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So recently I got an email from a customer who said “Hey, I see your artwork is on puzzles on this site. I hope you knew.”

Well no I didn’t.

What to do … what to do…

Sigh …

So I contact my licensing agent and asked if he wanted to send them a bill for use of my images. And he was all “Hell yeah.”

Okay … that’s paraphrasing on my part … just a little.

Or maybe a lot.

One of those.

But it got me to thinking about how often this happens. Folks using my work thinking it’s free for the taking. And though I have held off doing this it is finally time to watermark all my images on my website. Currently I’m about half way through.

I Probably should have caved years ago but the artist in me wants the images to look nice. You know because people are more apt to buy them if they can see them without a big ol’ watermark across the face. But after much internal dialogue which I will spare you (you’re welcome) I decided to deface my art in order to protect it.

At any rate I don’t expect anything to come of the bill sent to the infringing puzzle company. But it makes me smile a small devious smile to think it may have given them pause.

Even if only for a moment.

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I Think I Blocked Out The Trauma

I have been goofing around with drawing this piece for quite some time now. I had forgotten just how time consuming drawing tack is. Looking at my drawing above you wouldn’t think it was all that difficult. I mean when it’s all simplified out in a coloring book style sketch it really doesn’t look like much.

But … it was.

It was only after I got into the act of drawing tack that I remembered the trauma of spending a week or more drawing various draft teams through the years. I’ve not had a child but I’m guessing it’s just like childbirth. Where you agonize, bargain with God, sweat, scream and cry and after an excruciatingly long time … a birth occurs.

Yeah, this was exactly like that.

And now just like a child, I need to show it love and nurture it so it will blossom and grow into something beautiful… so I can sell it.

So okay, the metaphor gets a little thin at that point.

Moving on …

You can’t really see it here but the horses were done with pretty much NO effort. But the tack … the tack has been drawn, erased and drawn again.

At first I thought it was my geezer eyesight. Not as young as I once was and so I was playing “I wonder what that is” a lot with my sketch.

My dear equestrian artist friend Barb McGee shared an epiphany with me a year or so ago. She used to fuss about trying to figure out what things were that were so deep in shadow they couldn’t be made out. She enlightened me that in the end she decided it really didn’t matter because if you can’t see what it is in the photo it’s okay if you can’t see what it is in the finished painting.

As I told myself this over and over hoping that in the end I’d believe it … well let’s just say I went another direction.

reference photos

So What’s The Point Of Having All This Equipment Anyway?

In the end, I scanned in my photo at a high resolution (600 dpi) played with the levels in Photoshop and then printed it out at 11×14. My printer would allow 24×36 but that seemed excessive since my painting is only 20×32.

So with my new improved image I could see exactly what I was struggling with and turns out I made up a bunch of stuff that didn’t exist. Too bad I hadn’t thought of this sooner it would have saved me some editing.

Perhaps I should just be grateful my geezer brain thought of it all. You know … glass is half full kind of thinking.

So here’s the beginning of the next big thing.

PS There is still some tack that I was all … “What is that and where does it go?” but in the end I agreed with Barb and just went with it.

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