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Doubley Blessed

Today in the mail I received the mother of all Christmas gifts from my brother. A Game Cube. But thats not the best part. It’s a Game Cube complete with about a dozen games. And not just any games mind you. But my kind of games. First person shooter types with all the violence and bloodshed that would change a less balanced minded person into to some sort of axe weilding, gun toting, grenade throwing sicko. (Or so the hype goes.) Personally, I can’t get enough. I think they are a great destressor. Anywho, despite being quite late (as far as the xmas thing goes) I am totally thrilled. I got the best brother ever! Truth is, he got himself a new XBOX 360 and his kids a Wii so the cube was just sitting around collecting dust. So he packed it off to me with all his games.

I think I’ll take the Game Cube into the gallery. As I mentioned earlier. There is something about taking a break from painting and playing a little. The games actually require all my focus whereas if I took a break to do something else, I would still be looking at, and pondering the work in progress. But after a bit of gaming, I can go back and see everything from a fresh perspective. I got both a PS2 and a GameCube for Christmas. WhooHoo! Make that a double whoohoo!

So I gotta wonder. This bloodlust thing must be hereditary or something. Until recently I didn’t even know my brother was a gamer. (Since we are both in our 40’s thats saying something.) And like, all of these games are something I surely would have picked out for myself. Several versions of Medal of Honor (Cool!) Ghost Recon. (Oh, I so wanted to get this one for my PS2.) Okay so heres the strange thing. As I paw through the selection of misc. war games and gunfighters I come across Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’m like Whaaa? … Ummm … Hmmm… Okay. Maybe I’ll have to ask him about that one.

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