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Personally I like to think animals are smarter than this

So I have yet to decide if this article is for real or a publicity stunt. Either way it strikes me just a little bit ludicrous. A zoo has banned the wearing of animal print clothes because “it upsets the animals.”

Really zoo owners … really.

Okay maybe on some deep instinctual level … oh wait … nope not even then.

Unless the big cats have recently been pulled off the windswept Serengeti the closest thing they’ve come to associating zebra print as food is if their ground up vitamin enriched meat meal arrives in a fancy zoo motif bowl.

Now that’s not to say they wouldn’t kill for food or instinctual sport. They most certainly would. I just don’t think it would have to be gift wrapped in giraffe leggings and leopard stilettos to incite it.

Perhaps … maybe I could see a tiger being intrigued by someone wearing tiger print. But then would they not also have to ban beige, tan and browns for lions and black for panthers?

Maybe this calls for a little experiment.

Because Lord knows I have photographed my share of sleeping lions (see photo above) over the years just hoping one might pop open an eyeball long enough for the camera shutter to snap.

Perhaps the next time when it’s hot and the cats are drowsy I’ll try spronking back and forth in front of the lions in a zebra leotard onesy to see if I can attract any attention.

Attention from the lions that is.




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