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The Canadians Are Here!

Just a few days back it was the vernal equinox (the first day of Spring.) And it feels like Spring has arrived. With the warming weather the birdies are chirping, bits of grass are pushing forth from the frosty ground, and as previously mentioned the barn cats are frolicking. But this also means the Canadians have begun arriving en masse. They have descended upon our sleepy little village in search of a cozy spot to spend their summer. Some are returning back to their vacation homes, while others are arriving for the first time.

It starts the same every year, with only one or two. But within a few days you can’t swing a dead cat, (not that I would, mind you, it is just an expression) without hitting a Canadian. At this point, when you step outside your door or drive someplace you’ll find anywhere from two to hundreds of them. They disrupt the quiet balance of our blissful country life. Canadians are unbelievably noisy, especially in the morning (they seem to be early risers.) And to top it off they are unbelievably messy and they poop everywhere! (disgusting!)

Umm . . . I am talking about Canadian geese by the way, not our human friends to the north.

Our farm is surrounded by hay fields and horse pasture. We also have a creek edging the south side of the property. This means we always have several pairs stop by the farm before setting up their nesting site in our prime real estate.

CanadiansI am unsure why they land in the yard, other than they see our domestic geese and either mistakenly think they are Snow Geese or they think geese are geese and try to be neighborly. Unfortunately, our domestic geese just aren’t as racially sophisticated as the Canadians. They have never welcomed them like the distant family they are.

This is pretty much how it goes every year.

CanadianCanadians: Hello as they wander in to the yard.

Our Geese: Whonk?

Canadians: Sure is nice weather we’re having, eh? Me and the wife are really looking forward to another lovely summer in Iowa.

Our Geese: Go away. Accompanied with a beady-eyed glare (apparently, in addition to our geese being segregationists, they also don’t seem to be as verbally proficient as the Canadians either.)Domestic

Canadians: Umm . . . (long pause, while desperately searching for further topics of polite conversation) Wow, these dandelions in the yard sure look tasty. And look at all these tender grass shoots. Mind if I have a nibble?

Our Geese: Mine! Go away! Accompanied with a stern hiss.

Canadians: Do you think we could just mingle in the yard for awhile to rest a bit? You know, it is always much safer in a flock.

DomesticsOur Geese: Go away! Go away! GO AWAY! Presenting a unified front, and occasionally chasing them with threats of violence, until the newcomers get a safe distance out into the hayfield.

Eventually the Canadians stop trying to be sociable. And thus ends avian race relations for yet another year.

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