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Random Bits of Nothingness

Casting a vote
So I’ve done my patriotic duty first thing this morning and voted. I’m not completely confident that the system works after the last election having so many ballots go uncounted and that whole “hanging chad” thing. But I went ahead anyway. At least this way I feel like I made the effort.

Painting Blue’s (or is it purples?)
I’ve spent the day painting. And not the good kind either. I’ve been painting the outside of the gallery. We needed to replace some rotted wood window sills (which Mike did an excellent job with) and so they needed to get painted. Now I’ve been wanting to paint the building all summer but as you know, life kept getting in the way of . . . oh so many things.

Though the building is brick it had at one time in it’s life been chalked (chaulked. . . chucked?) full of windows. Most of these on the back side of the building, have been covered over and painted a rather revolting green (much uglier in real life than in the photo.)

Now, since I’m married to a work smarter not harder kind of husband, we agreed to paint it a darker color than the aforementioned green, so we would only have to apply one coat (hopefully.) After careful consideration and the input from more than one artist friend we choose an eggplant color. You know, something that would coordinate with the dark bricks of the front of the building and tie in with the other randomly colored bricks.

So when I opened my paint cans yesterday, I’m sure they heard the “NO!!!” for miles. It was pink! Okay . . . maybe not pink. But it certainly wasn’t any eggplant color either. I’m thinking that despite my marking the color I wanted on the swatch with a big X, the paint guy gave me the shade lighter. UGH! But since I had no choice, I slapped up the pink. I mean I got the paint months ago because I had planned on doing the painting during a more normal time of the year. Plus we had primed wood exposed and with winter threatening to arrive in two days, what else could I do?

My husband, trying to console me (or perhaps just trying to stop my snarky comments,) says “I’m sure it’ll dry darker.” (which it did . . . but not by much) “And it may take several days to really darken up and cure.” (Translation: in several days you won’t care anymore, anyway.)

Oh and the real kicker . . . because I had so customers yesterday, we wound up painting until after dark by car headlights. Yeah . . . thaaat’s right.

I arrived with some serious trepidation this morning about what it all might look like.To my relief it wasn’t too bad, but it’s still not eggplant.

Hey what about the artwork!
I did get something drawn out the other day and I am just itching to work on it. but alas we have an event this weekend and a work load that would drop a mule. I promise as soon as I get some color on it I’ll post it. BTW it’s a cow.

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Our Art Gallery Tour

The Front Room Gallery

Looking north in our art gallery
The room is long and narrow and because the front counter cuts it in thirds it is hard to get a good length shot. Though it doesn’t show, the length of the west wall is all windows.

Looking south in our art gallery

My Studio Space is located behind the front counter.

My gallery drafting table
Note: the all important soda. The small wooden table that holds my pastels was something Mike made me when I first moved to the gallery. It is rustic and I love it. And if I’m not carefeul I can get a splinter.

Table nearby that holds important artist supplies like oil pastels and soda pop
The Framing Room. Again it is hard to get an idea of the size of the space. We had been renting the gallery since 2000. As of July 2007 we now own it. This space was added then. It is wonderful to have a seperate room for all my framing needs.

Our picture framing room
The Printing Room Mike does his tecnical genius stuff here. He is the one who handles our web presence and does giclee printing. He has even written some of the software we use.

Facing east in our printing room
This building is nearly 100 years old. It was originally built as a car dealership. The wooden railing and large wooden doors are original to the building. They would drive their cars in through those doors and park them in our front room. Which of course, was then a showroom.

Facing west in our
printing room

The printing room again. The Wild Faces Gallery building is a very large brick building. Currently we occupy the front third. So we have loads of room to grow.

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