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Fur in the Paint

Proof of FurSo it’s official. I have decided to call my blog, Fur in the Paint. Blog Me! was just sort of a filler title. I kinda hung on to it because Blog Me! Reminded me so much of F@&k Me! Which is actually my favorite curse. (This may come as a surprise to even those who know me quite well.) Usually stated in a bit of a whine, such as “Oh, f@&k me!” (Hey, what can you expect from someone who was raised by parents whose colorful references would have made a drunken sailor blush.)

But I decided that this was not really the energy I wanted as the masthead of my blog. So I went with the far more cuddly version of Fur in the Paint. Which is a reference to me constantly picking Oliver’s hairs out of the oil pastel. As previously stated, oil pastel never completely dries so it binds in the cat hair quite nicely. Mike likes to say that’s how you really know you have a Mona original, by the cat hair.

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