastly as mentioned here for the Rhino, I give first chance to buy originals to my patrons. Thats my way of saying “You’re special enough that you get first pick.” That kind of personal attention goes over in a big way. And of course I am appreciative of the fact that they are willing to pay for my art and keep me and my critters feed.

Where to begin
Gathering names is not so hard as you might think. Of course it does depend on how you sell your work but in general a good place to start is at the artshows or artfairs you participate in. You can put out an address book for your mailing list. Also from sales you’ve already had. Keep track of their names and address’s. It may take some time to build a list of decent size, but it willl grow as you do.

There are varying philosphies on collecting names. Some say put anybody on your list. Friends, family, coworkers. Just get something down and started.

I don’t know if it is just my nature but I rarely put out a mailing list book in my booth. This may well not be the best strategy. In the early days when I did put out a book, I got hundreds of names. These are people saying “Yes, please sell to me!” Which by the way, is exactly what your after.

For me, In the end most of the names resulted in no sales. Perhaps they would have given more time. But as you know I am a woman with limited amounts of time so I only market to my target audience. This is generally people who have bought from me before or have expressed an interest in some original work that I have yet to create. (for instance someone wants a rhino painting, but I don’t currently have one in my gallery. I put them on my list and contact them when I do.)

In an upcoming post I will discuss mailing lists a little more. Also I have started a new tiger painting and will post some wips of it tomorrow. (Forgot my camera at home today.)

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