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16 1/2″ x 22″
Watercolor Pencil Painting on Arches 140# Hot Press

So here he is all finished. I waited to post him until I sent an image to Karla Siebert of IERAL. He is a little more portrait-y than I would have liked. But it is a pretty enough painting that it will hopefully make them some money. I chose to do a background very similar to Catch’s portrait because of the time constraints. (Meaning I had no time to start again if I buggered it up.)

Progression of the painting,

The early stages with only the nose completed.

Head and neck are complete and shoulder is started.

Body is completed.

The mane is added.

The early stages of the background. Many changes yet to come before the painting is declared finished.

Finished image (same as the top most pic.) He is slightly tilted in this photo because I didn’t get it quite square in the camera lens. However, he is also leaning forward in the painting as that is how he stood much of the time while I was there. I imagine since he is blind, he does this when he’s curious about something.

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What's That Noise?

Shh . . . do you hear it? It sounds like a kind of a frantic pitter-patting. No, it’s not Budda trying to catch me unawares. That my friends is the sound of panic . . . (in a hushed voice) and I think it’s gaining on me.

So I am down to the wire on the Colton painting. I have 2 weeks left (and that includes time for scanning and print making AND shipping. Plus depending on time and just how generous I am feeling, framing as well. YIKES!!!)

I haven’t done a single thing on the Colton painting since the last time I posted a WIP. And so now that art shows are done (for a little while) and I have met most (there was quite a few) my deadlines with the exception of this one. It is time to chain myself to the drafting table and get after it. I had seriously thought of keeping my gallery doors locked yesterday for a full day of uninterrupted working, but in the end I kept the gallery open. I mean really, that is what I am supposed to do. And yes I had customers. And yes it blew my afternoon with no work getting done on the painting.

So what’s a girl to do? Come in, in the evenings of course. When I can keep my doors locked completely guilt free. I was at the gallery until 9:30 last night and in by then the following morning. I plan to work non-stop on Colton today, until some framing comes in via SpeeDee delivery, and then I’ll work on framing for awhile. But I’ll be back tonight.

And to add to the pressure I really want to run wild this weekend. There is a horse event that I really want to see, that I missed last year as it was same weekend as the Octagon. But this year we got separate weekends. Whoo Hoo!

The best laid plans . . .
So since I am short on time I had decided to start a new painting using oil pastels. As they are so much quicker. (Let’s call that Plan B as Plan A was my first WCP painting of Colton.) But then as the hours rolled by while I was looking at my reference photos trying to come up with a new composition. I realized that I was wasting time and since the hard part of my watercolor pencil painting of Colton was done (and Karla Siebert of IERAL had already approved it) I’d be farther ahead to just finish it. Besides, I can’t work oil pastels at night because of the whole metamerism thingy that happens.

But then, late last night as I lay in bed glassy eyed, with images of Colton rolling through my mind, I had an Aha! moment. A composition came to me, that would be simple yet artsy. I thought “Thats it! That’s what I’ll paint. I’ll go in first thing in the morning and (with doors locked mind you) get the new drawing started and with any luck I’ll be able to knock that painting out in 3-5 days.”

So what do I do? I get up early, run into the gallery and look at the Colton piece I have so far, glance at my stack of reference photos and return to plan A. Finish what I’ve got. It’s a good start and has the potential to be a good painting.

So thats how I know it is panic gaining on me. Because I am switching my mind back and forth, when what I really need to do is stick with Plan A. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do . . . I think.

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About IERAL: Equine Rescue

IERAL stands for Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League. IERAL is located in the Cedar Rapids area and is an established non-profit organization which provides care for abused livestock for the state of Iowa. They partner with law enforcement, attorney’s and veterinary agencies all over Iowa to help fill the void when it comes to the rescue of large animals like horses. IERAL offers a rehabilitation program for the horses they take in.

Earlier this year, I went out to visit IERAL to learn about the operation and take some photos in the hopes of creating a painting for auction as well as prints to help raise some funds. I am pleased to be able to participate in this cause as it is something I believe strongly in.

Karla Sibert took some time to show me around and introduce me to some of the horses. (I’ll introduce you to some of them in an upcoming post.) I liked Karla quite a bit. She struck me as tough, honest and passionate about the cause. I recognized in her a fellow spirit who pushes herself way past the amount of hours she has in a day. Her work for IERAL is just one of many things that she is a part of.

If you would like to learn more about IERAL visit their website at http://www.iaeral.org. There you can also see who is ready for adoption and who they are helping now. Also as the need for equine rehabilitation continues to grow they are always in need of donations of any kind. Check ’em out.

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Meet Colton

This spring I went to photograph several rescue horses in preparation for doing a portrait as a fund raiser. This is the horse I chose to do for IERAL (Iowa Equine Rescue and Awareness League) as he is so beautiful in both looks and spirit.

Colton is a 7 year blind old Arab gelding. I fell in love with him immediately. He has the sweetest nature and in many ways reminds me of my own horse Chicory.

The following is part of an email to me from Karla Sibert with Colton’s story.

Colton, was brought to IERAL on August 18th, 2007, along with 5 other horses that were abandoned in Lee County, IA. He was six at the time and had never been away from his mother. When he arrived at IERAL foster care facility, we had no idea that he couldn’t see, and we were so taken back that he had never been away from his mother his entire life.

We took two stallions (Colton being one of them) to get gelded that same day. When we picked them both up at the equine clinic Dr. Abraham said “You know this gray is blind don’t you?” I’m like no way he is only 6 years old, what would cause the blindness this early in life? He said, probably moon blindness, which he probably caught some virus that went untreated and so he went blind. That would explain why he never bred his mother I’m sure.

So, he was put back in with a half sister and his mother upon his arrival back to foster care. We adopted out both sister and mother within about three weeks after that, so we brought in a pony to keep him happy. Well, he was lost with out the two mares, but he finally adapted with his pony friend. So, at this point you know the rest of the story. My goal is to get Dr. Abraham out to evaluate his eye sight, and get him referred to ISU for eye surgery.

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I'm Back (again)

Well, we got rained out again. I can’t express how much water there is. The city we were in was already at flood stage. And then it poured. People who lived along the river were evacuated. So in comparison, my not being able to sell stuff is pretty minor troubles.

My horse safari was also a mixed experience. I did go and photograph some horses, but was unable to get to the Friesian Farm that I scheduled in the afternoon. I am very disappointed, (Heavy Sigh) because they were very nice and offered to do whatever I wanted with the horses. Like run ’em around and such for great action shots. (Pinch me, I’m in horsey heaven!) Hopefully we can try again next time I’m in that part of the state.

I do however, have some lovely photos of a blind arab gelding named Colton. I fell in love with him and will be painting his portrait and donating it to the Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League. IERAL. They plan on having prints made and selling them as a fund raiser. The original will most likely be auctioned off, also to raise money. I used all 35mm film, so you gotta wait to see any pics until I get them developed. And since I live in the boonies that may be a week or two. It’s great living far from civilization, unless you actually need something.

I will tell you more about Colton and IERAL soon, but today I am draggin butt.

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